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Warning; Extreme sadness

In the evening of that day, Dr. He arrived in Haicheng, immediately called Huo Yunshen to report his whereabouts, and then he rushed back to the private clinic without even stopping, to install the latest sets of auxiliary treatment equipment brought back this time.

When Huo Yunshen received the news, Yan Qing was wearing a small apron and was making cakes by herself in the kitchen. She had been awake since late at night and had not slept until now.

Yan Qing glanced sideways at her husband, and while he wasn’t paying attention, she quickly searched the Internet. Baidu showed that her current symptoms were also one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.

It’s over, she was seriously affected by the speculations of the little sisters, and she felt more and more like she was pregnant.

Yan Qing’s heart was full of turmoil, and her brain hole was also becoming infinitely big. Although the test had not changed yet, it did not prevent her from being excited. What were the two bright red bars, her husband’s reaction, how to record the next program, and the dark bed incident before. Whether it would have an impact, she should think about it all.

She might really be pregnant with a cub!

Even though she knew it wasn’t a good time, just this incident… thinking about it made her so sweet that she couldn’t help laughing.

When she was clutching her lower abdomen with her face flushed, Huo Yunshen put down the phone, and his voice was extremely tense: “Uncomfortable?”

He said he wanted to hug her to rest.

Yan Qing quickly shook her head, trying not to express her thoughts.

But… since the early morning, her husband had been overly nervous around her, and he had no answers for his many wounds. No matter how much she asked, he still repeated the previous explanation.

Huo Yunshen couldn’t wait any longer, and snatched the piping bag from her hand: “Qingqing, stop first, let’s go out.”

“Go out? The cake is only half done.”

“No hurry,” said her husband, every second was like standing on the edge of a cliff for him, with the fear that in the next moment, the person in his arms would frown coldly again, and tell him the most heart-breaking words, “Doctor He has just returned to China and has added some new equipment. He wants to do a routine check-up.”

Yan Qing thought for a while, reluctantly covered the semi-finished cake, nodded in agreement, after all, she was now shouldering the possibility of having a baby, and she also hoped to confirm her mental state in advance.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Huo Yunshen drove by himself and took Yan Qing to Dr. He’s clinic. The journey was only half an hour’s drive. She had a lot to say to her husband, but her mind didn’t obey her control, and it remained muddled and unclear.

Yan Qing turned her head to look at Huo Yunshen’s side profile in the flowing street lights.

The face that made her love so much, looked extraordinarily cold and sharp tonight, and was swayed by bright and dark ripples, giving birth to an indescribable fragility.

She touched the back of his hand: “Shen Shen, I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

Huo Yunshen grabbed her hand tightly, his knuckles turning white.

Dr. He had made all the preparations, and frowned when he saw Yan Qing’s slightly out-of-focus eyes. He looked at Huo Yunshen silently, with a pleasant smile on his face: “Madam, don’t worry, it’s just an ordinary examination. It won’t take time.”

The fifth-floor consulting room was opened up as a separate area, displaying brand-new equipment, metal magnetic plates and electric shocks of various shapes glowing coldly.

Before Yan Qing could feel unwell, Huo Yunshen turned her over, pulled her in his arms, pressed his lips against her ear and coaxed softly: “Hey, close your eyes, don’t be afraid, your husband is here.”

He picked her up and put her on the medical table. On the bed, he leaned over and kissed her obediently lowered eyelids, and let her rest on his arm. When he raised his head again, there was no trace of softness between his brows, and there was a compelling violence.

Dr. He was startled, and became even more dignified.

To be honest, he was more worried about Mr. Huo’s condition than his wife’s memory decline.

He couldn’t forget that when he first met Mr. Huo two years ago, the man had locked himself in an airtight room, his tall body was squeezed into the narrowest corner, his body covered in blood, some were because he was injured by falls, some was vomited out, in almost inhuman shape, only a pair of extremely aggressive eyes were red with tears, and he barely looked like a living person.

