5BKCM Ch. 25: She is your Mom!!!

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He looked at the news on the Internet and laughed until tears came out: “Did you see that Ji Qisen said that person was his mother, and Ji Zhentian even stamped it, saying that it was Ji Qisen’s mother, and they also said the rumour mongers would be held accountable!”

His friends Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun were playing games casually, but when they heard this, they all came over to watch, and everyone had fun together.

“Ji Zhentian still has the face to pursue legal responsibility of the rumour mongers? What a face he has!”

“Bah, when we saw that woman, we thought that she was 20 years old. I still doubted that Ji Qisen is in love with a minor, but her his mother, they are just being stupid!”

“Hahaha that’s his mother, that’s his mother, no, no, I’m dying of laughter, we should go to Ji family home to see Ji Qisen call an underage girl his mother!”

Amidst the mocking laughter of his friends, Nie Yu slowly stopped laughing, he raised his eyebrows, and said in doubt: “Why did they spread such a lie to cover up? In fact, even if the girl is underage, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a relationship, so why spend so much time trying to cover it up?”

When he said this, Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun also felt that something was wrong: “That girl shouldn’t be from some unspeakable origin, right?”

Nie Yu frowned and shook his head: “Even if you can’t tell the origin, just make up a random one to fool others, avoid the hot search, then create another hot spot to divert attention, and this matter will be over, is it worth making up such absurd lies?”

Nie Yu felt that there must be demons at work when things go wrong.

Originally, he didn’t bother to care about other people’s affairs, but Ji Qisen was different. He was committed to catching Ji Qisen’s pigtails and hacking him at the right time.

When encountering such a problem with obvious loopholes, if he didn’t check it out, he would be really sorry for the care he had shown Ji Qisen over the years.

Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun both agreed: “Brother Yu, we have to check, and find out, let him know!”

Nie Yu was thinking the same thing in his heart, he touched his chin, thinking about that little girl with clear eyes, how could she be Ji Qisen’s mother? Was he trying to tease him! Who the hell was so shameless that he told such a big lie that could always be found out.

“That little girl—” Nie Yu said with some interest, “Although it doesn’t suit my taste, but since Ji Qisen cares so much, I— “

As he was speaking, he suddenly heard a voice: “Who are you talking about?”

Nie Yu turned his head abruptly, only to see his father standing behind with a solemn face, as if something serious had happened.

He didn’t care too much, anyway, since he was a child, his father had been like this.

He said indifferently: “Dad, it’s nothing, I was just talking about Ji Qisen casually.”

Nie Yu was very reluctant to mention Ji Qisen in front of his father, because the reason he hated Ji Qisen at first was that his Dad always mentioned Ji Qisen in front of him, always compared Ji Qisen with him, always said how good Ji Qisen was, and wanted him to be good friends with Ji Qisen.

Hehe, who wanted to be good friends with Ji Qisen?

The young Nie Yu secretly hated this, and even when his father mentioned Ji Qisen, he felt that Ji Qisen was actually more suitable to be his father’s son, right?

Nie Nanqing looked at his idle son, and was really angry for a while.

He had a livid face: “What about Ji Qisen?”

Nie Yu spread his hands: “Yeah, it’s about Ji Qisen’s little girlfriend.”

Seeing this scene, Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun next to him hurriedly found a reason to run away.

Nie Yu was not afraid of anything, but the one thing he was afraid of was his father.

His father was very good at training, and even these two friends were afraid of Nie Nanqing, so when they saw this situation, they naturally ran away to avoid harming Nie Yu.

Nie Yu was helpless when he saw his two friends abandoning him and running away quickly. Are you my friends?

Nie Nanqing stared at his son with angry eyes: “Tell me, what have you been saying on the Internet recently?”

Nie Yu pushed both his hands into his pockets, making a handsome and cool pose, and said in a very made-up way: “No, I have just been mocking Ji Qisen? Why, Dad, do you want to fight for Ji Qisen and beat your son?”

Come on, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care at all!

When Nie Nanqing heard his playful tone, he became even angrier.

Could he not be angry?

He had been busy with work recently, and he only learned about these things on the Internet today. When he saw Ji Qisen saying that it was his mother, he was a little confused. He called Ji Zhentian just now. After being shocked, he remembered that his son was fuelling the flames on the Internet. What he said really made him angry.

“Nie Yu, do you know what you are doing?” Nie Nanqing’s face was full of pain.

“Isn’t it just mocking Ji Qisen on the Internet?”

