GLR Ch. 52

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Everyone in the live broadcast room was in mixed moods. Su Yemu had already started making spicy hot pot, and all the vegetables to be used had been washed and prepared.

He heated the oil in a pan, he then added peppercorns and chili peppers and stir-fried them until fragrant, he then added hot pot base ingredients, brought it to a boil, sautéed ginger, green onion and other ingredients until fragrant, he then added meat slices and stir-fried them, then he added freshly frozen meatballs, crab meat and shrimps, and stir-fried the meat, the tofu skin, potatoes, cauliflower, green vegetables and other ingredients in batches. Before they were all even mixed together, the spicy smell had begun to permeate the kitchen.

I like to eat meat, meat, please add more meat.

Bobo, I like to eat meatballs. Last time I had hot pot, the meatballs were so delicious.

Crabs, shrimps! Seafood is my favourite.

Am I the only one who likes tofu the most? Bobo, tofu, I want to eat Bobo’s tofu.

Su Yemu looked at the already big pot of fragrant hotpot. Even with everyone chattering, he still made too much. Then he remembered, no, no matter how much he added, they won’t be able to eat it. How much data was eaten is not the same as eating in reality?

Broadcast daily favourite fans, da!

Haha, I cheat on Bobo every day, and look at Bobo’s stunned look, it’s so cute.

“You guys!”

Su Yemu was helpless. After all the ingredients were put in and stir-fried until fragrant, Su Yemu took the pot, sprinkled with chopped green onions, and was about to sprinkle with coriander when the live broadcast room started shouting.

Ah, sinful coriander, Bobo, I won’t eat it.

No, Bobo, add more. I like this, it’s very fragrant.

Cult, cult!

Another person was labelled as a cultist because of liking coriander in the live broadcast room. Su Yemu had no choice but to divide it into two pots. There were many kinds of ingredients in the spicy pot. Although they were mixed together for cooking, when adding the ingredients, they were layered and the aroma was reversed in clear layers.

It was cooked with a variety of ingredients, resulting in various colours, red, green and yellow, spicy and tangy, fragrant but not strong, which greatly increased one’s appetite.

This should be renamed the Best Hot Pot. It’s so delicious. I can eat whatever I want. It’s suitable for me as a single person.

The taste is very comfortable, spicy but not choking, delicious. Again, I need a bowl of rice!

There are too many ingredients, so are you not afraid of poisoning.

Black sunspots finally remembered their responsibilities and began to fill the screen with unpleasant comments. More than three billion people saw these unconscionable words and became angry. They really thought that no one was here!

These foods have been released by the Food Safety Bureau of the Empire Culinary Association. Are you questioning the Empire?

Idiot, your master invited you here and didn’t even ask you to use your brain? Toxic or not, the terminal will automatically detect it. You are not living on ancient earth!

Beat him.

With the hologram turned on, can you run away?

When someone beat someone, someone checked their ID. He Yunting exported the information of these people and threw it to General Heka: “Check the navy information.”

General Heka, who was immersed in eating: ‘I haven’t had enough’!

Then, Ryan, the person in charge of the TV platform, received instructions from his uncle, blocked these gangsters, and posted them on the platform forum for public display.

But after a while, the navy was checked. General Heka was so angry. He was just a little shrimp. Did he need to come forward? Was it useful? It was annoying. Before the black sunspots could tell who instigated it, they needed to punch him twice more.

Su Yemu didn’t know what happened in another place. Now the live broadcast room was so noisy that Su Yemu could only stop everyone.

“I’m a reasonable person. They just put forward their opinions but I don’t accept slander.” Su Yemu said, “Besides, people on the ancient earth know that this is non-poisonous food.”

Hahaha, it shows that he is smarter than the ancient earth people. People are still stubborn.

“People from ancient Earth have very flexible minds and are very enlightened,” Su Yemu sighed again: “Besides, you are the descendants of people from ancient earth.”

Ah, I was wrong, I shouldn’t compare people of ancient earth to him, am I not scolding my ancestors? I should say this, you are stupider than the Zerg.

Yes, stupider than the first civilization, no, annoying.

Yes, more idiotic than the first civilization.

First civilization? It was two levels higher than the Empire. Su Yemu was very curious about what kind of place it was.

At the end of the live broadcast, everyone was concerned about one question:

Bobo, will you come for the chef exam tomorrow?

“Yes, I’ll appear for a continuous test.” He didn’t know what the test would be, but it was good to finish it in one go. He had to think carefully about what He Yunting mentioned.

Continuous examination? How to take the exam?

“Two days, four levels, didn’t everyone advance together?” Su Yemu was confused. Didn’t Mr. Chen say before that everyone advance together? So this time he planned to let Erha and Mai Tian take the exam together.

I do not know! Haven’t heard of it.

I saw it. I just went to the Chef Association to watch it. It is really four consecutive exams. It is amazing. It will also be broadcast live on Empire Central Station. It is incredible. Anchor, you are going to be popular.

Not talking about the Federation, there were more than 60 billion people in the empire alone, and Su Yemu only had 3 billion fans, which was actually not many. If the live broadcast on TV was really used this time, Su Yemu would be exposed to the people of the entire empire. If he wanted to be popular, now was the time.

Ah, it’s so awesome, and at such a scene, I want to go, I want to go.

I, I, have no votes, what’s going on? No one notified me of the fourth consecutive exam, no one notified me of the on-site opening, and now even the ticket sales are kept secret?

Vomiting blood, no matter what, there are still people standing by the side!

