RNMG Ch. 7.2 (Vol. 2)

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Si Huang, who had returned to the room, first disposed of Liu Shun’s cat litter, then turned on the computer to take a look at the current situation of Fenghuang Entertainment.

Five Treasure crawled in front of her, stood up straight, as if he had mustered up all his courage, and loudly announced: [Your Majesty! I ask to be carried out! I don’t want to stay with Liu Shun anymore! I’m not a shit-shoveler! Ying Ying Ying Ying! You promised to love me more!? If this continues, I will poison it! Poison!]

“Threatening me?” Si Huang squinted.

Five Treasure’s body trembled, [No way.] A pair of wet black bean eyes, pretending to be pitiful looked over as it said, [I am really sad, I want to stay with His Majesty! I can’t stand not looking at His Majesty for a day!]

Si Huang’s face was expressionless.

Did it think she didn’t read Weibo? In the past few days, he had been complaining about her on Weibo all the time, and even secretly took photos of her.

Five Treasure was getting weaker and weaker, thinking that something seemed a little wrong with His Majesty today?

Before it could think about it, a hand grabbed its body.

Si Huang walked to the recliner next to the bed and sat on it, saying to the Five Treasure in her hand: “Today, someone recognized my true identity.”

[Magical horse!?] Five Treasure blurted out: [Is it Qin Fan? So did he throw you down? Hey, why do you feel that the yang energy in Your Majesty’s body has not increased much? ……squeak!]

Its body was pinched into a bow-tie shape.

Because it knew Si Huang so well, it could tell at a glance whether Si Huang was really angry or just pretending to be playful.

Regarding Si Huang who was really angry, Five Treasure didn’t dare to fool her, so he blinked his black eyes and asked, “Who is that?”

Si Huang told Five Treasure what happened today in detail. If we talk about trust, no one had Si Huang’s trust like Five Treasure. Even if this little guy was a little unreliable occasionally, he always thought about her, didn’t want her to be angry at all, and could communicate with her well at critical moments.

[Similar people? Humph, how could she be compared with His Majesty!] See? As soon as he heard about what happened before, Little Five Treasure first paid attention to this.

Although it missed the point, it still treated her as the only best one, which was still very heartwarming. Si Huang curled her lips and poked his forehead with her finger, “What do you know?”

Five Treasure hugged Si Huang’s fingers with his paws, [Your Majesty, this is the disadvantage of not bringing me with you. If I were there, I would be able to recognize people with special characteristics like Qin Fan at a glance!]



“I’ll take you with me.”

Five Treasure looked like he had won a big prize. He stayed in place for a few seconds, then turned around in a circle, cheered and quickly climbed down to Liu Shun on the ground, holding his head high and shouting: [Little girl! Did you see that? Your Majesty’s favorite is Mr. Five Treasure! No one can take the place of Master Five Treasure! If you obediently kowtow to Uncle Five Treasure and admit your mistake, I will give you a way out!]

Liu Shun felt so noisy that she opened her cat eyes and looked at the snow-white thing in confusion as it squeaked in front of her. She stretched out her paw, “Pah!” and pressed it under the flesh pad, then pulled it back and held it in her arms.

“Miwu~” he said, hugging his ‘toy’ and continued to sleep.

Five Treasure: “Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!”

This weak cry made Liu Shun hug it harder, but it had no other effect.

However, this interesting scene made Si Huang’s mood completely improve.

She sent a message to Yu Xi, asking him to come over and take Liu Shun home to raise him for a while.

There would be military training from tomorrow. If Five Treasure was taken with him, Liu Shun would be left alone in the dormitory and would feel lonely. It would also be troublesome if no one fed her.

Yu Xi quickly replied that it was okay, and then sent another message: “The work schedule for this period has been sent to your mailbox.”

Si Huang looked at it, got up and went to the computer to check.

Sure enough, the next arrangements were already in her personal mailbox.

Because he knew that Si Huang was going to school, Yu Xi did not create too many work arrangements for him. Among them, he could not refuse the spring costume shooting of RB, the casting audition of the movie “The Teeth of Time”, and finally the celebratory banquet of “The Emperor’s Path”.

