SN Ch. 61

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Warning 18+; Sexual References, Yandere

The moon in the early morning of a spring night was covered by clouds, the surroundings were very dark, and the temperature was low.

Yan Qing was only wearing a nightdress, and her white porcelain arms were thin and a little red from the cold, but she didn’t care, she just stared at Huo Yunshen with all her attention, and confessed to him seriously.

Huo Yunshen put out the cigarette and leaned over to hug her, his body was so cold and he couldn’t control his strength, such that he almost strangled her.

“I know the smell of smoke is bad, you don’t like it,” he soaked in the aroma of her hair, begging her hoarsely, “be patient, don’t push me away.”

It was difficult for him to pronounce the words, and Yan Qing’s heart ached, twisted, and she decisively hugged him back.

Push him away? What stupid things did he say.

Yan Qing felt that Huo Yunshen’s abnormality was definitely not due to the common cause of her oversleeping.

Just as she was about to ask, she was picked up by him and he strode back. When she returned to the bedroom, she was surprised to find that there was a fresh scratch on her husband’s flawless cheek.

“How did you do it!” Yan Qing grabbed him and touched him anxiously, “You were fine before I went to sleep!”

Huo Yunshen covered her eyes with his palms: “It was done by accident, don’t look.”

He didn’t let her mess up the opportunity by thinking, he pressed her into the bed, pulled the quilt and wrapped her and himself together, making a soft cage, he wanted to be the lock that trapped her there.

He stroked her face with his fingers, and kissed her deeply.

While their lips and tongue were intertwined, Yan Qing tasted the obvious bloody taste in his mouth, and there was even a gap that seemed to be bitten out. She tried to push away some distance to confirm, but he held her back even more forcefully, not allowing any resistance.

Huo Yunshen used to be dissatisfied in bed affairs, but it was too rare for him to be so intense as he was being today.

At first, Yan Qing thought about asking about his wounds, thinking about the full set of cat cosplay outfits in the drawer that she hadn’t put on, and the handmade Japanese songs that she hadn’t had time to send out, but soon her thoughts were confused, and all she could do was to accept him completely.

When it was almost dawn, he still didn’t stop, her throat was dry, she could no longer scream, physical tears flowed all over her face, until she sobbed and hugged his shoulder, biting down very harmlessly.

He picked her up to feed her water, finished feeding her in one gulp, sucked off the moisture from the corners of her lips, and carried her by the water dispenser to continue.

When Yan Qing lay down on the bed again, the light from the gap in the curtains was already bright.

Her legs were so sore and numb that she couldn’t lift them up, she lay limp, and her peripheral vision inadvertently glanced at the bead beside the pillow, and after just one glance, her half-dizzy mind suddenly regained consciousness.

With blood?

Deep wounds on his face…

She preferred small decorations, and she had repeatedly confirmed that it was impossible for it to hurt people under normal use. To make such a big cut, it had to be specially scratched.

And there were some broken parts in his mouth, which he couldn’t have bitten by himself, it was more like being kissed by her…

Yan Qing had a horrible premonition, so she turned around to ask what happened, but saw that Huo Yunshen had his eyes clothes, breathing heavily, with a distinct cyan color under his eyes.

She didn’t want to make a sound, endured her surprise, and comforted herself that she was probably being overly nervous.

If she had memory problems again, and she also showed aggressive and abnormal behaviours, how could she not notice it, and have no impression at all.

Don’t get confused, maybe it’s all accidents and coincidences…

Yan Qing was exhausted by Huo Yunshen, but she still insisted on standing up, kiss his wound, lean back into his arms, and sing for him in soft voice… She sang an old song.

“… Time stops in your eyes, I am too scared to make a sound, I really want to live in your soul.

Caress your head, go to sleep, I am in your dream.

No matter where you wake up, baby, I…I remember you.”

She sang “I remember you” several times, but she didn’t see Huo Yunshen’s eyelashes slightly raise, as he stared at her motionlessly until his dark pupils were covered by mist, making it impossible to see his emotions clearly.

He hugged her tightly.

The wedding had already been mostly prepared in secret. In the wedding room on the top floor in Xingyunjian, before she knew it, he had filled his eyes full of red, and the bed was covered with several wedding dresses he had chosen.

In the past, he was a notorious lunatic and took her to live in a small rental house.

Qingqing spread a white silk scarf around her slender waist, tilted her head and asked him with a smile, “Does it look like a wedding dress?”

Now that she had a real wedding dress, he just wanted to kneel down and beg her not to forget it.

If she forgot, he would tie her up with those white yarns and lock her in a world where he was the only one she could see.

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