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When the moon was in the middle of the sky, Shen Lou suddenly opened his eyes, the surroundings were pitch black, seeing this cold sweat instantly soaked his underwear, he was about to turn over and sit up, when he touched a soft and warm little hand. His soul which had flown beyond the sky, quickly returned to the body with a huff.

Xiao Lin Xin slept very dishonestly, and at some point he had completely moved to Shen Lou’s pillow, tightly squeezing together with him.

After adapting to the darkness for a while, everything in front of him gradually became clear. Shen Lou turned over, looked at the sleeping child next to him, by the moonlight, and traced his eyebrows and eyes inch by inch. Lin Xin, who was still young, was actually so soft and sweet. Fortunately, he found him early, before everything happened.

Thinking of the scene when they met for the first time in the previous life, the sixteen-year-old Lin Xin had already been forced into that appearance by all kinds of things happening in his childhood.

For Shen Lou, who started to participate in the hunt at the Royal Leisure Pool at the age of eight, there was nothing new, so he went two days late.

“Look at the sword!” A cold shout came from his side, he drew the sword out of its sheath, and Shen Lou took the sudden move without looking back.

“No way, you can even catch this?” Zhong Youyu yelled strangely in mid-air, turned around quickly, tapped his toes on the trunk, and jumped up the tall tree in two or three steps, “Brother, help!”

As soon as the sentence was uttered, a young man who looked exactly like Zhong Youyu attacked him from behind, and with the point of his sword he pushed away the point that was about to poke his brother’s butt, then he fell to the ground beside Shen Lou, looking at him silently.

Shen Lou put his sword back into its sheath, and Zhong Youyu jumped down from the tree, and put his arms around his neck, “Why did you just come here? I’ve been looking at Wumo’s boring face every day for the past two days. I’m almost suffocated.”

“If I remember correctly, you and Wumo have the same face.” Shen Lou glanced at him sideways.

“Who said, I’m obviously much more handsome than him!” Zhong Youyu firmly believed that he was better-looking than his younger brother, and the honest Zhong Wumo followed them quietly without making a sound to refute.

The three of them walked slowly towards the center of the hunting ground. After Zhong Youyu boasted about his suave and heroic actions, he talked about something new recently, “Have you seen the evil god standing next to the emperor? That is the newly-appointed Marquis of Lu, he is only sixteen years old.”

On the royal high platform, the young man in a sapphire-blue embroidered arrow-sleeved dress with a full moon-shaped scimitar hanging from his waist felt that someone was watching him, so he immediately followed the gaze. Those eyes full of cruelty made Shen Lou tremble slightly, “Is he Lin Zhenghan’s son?”

The others went straight to the point, “This kid, he killed the mentor who raised him with his own hands. He was so vicious that it can’t be seen! Did you see the scimitar on his waist? It was rewarded by the emperor, the demon sword that swallows the hook! Tsk, it’s just him! Only the kind of person who can kill even his mentor can suppress the evil spirit of the demon sword that swallows the hook.”

In the hunt in Xianchi, most of the children from aristocratic families who had not reached the top would participate, and everyone was divided into several groups according to the distance between each family. However, no matter which wave of people, they consciously drew a line with Lin Xin.

“But don’t offend him. His favor is on the rise. The day before yesterday he used this sword to cut off the hand of the second son of Wang Tinghou, but in the end it didn’t matter.” Zhong Youyu rubbed his wrists in a sympathetic manner, all the while pulling Shen Lou away.

While hunting, Zhong Wumo caught a rare white tiger. Before he could pick it up, it was snatched away by Lin Xin who appeared from nowhere.

“Give it back to me.” Zhong Wumo pursed his lips, staring straight at Lin Xin.

“Tch, white tiger, it’s really bad luck.” Lin Xin rode on the tall horse, and the followers behind him quickly tied up the tiger and put it on their own hunting cart. “Go back and skin this white animal and dye it black.”

The faces of the Zhong family brothers all in white changed, and Zhong Youyu couldn’t help shouting: “Stinky boy, who are you scolding?”

“You, fight with me.” Zhong Wumo got off his horse, took off the saber from his waist, and pointed it at Lin Xin.

“Xiao Mo!” Zhong Youyu hurriedly called to stop his younger brother, signaling him not to be impulsive, but it was already too late. Over there, Lin Xin didn’t even say a word of challenge, he just drew his sword and rushed over.

The demon sword that swallows the hook, carrying the evil spirit passed down from ancient times, wrapped around Zhong Wumo’s long sword like a ghost. Before Zhong Youyu could see the situation clearly, the hook had already hooked his younger brother’s neck.

Three pieces of excellent-looking Luzhu were embedded on the handle of the sword, and the vast spiritual power flowing along the machete encircled Zhong Wumo’s head in a circle.

“The Marquis has something to ask your son for advice.” Lin Xin casually turned the scimitar in his hand, and the overflowing spiritual energy cut the clothes on Zhong Wumo’s shoulders to pieces.

“What’s the matter?” Zhong Youyu looked at Lin Xin’s hand nervously, fearing that if his hand shook, his brother’s head would fall to the ground.

“What’s the difference between the Zhong family’s neck and those of other families? Is it particularly hard?” Lin Xin asked curiously, with an almost innocent smile.

“You…” Zhong Youyu was so angry that his ribs hurt.