Mr. Huo was famous and important, no one knew that he lay curled up in the dark late at night, where his life was worse than death.

At that time, Special Assistant Min said: “Brother Shen doesn’t want to die, he still has things to do, please save him.”

Boss Huo was seriously traumatized when he was young, and he was guided by long-term hints when he was young. He got the only medicine that could save him, but lost it.

He stayed on for two more years to find her, and now he was facing another blow. Dr. He dared not say whether Mr. Huo could bear it once his wife’s memory collapsed.

Dr. He gave Yan Qing an injection to let her open her sea of consciousness safely, and only after making sure she couldn’t hear him, said in a low voice, “Mr. Huo, there must be a way. Don’t forget, your wife loves you.”

It was because she loved him enough that she could make it to where she was today.

Half an hour later, amidst Huo Yunshen’s hoarse sighs, Dr. He chose to pause while being covered in sweat, leaning against the back of the chair to take a few breaths.

Yan Qing’s reaction was more intense than the previous few times. When he tentatively touched the existence of “Huo Linchuan”, she showed excessive resistance, which was exactly in line with his expectations.

Facing the man’s staring eyes, Dr. He had no choice but to tell the truth.

“Mr. Huo, let me apologize first. Regarding the conclusion I made last time, I must add that your wife’s memory is actually left with two layers of restrictions. The bottom layer is what I said before. If you want her to fully recover, you need to trigger specific conditions, but on top of this, there is another layer——”

“At present, it seems that it is ‘Huo Linchuan’. He presupposes that you will meet again, and he probably also thinks that your wife will fall in love with you again, but once it progresses to that level, your wife start remembering and the name of ‘Huo Linchuan’ is equivalent to triggering the upper-level prohibition. From this point of view, with her feelings for you and memories of the past, her memory will gradually degenerate and confuse until she returns to the original point and erases everything you retrieved.”

“Of course, if your wife is completely healthy, it will be difficult for Huo Linchuan to achieve it. The basis for him to do this is that he knows that your wife’s nerves have been overwhelmed by his torture, and she can easily be troubled and her memories can be destroyed.”

Huo Yunshen lowered his head deeply, and kept silent all this time, except that the edge of the bed he was buckling made a strange noise about to crack.

Dr. He didn’t have the guts to look directly at him, and continued in a low voice: “Your wife is drowsy and dizzy, it’s her subconscious resistance to forgetting, but people are the most defenceless in sleep, and there is nothing we can do to stop it, so her memory is confused, most of which happened after her waking up.”

“Madam tried her best,” he had seen all kinds of strange cases, but he had never seen a weak girl who could carry it to this level by herself, “If she hadn’t persevered, it would have been almost impossible to reverse the regression, it won’t be like now, she can still think of it repeatedly and give you comfort.”

“Just at this rate, she will always reach the day when she can’t remember at all.”


Huo Yunshen helped Yan Qing up from the treatment bed, smoothed her long hair and tucked it behind her ears, and kissed her sweaty forehead with ice-like lips.

After a long while, he said with difficulty: “Aside from forgetting, what are the consequences?”

Dr. He’s scalp was numb, and the results of similar illnesses he knew were all shocking. =

Besides, his wife’s progress would not be so fast, there was still time.

“…It’s hard to say, her forgetting is the top priority now, you have to be mentally prepared at all times,” Dr. He sighed, “Mr. Huo, I know how you feel, but don’t tell her when she is awake, and don’t let her see it. For things related to previous memories, avoid stimulation and acceleration.”

“Is there a cure?”

“Yes,” Dr. He said frankly, “just one, unlock the underlying restrictions of her memory and let her recover completely, but…”

What was the restriction? The only people who would know were Huo Linchuan and the hypnotist himself.

There were only so many doctors who could reach this level in the top international circles. He had been looking for him under the order of Mr. Huo and had finally found the trace. There was a reclusive German doctor who had disappeared for three years because he rarely appeared in public. His medical skills were a mystery, and he was low-key, so he was only recently remembered by people in the circle.

