5BKCM Ch. 26: Your Mother is My Mother!!!

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Numerous guesses flashed through Nie Yu’s mind. He remembered his mother’s appearance described by Ji Qisen, then he compared it with the girlish face of the woman next to Ji Qisen, and what his father said just now about the abnormality and freezing, a thought so weird that he couldn’t even believe it flashed through his mind, he just couldn’t believe it.

He clutched the document in his hand and stared at it intently.

His eyes quickly scanned the words on it, and he knew each word, but the meaning inside could not be formed in his brain for a long time.

This was something that he had never thought about, something that subverted all his previous cognition.

After a long time, those black characters finally pieced together the truth of the matter in his brain.

He was not conceived naturally like an ordinary person. After a woman donated an egg, he was combined with his father’s sperm, and then came to the world by a high-tech method.

And her medical mother, who lived twenty-five years ago, was frozen because of a rare and strange disease that could not be cured.

When things got to here, there was no need to say anything more, Nie Yu understood.

When he raised his head and looked at his father again, his light brown eyes were extremely calm. He took a deep breath and asked in a calm tone that didn’t reflect his thoughts: “So, I’m like Ji Qisen, we are both children born in this way. As per medicine, we are both children of the same person, or in other words—”

He said, “We are half-brothers?”

Nie Nanqing nodded: “Yes, you guys were even conceived at the same time through a breeding pool, and then officially came to the world on the same day.”

Nie Nanqing, since they were half-brothers born on the same day in the same year and the same month, had always hoped that he and Ji Qisen could become good friends and support each other in the future, this was also Ji Zhentian’s hope.

It’s a pity that the relationship between the two children was quite good when they were young, but since then, they had become more and more at odds with each other, and neither of them was convinced by the other.

In this regard, Nie Nanqing also expressed his helplessness.

Nie Yu lowered his eyes: “She…is my mother?”

The girl’s eyes appeared in front of his eyes, so clear and simple that she seemed to be completely ignorant of the world, and she once made him want to tease her badly.

In the end… she turned out to be his own mother?

When Nie Nanqing heard this, he straightened his face: “Now that things have happened, do you think I will joke with you about this kind of thing? Although you did not come to the world in an ordinary way, your life began when she gave the egg, the intelligence you are proud of comes from her genes, she gave you life. The reason I never told you this is because I thought she would never wake up again, and I thought I shouldn’t tell you because I heard you disdain Ji Qisen for mentioning his mother. But now that she has woken up, you can’t deny it. No matter how old she is now, she is your medical mother, this is unquestionable.”

He was a very conservative and traditional person, respecting teachers and honouring elders, which was what he believed was a must-have quality for a person.

Nie Yu’s thoughts of resisting were suddenly frozen and buried in his heart, he did not dare to show any signs of it.

He really knew his father very well. If he insisted that she was not his mother and he would not admit it, his father would immediately drive him out of the house and refuse to recognize him as his son.

Nie Yu took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, tried hard to let himself accept all this and tried hard to let himself digest this absurd fact: “Okay, I admit it.”

Nie Nanqing’s face softened a little: “Okay, now, you will come with me to the Ji family first apologize to your mother, and then apologize to Qisen.”

Nie Yu suddenly showed a bitter face: “What? You want me to apologize?”

Nie Nanqing glared: “You were very disrespectful to your mother. What have you said and done? You don’t have any guilt in your heart? Qisen is devoted to defending your mother, but you are always fighting and sabotaging. You have no guilt in your heart? Shouldn’t you apologize?”

Nie Yu: “…”

If that young girl was really his mother, then he, then him——

Suddenly, the world changed.

His heart felt so bitter.

How did he end up in this situation?

What did he do before?

He took a deep breath, became ruthless, and closed his eyes: “Dad, I’ll go.”

As soon as Gu Yuan returned to Ji family house, she found that the atmosphere outside was a little different. The bodyguards stood there neatly. Although they all wore blue shirts and black trousers, their styles were somewhat different.

These were not her son’s bodyguards, it seemed that guests with bodyguards had come.

Was it that Nie Yu?

He actually wanted to apologize to her?

Gu Yuan didn’t believe it, people like Nie Yu would pull two or eight hundred at a glance, and he was still defiant, would he even come to apologize?

Gu Yuan felt that this must be the weasel’s New Year greetings to the chicken, and he had no good intentions.

Hehe, with her, Gu Yuan around, it definitely won’t make her feel better.

When Gu Yuan thought about it, she clenched her fists and walked into the living room.

As soon as she entered, she saw several pairs of eyes staring at her.