Fortunately, these three work locations happened to be arranged in the capital, which saved Si Huang from spending time and energy traveling around.

After reading it, Si Huang sent a confirmation message to Yu Xi. There was a knock on the door, and then Su Yueban shouted: “Master, are you going to go out for lunch? Or should I pack it back for you?”

Si Huang closed the computer, got up and was about to go out, when she heard Five Treasure’s call in her mind.

She looked back at the scene of the cat and mouse loving each other, and smiled slightly, “You will separate in the evening, please be affectionate and loving today.”

Five Treasure: […] Your Majesty, the elder and the younger brother do not need to love each other! Really!

Unfortunately, she had disappeared outside the door.

At noon, in order to familiarize themselves with the environment, they ate in the school cafeteria. Some seniors came over to give them tips about the skills and precautions of college military training. They heard Su Yueban yelling and cheering. The senior students laughed with joy, and they even knew what they were talking about. It was not until the end that Si Huang laughed out loud and said thank you. Several senior students suddenly blushed, and the woman’s reserve and shyness disappeared. They all came and gently said no thanks or anything.

It wasn’t until a few people left that Su Yueban looked sad, staring at Si Huang with resentment and entanglement, “With you here, there are many girls coming, but with you here, all the girls’ hearts are with you, is this good or bad?”

Si Huang responded: “I already have a partner.”

The expressions of the three people at the table were startled.

Yuan Liang had a heartbroken expression again. It was obvious that he was very sad that he had obtained the latest gossip but could not sell it.

Su Yueban looked curious and excited. He stood up suddenly and shouted: “Is it Feng Manzhu? The person you are talking about is the goddess Feng Manzhu, right? Man, that’s good!”

The volume of the voice could not be controlled, and all the men and women in the cafeteria were stunned and looking over, there were different expressions on their faces and the scene was quiet.

Su Yueban froze for a moment, realizing that he seemed to have done something wrong again.

The only reason was that he forgot that this roommate next to him was not an ordinary boy. He was a big star, a star who attracted much attention and was very popular!

Si Huang glanced at him indifferently, stood up slowly and replied: “No.” Then walked back alone.

Su Yueban sat back half-dead, and asked Yuan Liang: “Will Si Huang beat me to death when I go back?”

Yuan Liang couldn’t bear to look at him directly, “No, but if you continue to be so big-hearted and mean-mouthed, it would not be surprising to me to find you dead in an alley.”

Su Yueban: “…”

The next day, rumors spread on the Jinghua campus. Versions of the teacher-student relationship between Si Huang and Feng Manzhu came out one after another. Really the same. Some said Si Huang took the initiative to pursue Feng Manzhu, while others said it was Feng Manzhu who seduced Si Huang. No matter which version it was, it showed the fact that these two people were having an affair.

Why do you think so? Ha! Isn’t it true when Si Huang’s roommate said personally? Is there anything truer than what one’s college roommate said?

As for Si Huang’s denial yesterday…oh, what? Who heard it? I do not know!

Rumors were like this. You pass them on to me and I pass them on to you. In the end, they were infinitely exaggerated and the original version could no longer be found.

At this time, Si Huang had already put on the military training camouflage uniform and arrived at the designated military training location before dawn. The three people in her dormitory were there with her.

“I’m just saying that the assembly bell didn’t even ring. We must have arrived early.” Su Yueban’s eyes were half swollen. Seeing that there was no one in the military training ground, he sat down on the ground and stared at Si Huang resentfully, “Everyone, it’s you…”

Si Huang strode up to him and kicked him on the butt.

“Ouch!” Su Yueban screamed in a semi-exaggerated manner.

“If the military training wasn’t graded by dormitory groups, do you think I would care about you?” Si Huang lowered her head and stared at him for a moment, grinning with a sinister smile.

This was the first time Su Yueban saw her show such a bad and dangerous look. He was shocked and frightened at the same time and froze in place.

“Do more work and talk less nonsense from now on, or I’ll beat you to death.” Si Huang put down her harsh words.

Su Yueban was dumbfounded and nodded obediently.