But it would take a while to find him, which was the time he hoped his wife could wait.

Huo Yunshen wrapped Yan Qing up and put his arms around her.

Huo Linchuan really hated him.

It was jealousy and imbalance from being discriminated against from an early age.

Afterwards, Qingqing’s choice resulted in his body being crippled, losing the position of heir, until he was forced to die on a cliff.

The corners of Huo Yunshen’s dry mouth raised upwards.

If it was all Huo Linchuan’s design.

Well, first of all, he planned to make him lose the Huo family through Bo Lun’s contract.

Besides, Qingqing would forget him, which would make him feel miserable.

In the end, if you want Qingqing to recover completely, what would he ask him to do?

The answer was obvious.

Dr. He stared at Huo Yunshen with a silent smile, and suddenly shuddered: “Mr. Huo, you—”

“What are the bottom-level restrictions, can you guess?”

Dr. He held his breath, and heard Huo Yunshen’s words pierce like a sharp knife: “He wants my life.”

Yan Qing was obviously unconscious, but when he said these words, she trembled and instinctively burrowed into Huo Yunshen’s chest.

Dr. He’s heart was beating wildly, and he stood up abruptly, then ignoring his identity, he raised his voice: “This is just your guess! As your wife’s attending doctor, I solemnly ask you not to allow any behaviour that hurts her without authorization! The original hypnotist is about be found, and we can ask for an accurate answer! We still have room for it!”

Huo Yunshen embraced the restless person in his arms, and turned his eyes to the dark window.

“What are you afraid of? I don’t want to die.”

He lowered his eyes, looked at Yan Qing’s reddish nose, and said softly, “I promise her the rest of my life. I won’t die easuky. When she thinks about it, what do you want her to do in the future?”

He seemed to be asking himself again: “If my Qingqing is crying, who will wipe her tears.”

It was just an imaginary picture, but it was like sharp teeth crazily biting his heart.

Huo Yunshen held Yan Qing and stood up without showing excessive emotional fluctuations. He glanced at Dr. He calmly: “I will send more people to you, and you will continue to look for him. You are to be on call 24 hours a day.”

Dr. He’s back was soaked in sweat, and he promised again and again, but his heart was raised even higher.

In the future, the wife would frequently forget, and she would not do less to hurt Mr. Huo. He thought about how he would feel and he was still worried.

He would rather let Mr. Huo vent, even if it ruined his place.

But Mr. Huo suppressed and remained calm, he feared that the more he was like this, the more he would lose control when he broke out.

Yan Qing woke up more than an hour later, Huo Yunshen sat in the back seat of the car with his arms around her, the door was locked.

Her eyes were turbulent, and she instinctively broke free. Huo Yunshen clasped his cold hands tightly. After a few minutes, her frowning gradually subsided, and she had no impression of the strangeness just now, and she softly pressed against his cheek: “What time is it?”

Sand and gravel rolled in his throat: “Ten thirty.”

“I knew it,” Yan Qing smiled softly, “My Shen’s birthday is not over yet, I can’t sleep, I have to go back and continue making cake.”

For his birthday, she could even overcome his instinct.

She asked again: “What did Doctor He say? I should be stable, right?”

Huo Yunshen stroked her hair deeply.

Before leaving, Dr. He warned him not to tell Qingqing about the problems she was having, it would only increase her mental burden unless she took the initiative to notice.

He whispered, “Stable, Qingqing is the most powerful.”

Yan Qing blinked playfully: “Is it just powerful?”

Huo Yunshen smiled hoarsely, and traced her delicate eyebrows and eyes with his fingertips: “Of course not, she is also the most beautiful, cutest, and prettiest.”

Yan Qing raised her face and kissed his lips: “Reward.”