So, everyone in the live broadcast room discussed how to get a seat, and Su Yemu drew the prize. By the time everyone reacted, Su Yemu had already announced the winner.

Everyone: Bobo, you are so disgusting.

Su Yemu smiled at the live broadcast room and waved his hand.

After seeing everyone again, Su Yemu sent out the gifts, and then called Erha and Mai Tian over. If there was an exam tomorrow, they would have to go to the imperial capital this afternoon.

Both of them said there was no problem, and Su Yemu announced in the live broadcast room that if they wanted to come to the farm tomorrow, they would get only tea because all the chefs except Jiang Xiaoyu would be out.

Su Yemu started making Mapo tofu and spicy hot pot again, explaining it to Erha and Mai Tian while doing it. It was not until two hours later that all the tofu was finished, Su Yemu handed over the kitchen to Erha and the others and brought back a meal.

Xiaonan had woken up and was sitting in a daze at the gate, with No. 2 jumping up and down beside her.

Su Yemu walked up to her and knelt down: “What’s wrong?”


Xiaonan stood up and only reached Su Yemu’s chest. She looked at Su Yemu with determined eyes: “Brother, I’m going to take the imperial examination.”

She never wanted to watch her brother disappear before her eyes again.

“Okay,” Su Yemu touched Xiaonan’s head and held her hand and walked away: “Don’t be afraid, Xiaonan, brother will accompany you.”

Su Yemu was worried about Xiaonan living alone in the imperial capital, so he would think carefully about He Yunting’s proposal.

After the matter was decided, all the haze was swept away. Xiaonan happily ran home and sat at the dining table, waiting for her brother to set out food for her.

She was still angry! How could her brother push her away and leave her alone?

After eating, Xiaonan heard that he was going to the imperial capital in the afternoon, so she ran back to the room to collect the messages. Su Yemu received a message from General Gu, whom he had not contacted for a long time.

She also wanted Su Yemu to meet her in secret after arriving in the imperial capital.

“Can I know why?”

General Gu had a special status and wanted to see him secretly. There must be something wrong with her.

“You can bring General He with you,” General Gu said. “I know you have a close relationship with him.”

Su Yemu was silent.

“I’m asking you to do this. I hope you can consider it.”


General Gu lowered her words. President Qin knew her, so she shouldn’t want to harm him.

After hanging up the communication, General Gu looked at the man with a pale face lying on the bed, her cold expression slightly moved, and holding the man’s hand, General Gu said softly: “No matter what the cost, I will make you wake up.”

No one could stop it.

After Su Yemu hung up the phone, he opened He Yunting’s message and told him about the matter. He Yunting’s face sank at first. When he heard Su Yemu said that he wanted to go with him, the sun suddenly shone brightly again.

In the afternoon, everyone packed up their things and were about to take the hovercar. A spaceship appeared at the gate. Yuan Ying and six people stood beside the spacecraft.

“Mr. Su, please get on the spaceship.”

“Is this A Sha’s boat?”

“A Sha?”

Everyone said in unison, especially Erha, who was in disbelief. That dirty, unkempt fool?

Su Yemu reacted immediately, “Oh no, A Sha is the marshal now. It would be shameful if anyone knew about it.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Erha: “Master, is this really good?”

Xiaonan: “Brother, hey!”

When everyone got on the spaceship, Su Yemu secretly sent a message to He Yunting, telling him about the matter and expressing his sincere apology to him.

Then come to the imperial capital and stay at my house! Cooking for me for a few days is considered compensation.

Su Yemu said, it’s fine as long as he was not angry.

Okay, I will also bring Xiaonan, is it convenient?


Mai Tian is also there.


Erha is also there.

Erha’s family is also in the imperial capital. I think he would invite Mai Tian to his home. After all, Erha is a warm-hearted person.

Su Yemu: “!!!”

“Master,” Erha’s face was almost wrinkled, and he tried his best to smile: “I want to invite Mai Tian to my house to play, is it okay?”

“Of course.” Su Yemu replied, and then sent He Yunting a message:

You are so awesome. He just told me that he wanted to invite Mai Tian to his house to play.

Xiaonan, who was sitting next to him, saw all this completely and almost couldn’t help but curse Yunting twice, “Big tail wolf, hum!”

Turning her head inadvertently outside the window, Xiaonan frowned slightly when she saw a familiar figure.

Yuan Ying noticed that she looked strange and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xiaonan pointed to the people below and said, “I recently noticed that Dr. A is always hanging around my house.”

Xiaonan went out and asked him a few times if he was okay, but Dr. A just laughed. With that smile, Xiaonan felt scared.

Yuan Ying photographed the person named Dr. A below into the terminal and sent it directly to the marshal. The marshal said that even if an ant crawled across Mr. Su’s house, he must find out whether it was a male or a female.

The spacecraft took off and went up into the atmosphere. Looking down, the fifth district was a sea of flowers. It was very beautiful. Soon, not only the fifth district, but the entire Saier planet would become beautiful.

After the voyage, the spacecraft landed directly at the Marshal’s Mansion. After landing, Erha held Mai Tian and said goodbye to Su Yemu. His feet were shaking so much that Su Yemu noticed.

“Erha is afraid of A Sha?”

Erha shook his head vigorously.

Su Yemu looked at He Yunting: “Are you related to Erha?”

“The child of a junior,” He Yunting said, “Oh, that junior is the emperor.”

Su Yemu: ‘This, how should I react normally’?

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