GLR Ch. 53

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Erha was shocked, he said it, he actually said it.

“Grandpa, how could you do this?” Erha shouted at the top of his lungs. He was so angry that he jumped up and down, wanting to rush up and scold him.

He Yunting raised his eyebrows: “Is there a problem?”

Erha said “Woo” and cried while scratching Mai Tian. Su Yemu laughed when he heard Erha addressing He Yunting as “Grandpa”, and Erha cried even harder.

“Okay, stop crying. Do you still want to hide it from me for the rest of your life?” Su Yemu stopped smiling: “I’m not angry.”

“Ugh, really?” Erha flattened his mouth like a puppy, feeling very aggrieved: “You won’t drive me away.”

Su Yemu replied: “No.”

Erha, with his heart in his stomach, came closer to Su Yemu and whispered a few words in his ear. He saw He Yunting’s face darken, so he immediately pulled Mai Tian and ran away.

When he ran out of the gate of the Marshal’s Mansion, he saw General Gavin standing in front of the speeding car. His hair stood up and he rushed back to the Marshal’s Mansion.

Everyone rested for a while at the Marshal’s Mansion, and then went to the Chefs Association to register. After that, Erha dragged Mai Tian away, Xiaonan returned to the Marshal’s Mansion, and Su Yemu and He Yunting went to keep their appointment.

This time, they made an appointment at the same restaurant as last time. When they walked in, General Gu was already there. Seeing He Yunting appear, she stood up and saluted him.


He Yunting nodded, pulled out the chair for Su Yemu to sit down, and then he took his seat and said to General Gu, “Sit down! You don’t have to be polite outside.”

“Yes.” General Gu was in a complicated mood. She thought that Su Yemu would not let He Yunting come with him. It seemed that she underestimated this person.

General Gu said directly: “I wonder if Mr. Su can move to the general’s residence.”

Su Yemu looked at He Yunting and then said: “Can you tell me what it is about first?”

“Thirty years ago, my husband had a sudden attack on the battlefield. He was finally abandoned by his comrades, suffered a mental breakdown and became a worthless person.” General Gu’s cold face showed emotion, her eyes were red, and when she looked at He Yunting, her eyes were like needles dipped in poison: “Marshal He knows very well, let’s go!”

“Su Yemu has no mental power, so he can’t cure him.”

“Impossible,” General Gu was a little excited: “I have eaten the food he made, and it has healing energy.”

“That’s green pigment.”

“I believe many people can identify whether it is green pigment or not.”

“Well, I really have no mental strength,” Su Yemu stretched out his hand: “If you don’t believe it, you…”

Su Yemu stretched out his hand halfway, but was pulled back by He Yunting, The rough calluses scratched on the palms of his hands, feeling a little itchy.

General Gu sternly said: “Impossible.”

He Yunting smiled: “You can choose to believe it, or you can choose to question it, but Su Yemu has no obligation to heal him.”

Hatred flashed across General Gu’s face: “In that case, I think I have no obligation to keep this secret for Mr. Su, right?”

As soon as General Gu said this, the atmosphere became tense.

Su Yemu was confused. How could he not know what secret he had?

“If you can bear the consequences,” He Yunting pulled Su Yemu up: “If you want him to get better, let him drink more bowls of soup. Su Yemu can give him a bowl of soup every day, and you have to do your best.”

He had not yet received such treatment!

“What if I exchange information with the marshal!”

“There is nothing in this world that can compare with it.”

Su Yemu: “?”

He Yunting took Su Yemu away. General Gu was still sitting in the side room. The inner door was pushed open and President Qin walked in: “You are too impatient. He Yunting is not someone who is amenable to threats.”

“I waited too long. He has been comatose for thirty years. I finally saw signs of him waking up, but unexpectedly, the values stagnated again.” Chairman Qin sighed and said no more; in the evening, General Gu received another hand from Su Yemu.

After testing, the soup was even richer in energy than before.

General Gu sat quietly for a while before deciding to feed her husband the soup again. At this time, the health value fluctuated again.

If Su Yemu really had no mental power, then what kind of ability did he have?

Erha did not participate in the Level 4 Chef’s Certificate. Only Su Yemu and Mai Tian, as well as dozens of candidates who had passed the exam together with Su Yemu, were there.

When Su Yemu came in, he felt the atmosphere was tense. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on him, exploring, envying, and full of jealousy.

The Empire Central Station only broadcasted the Senior Technician (Level 1) competition. The first three games were only broadcast on the Chef Association platform. However, a lot of people came in. The numbers kept jumping. Before the start, the number of people online had already jumped to over 10 billion.

Most of them were fans of His Highness Kai, Sophie, and Su Baihua. In terms of popularity, Su Baihua was the most popular. This was due to the news between him and His Majesty the Emperor last time.

In the Level 4 exam, there was a question about identifying seasonings. This time, there were many more unorthodox seasonings such as star anise, perilla, etc., of course, this was unorthodox to others, but to Su Yemu and Mai Tian, this was commonly used material.

In this wave, hundreds of candidates were rejected by another third, followed by the cooking test.

“This time, there will be two dishes. The ingredients are limited. Everyone must choose a reasonable and even mix. Do you understand?” The examiner looked at everyone and said, “Let’s start.”

With the order, everyone buzzed and ran up to grab the ingredients, Su Yemu was about to move his feet, but suddenly he was pushed by someone and took two steps back. When he wanted to move his feet again, the food area was already crowded with people. Su Yemu tried to go in several times, but was blocked intentionally or unintentionally. After a while, the food section was sold out.

There were three people standing calmly on the spot, Sophie, Kai, Su Baihua, and many people present grabbed things and donated them directly. As for Su Yemu, they were looking down upon him with half-smiling smiles.