She returned home in a hurry, finished the cake, turned off the lights, sang the birthday song to him, and blew out the candles with him, as she clapped: “Hurry up and make a wish, what you wish now will definitely come true.”

Huo Yunshen looked at the flickering candlelight, and beside him was the person he fell in love with madly.

Was it because he was too greedy and begged her to love him more that he was punished.

Whether it was god or the devil, he was willing to lie down in the mud to admit his mistakes, if they agreed not to take his love away.

On the fifth day after his birthday, the official trailer of “Song of the Night” was released, and the essence of the entire episode was shown, even the scene of Huo Yunshen hugging his wife on the field was not deleted, and Yan Qing was extremely amazing at the competition scene and just a short chorus of her song exploded on Weibo without any suspense.

Even the blogger called “Did the affectionate couple get divorced today” added more than twenty exclamation points after the “No Lie” in the latest post to show their internal wounds and hematemesis.

The comments below were indignant.

“Fuck, Huo Yunshen wants to play with Yan Qing to death! He spoils Yan Qing with no bottom line, but he is said to be using her as a substitute. I can’t bear to think about Yan Qing’s tragedy when she gets dumped!”

“So he is a top-notch scumbag! I can’t find anyone who can stand shoulder to shoulder with him!”

“It’s really a sadomasochistic love, and I can’t wait to see the tragic ending!”

Especially the opponent’s black fans, they couldn’t wait to taunt at this time, but they also couldn’t help but think that Yan Qing pulling out radishes with bare feet contrasted with the fairy spirit on the stage, the relevant screenshots and short videos rushed to several hot spots, and her number of fans jumped up rapidly.

Many netizens had previously dissed Yan Qing, them turning their heads and slapping them in the face was really sweet, they even took Xu Mohan as a role model, look at others, on the front foot she was against Yan Qing, but on the back foot they met on the show, and she changed into Yan Qing’s deadly loyal friend.

After a good start, the recording of the second episode of “Song of the Night” was on the agenda. Lin Yuan sent Yan Qing a detailed itinerary and set off the next day.

On the morning of departure, Yan Qing opened her eyes, and her memory flashed back to the second day when she and Huo Yunshen had reunited.

She escaped by jumping out of the locked third-floor window, threatened him with death, and ran to the “Rise It! Girls” program group, but he interfered and almost stopped the program.

However, in a trance, she lay down on a strange bed, and the person who imprisoned her with iron walls was Huo Yunshen, whom she managed to escape with great difficulty.

Yan Qing cried out helplessly, threw away his arm with all her strength, and the tiny decorations on her nails scraped against his skin fiercely.

“Huo Yunshen, you promised to let me go! You lied to me with a fake DNA report, and brought me here in a daze!”

Her eyes were red, as if staring at some vicious ghost.

Huo Yunshen grabbed her fidgeting hand, even though he was prepared, his heart was still crushed by her simple expressions and eyes.

Second time in five days.

Last time, when she went back to the night when he was splashed with acid, she still felt pity for him, but this time it won’t happen. When she retreated to avoid him, he was a perverted paranoid who forced her.

Huo Yunshen clasped her and said: “You have lost your memory.”

Yan Qing was startled, and then resisted more fiercely: “Wake up, go to the mirror, look at the length of your hair, and then look at the traces of this house.”

Yan Qing believed that she had done something wrong, but in a panic, she caught a glimpse of the person in the mirror.

She remembered…

Her hair was just a little above her shoulders, but now…it had grown a lot, and it was still slightly curly.

The person reflected in the mirror was not the pure one in her memory, but had an added indescribable beauty and charm, which was strange and familiar at the same time.

Yan Qing touched her face and looked around in a daze. The bathroom supplies were all arranged according to her habit. When she looked up again, she saw the display screen embedded in the wall. The time in her memory… had been last year. It had turned from the early winter of the year, to the end of the spring of the new year.

She turned to Huo Yunshen in disbelief, her face pale: “…you did it all, you want to use this method to make me obey.”