With Ji Zhentian, this was normal.

With her son, this was also normal.

There was Nie Yu, hehe, was he really here?


Gu Yuan took a closer look. She didn’t know this person. He was in his forties, but was in good shape. He had a Chinese character face and a very dignified appearance. At first glance, he seemed to be a person who was either rich or adept at giving orders.

Ji Qisen had already greeted him first, and said respectfully: “Mom, you’re back.”

Seeing that her son was in a good mood, Gu Yuan said, “Yes, are there any guests?”

When the mother and son greeted each other, Nie Nanqing next to them was already calm. Looking at Gu Yuan carefully, she looked like she was eighteen years old, but her eyes were clear and sunny, it could be seen that she had a pure heart and was not that kind of greedy person.

Nie Nanqing was relieved.

He was also worried that the sudden appearance of his son’s mother would bring trouble to his son.

And Nie Yu, who was waiting for Gu Yuan to come back cautiously like a sinner, his eyes straightened, full of indescribable feelings, which was neither surprise, nor melancholy, nor fear.

As a normal person, he encountered this kind of thing suddenly, he had a Mama who was younger than him, and he had bullied and teased this mother, and was slapped after being scolded by her. The taste was very strange.

Nie Yu felt that no one would ever have the experience he had.

Just as he was feeling anxious, he heard Gu Yuan enter the door.

As soon as Gu Yuan entered the door, his heart started beating wildly, and he was even more disturbed than when he was caught playing truant when he was a child.

Gu Yuan came in, what did he see, he saw Ji Qisen greet Gu Yuan.

Ji Qisen yelled out mother, and the yelling was so natural and smooth.

Could he say that? Was there no psychological barrier? Didn’t he feel uncomfortable calling someone younger than him his mother? Nie Yu’s thoughts were a little messy and he didn’t understand what was going on in Ji Qisen’s mind.

After greeting Gu Yuan, Ji Qisen began to introduce Nie Nanqing to Gu Yuan: “This is Nie Yu’s father, Uncle Nie, this is Nie Yu, mom, you have seen him before.”

Gu Yuan smiled politely at Nie Nanqing: “Hello, Mr. Nie.”

Nie Nanqing saw that she had a pretty smile, and his old face turned a rarely seen red, then he nodded quickly: “Miss Gu, hello, hello.”

After greeting Nie Nanqing, Gu Yuan’s eyes fell on Nie Yu’s face.

Nie Yu’s heart slammed and skipped a beat. He straightened up with a serious face, like a primary school student waiting for the head teacher’s inspection.

Gu Yuan was a little surprised to see Nie Yu like this. She thought that she would see Nie Yu, a wanderer with a hippie smile, and she thought that if he apologized to her, she would sarcastically satirize him. Now he looked a bit like a cramped primary school student?

Nie Yu looked at Gu Yuan and wanted to say something, for example, should he call her mother like Ji Qisen? But he couldn’t call it out, he couldn’t call it out!

He hadn’t seen her until he was twenty-three years old. It was really impossible for him to call a young girl mother so naturally.

Nie Yu held back until his face turned red.

Ji Qisen looked at Nie Yu’s stupid look calmly, with a contemptuous smile in his eyes.

He and Nie Yu had known each other since they were young, and the Nie Yu he met had always been a fool with his nostrils turned upside down. He didn’t expect that one day he would still be like this?

At this time, Nie Nanqing coughed and spoke first: “Miss Gu, hello, I brought Nie Yu here this time to apologize for what happened before. I would say that there might have been something that offended Ms. Gu.”

Gu Yuan looked at Nie Nanqing, who gave her a good feeling, as he looked like a very decent person.

She had checked Nie Yu’s information and knew that Nie Yu’s father was Nie Nanqing, the founder of Hezong Tianxia Media. In her time, she had also vaguely heard of Hezong Tianxia Media, but at that time it was still not a big enough, it was just an ordinary media company. Twenty-five years later, this media company had become the largest and most influential media company in the world. It could be said that it controlled the throat of the media industry today.

But this Nie Nanqing, who could shock the world by stomping his feet, was now being humble and polite in front of her.

This made Gu Yuan immediately have a good impression of Nie Nanqing. Originally, she was so dissatisfied with Nie Yu that she thought that if Nie Yu came over to apologize, she would definitely embarrass Nie Yu. But now, facing such a man, she was too embarrassed to say anything.

She hurriedly said: “It’s nothing, as long as Nie Yu can delete those inappropriate words posted on the Internet.”

Nie Nanqing looked at Gu Yuan in front of him, and smiled: “Miss, thank you very much.”