Si Huang turned back and said, “Get up.”

Su Yueban immediately got up, as if he was obedient and said, “I’ll just do what you say.”

Si Huang’s eyebrows twitched, and she finally understood what kind of character Su Yueban was – some people were born to be amenable to tough means but not soft, and they couldn’t explain why.

Yuan Liang and Zong Haohao were also speechless.

“Beep beep beep beep beep-” a harsh sound suddenly sounded.

Si Huang looked down and saw the sound coming from the military training bracelet that was issued when they got the military training uniform a few days ago.

A figure came from far away. The weather in early spring was still very cold, but he was wearing a black vest and top, and his good figure was clearly visible.

Su Yueban whispered with envy, “If I had such a figure, the girls would definitely come to my door!” Not to mention that handsome face and strong temperament…

“Stand at attention.” As soon as the man came, he was rough. His cold eyes swept over them, and his deep voice struck people’s hearts.

Su Yueban and the others were shocked for no reason, and immediately did as he said. After finishing, they looked at Qin Fan with a little more fear.

Qin Fan’s eyes were locked on Si Huang, “Did you ask them to come?”

“Yes, instructor.” Si Huang responded, with an expressionless face and calm eyes. People who didn’t know would never think that she and Qin Fan knew each other.

Not sure if it was an illusion, but Su Yueban and the others felt that the air around them was colder, and the pressure from Qin Fan was also greater.

“Very good.” Qin Fan also showed no expression. “You will lead the team and run three laps around the playground first.”

“Ah? Three laps!? Aigoo. One lap of the playground is five hundred meters long!” Su Yueban yelled in disbelief.

Qin Fan: “Two more laps.”

Su Yueban: “…”

Yuan Liang and Zong Haohao stared at him at the same time.

Su Yueban was about to say something when Si Huang, who was leading the team in front, said, “Shut up.”

Su Yueban pursed his lips tightly, and he and Yuan Liang ran after Si Huang.

Si Huang didn’t run very fast at first. She jogged at a normal speed. There was someone leading the team in front, which made it easier for those following her.

After the four of them finished running around, they saw freshmen from the same batch as them arriving on the playground one after another. They were standing together in a mess, and many of them looked like they had not yet woken up.

Facing them like this, Qin Fan didn’t react at all.

Su Yueban couldn’t help but whisper: “Master Qin is not targeting us specifically, is he?”

Si Huang in front said calmly: “Just wait and see.”

What do you mean?

The three of them were confused and soon understood.

Accompanied by a scream.

Su Yueban and the other two people all looked over, and then took a breath.

Damn it! Can an instructor still hit a student like this?

In the sight, it was not clear whether there was some kind of conflict. Qin Fan was crushing the whole crowd by himself. With one punch and one kick, a boy fell to the ground, and the girl’s cries were quickly heard.

“How could you do this? We weren’t late on purpose!” The most beautiful girl among the freshmen walked out and looked at Qin Fan pitifully as if she was about to cry.

Qin Fan: “I am an instructor. You only need to follow my orders and act without unnecessary questions.”

No matter how handsome his face was or how good his figure was, if a man didn’t take her seriously at all, it was enough for a woman to suffer. No, the beautiful girl’s expression was slightly distorted, and she shouted loudly: “You are unreasonable! You are abusing students! We don’t accept it!”

Qin Fan took a big step and came to the girl.

Face to face at close range, the beautiful girl’s expression froze for an instant, and then turned white.

She was a delicate girl, how could she withstand the pressure of Qin Fan’s momentum, especially when she was stared at by those cold eyes.

Suddenly, she felt pain in her wrist, screamed, and her body was thrown out with huge force and fell to the ground.


Before the girl could cry loudly, she was enveloped by a shadow.

She looked up in horror.

Qin Fan stared at her coldly from a high position, “Here, I am the reason. If you don’t accept it, get out.”

The girl’s lips trembled, tears welled up in her eyes, and she shouted pitifully: “Are you a man? You actually hit me? You beat a woman!”

Qin Fan’s expression did not change at all, but his tone was a little more disdainful, “There is no distinction between men and women in military training, only soldiers.”

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