Yan Qing couldn’t turn her mind, and she cried helplessly: “Huo Yunshen, you can’t do this, I’m afraid.”

Huo Yunshen kissed her tears deeply, and was pushed away by her indiscriminately.

He closed his eyes and called someone to bring Ouyang and An Lan over.

At this stage, Qingqing was familiar with them and only they could reveal the current situation to her.

In less than three minutes, Min Jing called back: “Brother Shen, An Lan is sick and hospitalized. It is not appropriate to meet with her. Ouyang will be there soon.”

Yan Qing nestled in the bedroom with her arms folded. Her nerves were far from stable as before, and she couldn’t keep calm. She only knew that he was dangerous, a liar, and could not be trusted.

When Ouyang rushed over, Yan Qing was stunned.

In the past few months, she had changed a lot from a down-and-out trainee to a debut idol, which could not be achieved in a few hours.

Ouyang knew the ins and outs, and had already organized the language on the way here, condensed the few months as quickly as possible, and told Yan Qing the key points one by one.

She looked over Ouyang’s shoulder with tears in her eyes and looked at the man standing at the door of the bathroom.

He was like a grey and silent volcano, seemingly silent, yet about to burst at any moment.

How could it be… Yun Qing, how could it be possible for her to fall in love with him.

No matter how beautiful Ouyang was usually, she couldn’t help crying when she saw this. She hugged Yan Qing and said, “Qing Bao, don’t hurt him. If you hurt him, you will die of heartache when you wake up.”

With her chin resting on her knees, she stared blankly at the marriage certificate in hand, the contract she had signed, and that… the paper with her own lips on it.

“Qingqing promises that she will never leave Huo Yunshen, and love him deeply, and be his wife all her life.”

She moved her stiff body and said softly, “Huo Yunshen, I don’t remember this, can you…don’t force me.”

Huo Yunshen sat on the ground opposite her, hissed and laughed: “I won’t.”

Yan Qing bit her lips, thinking of the same way as before: “Then I’ll go record the show, okay?”

She would at least temporarily avoid him, as she didn’t know how to face him.

Huo Yunshen followed her like a shadow, watched her get into the car, and found her leaning against a corner alone, trembling slightly with her head down.

She was afraid of him.

Huo Yunshen’s heart had already been torn apart, entwined with thorny ropes and strangled into pieces.

Dr. He’s message popped up: “Mr. Huo, try to find someone your wife is familiar with by her side to alleviate her discomfort.”

Huo Yunshen’s brows were filled with a storm of forbearance.

Min Jing didn’t see Dr. He’s message, but he also thought of the same thing. After hesitating for a long time, he still called to remind: “Brother, the person your wife is most familiar with at this time…in fact, it should be He Xiangjin.”

She had just met for the first time, An Lan was in the hospital, and it was only a one-time relationship, but He Xiangjin, who had visited her many times in the past three years, had been kind to her.

The back of Min Jing’s neck felt cold, and he was really afraid that Brother Shen would be furious.

But after waiting for a while, he heard him say: “Call him over and let him be a guest on the show temporarily.”

Huo Yunshen’s hand kept holding Yan Qing, feeling her coldness and sweat, his Adam’s apple rolled a few times with difficulty, and he tried his best to calmly ask: “Qingqing, He Xiangjin, do you remember him?” Like seeing a piece of driftwood in a storm, there was light in his eyes.

This smear pierced Huo Yunshen deeply like a knife.

His lips were still curled up: “Want to see him?”

Yan Qing hesitated a little, but mustered up the courage to nod, at least it was better to meet someone she knew better than to face Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen held her hand up, and tremblingly stroked her thin white fingers: “When Qingqing sees him, don’t be afraid of me, okay?”

Thinking that she had actually gotten married to him, she shuddered all over, and withdrew her hand.

She didn’t want to do this either, but at this moment, she couldn’t change her mood because of other people’s dictation. To her, Huo Yunshen was a scourge that was both far and near.