Then, he looked at his son, and when he looked at his son, his face immediately sank: “Come and apologize!”

Nie Yu stood aside, almost blushing, hearing his father saying this, he stepped forward and said stiffly: “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

As he spoke, he lowered his eyes and didn’t even dare to look at Gu Yuan.

Seeing Nie Yu like this, Gu Yuan almost laughed.

She remembered Nie Yu’s flirtatious appearance when he faced her before. He was dressed in a white suit, gave her as many flirtatious looks as he wanted, and also had the kind of hooligan-like aura of a romantic boy molesting a decent girl. That was really a standard top rich family, the young master took the pie.

As a result, now, like a deflated balloon, he ran up to her and bowed his head to apologize.

Seeing this scene, her heart was naturally happy, she wanted to laugh, but she could only hold it back: “It’s nothing, forget it, I won’t bother with you.”

When she said this, her voice was light and her expression was very happy.

Nie Yu raised his eyes and glanced at her. Seeing her happy face, he felt a little uncomfortable.

He apologized to her, and she was so happy?

Or was she happy to see him deflated?

She actually only said that one sentence, not even extra words?

He suddenly remembered the way she talked to Ji Qisen just now, intimate and casual, but when talking to him, she was so polite and distant?

But she was not only Ji Qisen’s mother, she was also his mother.

When thinking about this, Nie Yu felt a bit sour in his heart. Ji Qisen’s mother was his mother, but that mother didn’t even look at him.

He twitched the corner of his mouth and said deliberately: “So generous? Didn’t you hit me with a big stick before and said you would never let me go?”

Gu Yuan was slightly startled when he said this.

Did he understand the words of the scene? Why was Nie Yu like this? How shameless was he?

Seeing this, Ji Qisen took a step forward, and said: “Nie Yu, are you apologizing?”

Nie Yu curled his lips and sneered mockingly: “That’s none of your business?”

Ji Qisen retorted: “Who is it, who do you want to apologize to?”

Ji Zhentian suddenly felt a headache, what was going on with these two children, why did they always quarrel every time they met?

Nie Nanqing directly lowered his face: “Nie Yu, is this what I taught you? I raised you for 23 years, and have I taught you to be such a person? Is this the attitude you should have, while facing your own mother?”

Hearing Nie Nanqing’s words, Gu Yuan felt happy, thinking that Nie Yu really deserved to be scolded by his father.

But after being happy, she suddenly felt something was wrong, what? Mother? What’s the meaning?

Nie Yu was scolded by Nie Nanqing, but he still had a slightly mocking smile. He acted nonchalantly, and said with a nonchalant expression on his face: “That’s how I am.”

Nie Nanqing growled, “It’s simply lawless! Nie Yu, apologize, apologize to your mother! “

Nie Yu was so stubborn that he didn’t say a word, just didn’t say a word.

Gu Yuan was dumbfounded, and hurriedly stopped: “This, this, this apology, if you don’t apologize, you should say an apology to your mother? What does this mean? Who is his mother? Is his mother here?”

She looked left and right, there was no one, except for a servant who had brought in tea, could it be that servant was Nie Yu’s mother?

No, it’s impossible…

Gu Yuan felt a little panicked, and a terrible conjecture came to her mind, no…no…no…no…, she denied it! She looked to her son for help.

Ji Qisen pursed his lips and remained silent.

Gu Yuan: “Son, son?”

Ji Qisen said reluctantly: “I just heard the news.”

He knew that his mother had left five eggs, and all five eggs had hatched. He had investigated and knew the whereabouts of two of them, but he never thought that Nie Yu was one of them.

Nie Yu even started the incubation process at the same time as him and was born on the same day.

It was unpleasant just to think about it, why was it Nie Yu?

Did he have to care about such a brother?

Gu Yuan’s heart panicked even more, but she still had the last hope. She looked at Ji Zhentian and Nie Nanqing for help, “Who the hell is Nie Yu’s mother?”

She forced a smile: “So his Mom is here too, why didn’t I see it?”

Nie Nanqing blushed again and was suddenly embarrassed.

He and this little girl were complete strangers, and they still ended up having a son together.

Ji Zhentian coughed: “Well, I didn’t have time to tell Miss Gu, in fact—”

However, before Ji Zhentian finished speaking, Nie Yu suddenly sneered mockingly: “Needless to say! Who cares about being her son? Anyway, I don’t want to be her son.”

“It’s a big joke, she is so young, how could she be my mother? I don’t recognize her. I, Nie Yu, firmly deny it!”

After speaking, he ran away and rushed out the door without looking back.

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