A dazzling sword light pierced through the air, precisely aiming at the demon sword that swallows the hook. Lin Xin only felt that the scimitar in his hand suddenly deviated as if it was stuck by a magnet.

The scimitar was too sharp, for fear of hurting Zhong Wumo, Shen Lou had no choice but to strangle the hook. Letting go of the Zhong family boy, Lin Xin confronted the meddling Shen Lou, but was trapped by Shen Lou’s last move. If one didn’t check, the long sword would have penetrated into the middle of the scimitar, so in order to avoid it he moved and now his whole person was trapped in the arms of Shen Lou.

“Good swordsmanship.” Lin Xin praised, the scimitar in his hand suddenly exerted strength, but was pressed down again by Shen Lou who had expected it for a long time.

Lin Xin turned his head and looked at Shen Lou carefully, “Who are you?”

It’s not a joke…    

Counting the entanglements between the two of them over the years, Shen Lou really didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, as he quietly looked at the person who slept on his pillow for a while, then he secretly moved him into his arms.    

In the early morning, Lin Xin opened his eyes, and found that he had rolled into Shen Lou’s embrace at some point, and greedily took a deep breath. The light fragrance of plants and trees could save him from even his deepest nightmare.

He held his breath and listened to Shen Lou’s breathing, it was even and long, obviously still in deep sleep. Lin Xin started, touched the boy’s chin with the tip of his nose where the stubble hadn’t grown, and opened two rows of small fangs, ready to take a bite.

The long breath gradually became shorter, Shen Lou opened his eyes, and found that Lin Xin had completely rolled into his arms, was sleeping unconsciously, and looked very satisfied. At this time, Lin Xin, who seemed to be about to wake up, arched his chest again, brushed off his underclothes, and pressed his cheek that was warm from sleep against his chest.

Shen Shizi sat up, Lin Xin, who was pretending to be asleep, opened his eyes and looked at Shen Lou’s exposed side of the waist, thinking. This person’s body temperature was obviously lower than his own, which was obviously abnormal for a young man who is full of firepower. He slowly got up, rubbed his eyes, and yawned harmlessly.

When Zishu came in, she saw Lin Xin, who was sleepy, sitting in the quilt of the eldest son in a daze, while their eldest son had already jumped out of bed and put on his coat.

“You child, I told you not to do rough work, and you even slept on the prince’s bed!” Zishu stretched out her hand to grab Lin Xin’s ear, but hit the arm of the prince’s coat, and immediately turned a corner, and went to help Shen Lou tidy up his clothes.

“Clean up, I will go to Mogui Mountain with my father today.” Shen Lou buttoned up the wristband of the arrow sleeve and whispered to Zishu.

“Yes.” Zishu answered, then she made him put on a black wide-sleeved robe and turned to look at Lin Xin. The guy was already fully dressed, holding a twisted cloth towel with both hands like a treasure, he handed it to Shen Lou.

“A Xin will sleep here from now on.” Shen Lou took the cloth towel and directly cut off Zishu’s words.

Zishu was surprised to find that Shizi’s face was no longer as blue and white as when he usually woke up. She thought he had slept well, so it turned out that…Zishu, who thought she had found the reason, looked at Lin Xin more and more softly, “A Xin, what do you want to eat in the morning?”


Huang Ge, the guard, came back with his head full of dew, “Messenger, I’m following the order of Zhong Suifeng, and the head of the family, Zhong Changye, has already retreated a few days ago.”

Su Guogong’s younger brother Zhong Suifeng? Shen Lou frowned slightly.

Zhong Changye, the Duke of the Su Kingdom of the Western Regions, possessed high-strength skills and was decisive in killing, and he governed the Western Regions with an iron hand. With such an elder brother in front of him, Zhong Suifeng, who had no title, had always been out of sight, so he didn’t come to Shen’s house as a guest. Now that the Patriarch was retreating, Zhong Suifeng asked Patriarch Shen to drink on the altar opening day according to his elder brother’s instructions.

Sounded flawless.

“Are you going to Mogui Mountain?” Lin Xin asked Shen Lou who lowered his eyebrows and thought.

“Well, A Xin will go with me.” Shen Lou originally wanted to keep Lin Xin at home but thinking of Zhu Xingli who might be found at any time, he still decided to take Lin Xin away.

Mogui Mountain… Lin Xin clenched his hands hidden in his sleeves quietly. That place was not a good place for him now.

“Brother! I’m going too!” Qingling’s resonant voice came from afar, and the girl in black dress rushed in like an arrow, and was about to ram straight into Lin Xin’s chest.

Shen Lou shot up like lightning, grabbed Lin Xin, and let his sister fall to the ground on the carpet.

“Bah, bah, bah!” Shen Yingying ate a mouthful of dirt, got up angrily, looked up and saw the young boy standing beside her brother, and immediately forgot about the fall, “Who is he?”

Lin Xin subconsciously tried to dodge backwards, but the girl still grabbed his sleeve.

“Is he your new entourage?” Shen Yingying ignored her elder brother’s stare and stared at Lin Xin’s face, “He’s so pretty!”

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Yingying: Brother, He is so good looking! I want to marry him!

Loulou: No way

Yingying: Why?

Lou Lou: Girls cannot only say marry!

Ying Ying: Oh, then I should…

Lou Lou: Call him sister- in-law

Ying Ying: ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

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