The first half of the second issue of “Song of the Night” was going to be recorded in the suburbs of Haicheng, there was no need for a plane, they could just drive there. When they arrived, He Xiangjin’s team was actively waiting there. When he saw Yan Qing from afar, he couldn’t help but go up, but because of Huo Yunshen’s existence, he didn’t dare to act presumptuously.

He never dreamed that there would be a chance to get in touch with Yan Qing again, and it was also at a time when she had lost her memory and could not remember Huo Yunshen.

Yan Qing didn’t know his secret. In her eyes now, he was still the clean man who pursued her and adored her.

He Xiangjin tried hard to conceal his eagerness.

Yan Qing couldn’t wait to get out of Huo Yunshen’s control, so she couldn’t help but struggle to move towards He Xiangjin.

She looked back, and asked in a timid soft voice: “Let me go.”

“Let go?”

She looked at him strangely: “I’m going to record a show, shouldn’t you go?”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were filled with turbulent darkness, his chest muscles were tense, and the veins on his arms swelled up, holding her even tighter. The director of the program team over there came over and greeted her tremblingly, indicating that the recording was ready to start.

With more force, Yan Qing finally brushed him away and walked towards He Xiangjin. After taking a few steps, she turned her head by mistake and met Huo Yunshen’s blood-stained gaze, which made her heart tremble.

She quickened her pace, but when she really arrived in front of He Xiangjin, she didn’t know what to say.

He Xiangjin lowered his head: “Yanyan, don’t panic, I will protect you.”

Huo Yunshen stood without saying a word, his earphones connected to the monitor on He Xiangjin’s body.

The crowd was drifting away, and the disturbing figures covered his lover and another man. While that man was saying, I will protect you.

Huo Yunshen’s nerves were pulled to the limit, and there was a hum of collapse. Every cut was extremely sharp, falling into his chest and abdomen, grinding the five internal organs.

Yan Qing walked beside He Xiangjin, not too far nor near, but didn’t find the sense of intimacy she thought she would have. She kicked the stones and asked in a low voice: “Will Huo Yunshen make things difficult for you…”

“It doesn’t matter,” He Xiangjin didn’t know that Huo Yunshen was listening their talks, and said excitedly, “I will be there when you need me. It doesn’t matter how he treats me. He is a lunatic.”

He followed her memory and asked eagerly: “Yanyan, I miss you very much, have you ever thought of me?”

Yan Qing pursed her lips, “I…”

Before she could answer, she heard heavy footsteps behind her.

The next moment, a pair of hard arms pulled her madly, pinching her wrist with red marks.

Min Jing quickly led people to clear the scene, but He Xiangjin refused to leave, and stared at Yan Qing worriedly. Yan Qing thought that innocent people should not be implicated, and turned around to block him.

It was just the simplest action, but Huo Yunshen’s last sliver of sanity, which was in danger, collapsed in an instant.

He picked up Yan Qing, ignored her refusal, pushed her into the car, and the door closed and locked with a “bang”.

In the confined space, the man’s violently burning black pupils were full of messy madness.

“This is the program team! Huo Yunshen, you’re crazy—”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but press her over, clasp her jaw and raise it, then he started licking and biting her roughly, Yan Qing pushed him away with tears in her eyes, in exchange for him to go deeper.

The corners of her mouth were slightly swollen and broken, and a faint drop of blood stained his scorching lips and tongue.

“I regret it, I can’t allow him to get close to you! Every word he said, I wanted to kill someone and crush him to ashes.”

The man’s voice was broken, intermittently crushing into her ears.

Yan Qing was lying flat on the wide back seat, and Huo Yunshen was kneeling on both sides of her legs. He slowly raised himself up, and in the dim light of the car, he stared straight at her from a distance of one hand.

Until a drop of scalding water fell on her face.

He hissed.

“Qingqing, I can’t bear the pain.”

“Can you please kiss me.”

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