Backstage, Mr. Chen was furious. He didn’t expect them to do this: “Cappie, when you first proposed this suggestion, did you want to use such a method?”

Cappie smiled and said: “Mr. Chen, don’t get me wrong, you are optimistic about Su Yemu, but you can’t splash dirty water on me! He is reserved and refuses to squeeze in, so you can’t blame me.”

At this time, the food section was almost empty, with only one cabbage left, and only some radishes and mushrooms were left.

Oh, he thought he was like little princess Sophie, and someone would come offering food! Standing motionless, pretending to be stupid.

Don’t go too far in front of me. I saw someone push Bobo and even stop him.

Who would believe that there is no organization? They must have done it on purpose.

The live broadcast room instantly became noisy. If the platform hadn’t banned touch, everyone might have started a group fight.

Passers-by expressed their condolences to Su Yemu, but most of them watched the show.

Su Yemu’s fans were secretly angry: Wait, if you ignore me today, you will not be able to reach me tomorrow.

At this time, Su Yemu was lucky that there was no prescribed theme, otherwise it would have been troublesome. Su Yemu took the basket and started to choose, two carrots, one white radish, some mushrooms, a few vegetable leaves that fell out when they were robbing them, and a small bag of flour.

As a spectator, my conscience accidentally hurts.

Woo, I cried. Why do I feel so pitiful for him? Especially when he picked up those vegetable leaves, my tears came out all of a sudden.

Bullying people, no more exams, let’s go home.

In other words, those people are indeed a bit excessive.

There was a sudden reversal in the live broadcast room. Everyone felt that Su Yemu, who was picking up vegetables with a basket, was particularly pitiful. But at this time, Su Yemu’s mind was already racing, thinking about what to cook.

“Wait, here you go.”

As Su Yemu walked towards his place, his head was still wandering when he was suddenly stopped by Kai, who held out a bone.

Sophie sneered: “It turns out that he knew someone would give him a gift, so he didn’t rush to grab it, just pretending.”

Kai slapped the table and said angrily: “Sophie, what are you talking about!”

“Your Highness Kai, Sophie didn’t mean to offend you…”

“What does it have to do with you? Shut up.”

Su Baihua’s face turned pale and he did not dare to speak anymore.

“Thank you,” Su Yemu said, “No, you only have one bone. What would you do?”

Kai shrugged: “It doesn’t matter if I take the exam or not.”

Anyway, he was forced to come here by his family. He didn’t want to marry Kevin at all. He liked beautiful girls, not counting the evil girl in front of me.

“Believe me,” Su Yemu pushed the bone back: “If you can, give me half a handful of shepherd’s purse!”

Su Yemu saw that he had two handfuls, so he shouldn’t be able to use this much. Kai immediately put it in Su Yemu’s basket, with a flattering look that made him feel particularly happy.

People in the live broadcast room speculated about the relationship between the two people. In the last exam, the two people clearly didn’t know each other.

In the end, everyone came to the conclusion that the uncle was the key.

“By the way,” Su Yemu said, “You can go to your uncle’s house with Erha for dinner in the afternoon, and I’ll cook.”

Kai’s eyes lit up instantly and he nodded repeatedly.

Sophie gritted her teeth in anger: “Humph!”

Su Yemu returned to his seat. Following the examiner’s order, Su Yemu first washed all the vegetables, and then squeezed the juice from the green vegetables and carrots. After he drained the residue with gauze, he poured the juice onto the pile of flour.

The vegetable juice was a bit low, so Su Yemu added some water and kneaded the flour into a ball. One white, one light green, and one orange-red dough came out, and he put it aside to rest.

So beautiful, I thought I would see vegetable soup or stir-fried vegetables, but it seems I thought too much.

After watching his last video, I started to look forward to it.

Then Su Yemu made vegetarian soup, cut white radish and red carrots into large pieces, cut mushroom clouds into small cross-shaped pieces, like flowers, very beautiful, he put the three vegetables into the pot and cooked them over high heat, soaked fungus, Chinese cabbage, and enoki mushrooms and set them aside.

Su Yemu chopped the shepherd’s purse, added salt, oil and other seasonings to it, stirred evenly and set it aside. Fifteen minutes later, the noodle dough had woken up. Su Yemu started to make noodles, but then he realized that there was no rolling pin!

Bobo wants to make dumplings but needs a rolling pin, what should I do?

What are dumplings?

Delicious things are called dumplings.

Passer-by: Is your answer the answer?

Just when Su Yemu’s fans were thinking about what to do, they were stunned by what Su Yemu did next. They saw Su Yemu kneading the dough into balls, then flattening them, and then flattening them with a knife. Pull, round, done.

Everyone: Is this okay? It’s not scientific no matter how you think about it! Shouldn’t this pull be longer?

Su Yemu was very fast. He made the white dough first, then wrapped it in green and red dough.

The three colours are so beautiful and round, and they would taste delicious just looking at them.

What is this? Am I late? How come this player has no meat?

It looks good, but tasteless. Didn’t the Chefs Association say last time that cooking does not test for green pigments? Is this candidate testing for green pigments?

As soon as this statement came out, Su Yemu’s fans became angry and retorted, who said he was testing green pigment? It was all done by those unscrupulous people. Look at them, the table was full of meat despite having made two dishes, there was no way to do it.

Sophie’s fans were not happy, and said that it was Su Yemu who didn’t grab it himself, so who was to blame.

The live broadcast room was buzzing with noise, and people who came in midway were confused. What was going on?

Stop arguing, stop embarrassing Bobo, trust Bobo.

As soon as these words came out, Su Yemu’s fans fell silent, trying hard not to be ridiculed by Sophie and Su Baihua’s fans. Wait, our Bobo will piss you off to death later.

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