Looking at his father, those who didn’t know would think he had made a big mistake: “It’s him who was secretly photographed dating someone and was put on the Internet. What’s the matter, as a free man, can’t I express my own opinion? Why should I cover up for what he did wrong?”

“Ji Qisen has already explained that it’s his mother, why did you post it?”

“Those two haha? Do you know how you will guess on the Internet when you say that? Do you know that it will mislead others?”

Nie Nanqing was tired, and he didn’t understand why Ji Zhentian’s son was so sensible, smart and motivated, while his own son was so self-indulgent and foolishly playing around with flowers and grasses? Could it be that his genes were not as good as Ji Zhentian’s?

But he had always worked hard and made progress, and it was Ji Zhentian who changed his girlfriend every three months!

Could it be that he made a mistake when bringing the child his, and Ji Qisen was actually his?

Nie Nanqing deeply suspected that his child had been exchanged.

“Pfft!” Facing the question from his old father, Nie Yu laughed again: “Dad, this is just kidding me, their father and son don’t know what they are doing, a little girl who is less than twenty years old, is said to be Ji Qisen Mom, who knows what they are doing! As a person with a normal mind, can’t I express my thoughts?”

Nie Nanqing felt even more helpless.

He looked at his son seriously, and looked at his son’s playful smile: “That woman is indeed Ji Qisen’s mother.”

Nie Yu laughed back at his old father’s solemn statement.

He laughed until tears came out: “Dad, just tell me the truth, what is going on, you know Uncle Ji so well, you must understand, right? You even helped them hide it, my God, I have already started I’m curious, what kind of secret is there to cover up, is that woman an alien?”

Nie Nanqing looked at his son’s playful smile, frowned, and said seriously: “I didn’t joke, nor did I lie to you, that is indeed Ji Qisen’s mother.”

Nie Yu was taken aback.

He knew that his father was a man with one eye, and he would not speak easily, but as long as he said something, he would spit and nail each other, and it was absolutely impossible to tell lies.

Especially in this kind of thing, it was even more unnecessary.

He frowned, and said in disbelief: “How is it possible, that woman looks so young! She has a good face? But it’s not right, my ex-girlfriend has also went under the knife for beauty. It is absolutely impossible to be like her.”

That woman, her skin was delicate, natural, with a youthful atmosphere, even her eyes were clear, which could not be imitated by a woman who had used knife on her face.

Nie Nanqing took a deep breath and looked at his son: “Nie Yu, don’t call her that woman, because—”

He looked at his son solemnly, and said word by word: “Because, she is also your mother. “

As soon as these words came out, Nie Yu was completely dumbfounded.

After being dazed, he suddenly started to worry. He looked at his old father: “Dad, you, are you okay?”

Could it be that he was angry and confused?

That woman, fuck?

What cosmic joke was this?

Nie Nanqing sighed: “Nie Yu, I didn’t joke with you. When you were a child, you asked me who your mother was. I didn’t tell you. I just said that your mother was in a very faraway place.”

Nie Yu: “I’m not fool, the place is very far away, of course it is another world, that is death.”

After Nie Yu figured this out when he was a child, he was sad for a while, but later he stopped being sad. He had a mother, too, but she was gone, no big deal.

He was not like that Ji Qisen, who would be stupid to treat a specimen in a vacuum cover as his mother!

Nie Nanqing: “No, Nie Yu, your mother is not dead, she was frozen because of some abnormalities, and now she has returned to normal and woken up.”

Nie Nanqing looked at his son: “Ji Qisen’s mother is your mother, and the person in that photo is your mother.”

When these words reached Nie Yu’s ears, there seemed to be countless thunders from his ears. After rolling over, Nie Yu only felt a rumble in his head, which made him confused and his eyes had gone blank.

Nie Yu looked incomprehensibly at his father who was still serious. It was his father who said such absurd and incredible things to him just now.

He murmured: “Dad, what are you talking about? How is it possible? Do you mean that Ji Qisen’s mother and my mother are the same person? And it is that little girl who is less than twenty years old? How could she be so young? How is it possible that I and Ji Qisen are brothers? How is it possible!”

He almost roared out the last sentence.

He and Ji Qisen were deadly rivals, and they had been at odds since they were young. The two engaged in a life-and-death struggle, competing with each other. How could he and Ji Qisen be brothers?

Nie Nanqing was silent for a while, then took out a document: “Look at this, and you will understand.”

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