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The sound of footsteps gradually approached, and Kang Xue walked away thinking, it should be the clerk who was helping to watch the store.

With every step approaching the pet bag, Mao Dan was extremely nervous.

When he got news from Kang Xing Luo, he rushed over in a hurry. Not long after the store opened, before he could even check the things in the kitchen, he heard someone coming in from outside.

Mao Dan was surprised, but at the same time very happy.

Kang Xing Luo asked him to come over at ten o’clock, but luckily he came an hour earlier.

The Gentleman came too fast, much earlier, and for some unknown reason, the Gentleman’s master left so fast that he didn’t even have time to say hello.

Mao Dan’s mood was fluctuating, and he didn’t have the energy to think about it more at the moment. When he saw the pink pet bag, a wave of heat rushed to his head, and he thought a little hard.

Gentleman, he had spiritually regarded Gentleman as a ‘goddess’ for more than a year.

He really didn’t expect to see him in reality.

Mao Dan stood in front of the pet, neither standing nor sitting, exhaling unsteadily, and he who was usually a cool old cat who rode the little sheep and didn’t even make a sound when he fell ten times, said: “You, hello.”

Kang Xue, who was suddenly greeted, walked over… feeling a little dazed.

He didn’t think of this situation at all, and his brain couldn’t help but move fast.

Why did this person say hello to him, did he recognize him, was he seen just now?

After a little hesitation, he didn’t answer, but he didn’t know that this silence was a normal reaction in Mao Dan’s eyes!

Surrounded by a bunch of flowers, Mao Dan couldn’t tell the smell of the cat in the pet bag, and he didn’t realize that the cat inside was an evolutionary species.

In his mind, the Gentleman who was just an ordinary cat naturally couldn’t speak, and it was normal to have no response.

Mao Dan knew in his heart that Gentlemen could not understand what he had said, but he was a little innocent in his bones, and he paid attention to ritual in everything, so even if the other party could not understand, the etiquette of the first meeting should still be in place.

Mao Dan solemnly said: “It’s normal that you don’t know me, but I know you. I’m your fan. I’ve been following you silently for a long time. I’m very happy to see you today… I, I’m very happy.”

Kang Xue walked inside the pet bag for a moment and was immediately sure that he had indeed been recognized.

The accident came so suddenly, Xing Luo’s clerk turned out to be his fan…

Mao Dan coughed and said nervously: “Can you shake hands with me?”

Thinking that the Gentleman could not understand him, he deliberately stretched out his palm, teasing and tempting him like a normal cat: “Come and shake hands, shake hands ~ shake hands ~”

Shake hands, this fan was quite skinny, but he was still there, shaking his hands in front of him…

Kang Xue sighed and stretched out his claws through the small slit.

A small snow-white foot stretched out from the pet bag. Mao Dan was very surprised. He hurriedly spread his hands and let the white paw step on his palm.

With the soft touch, Mao Dan’s heart seemed to be melting.

The Gentleman’s little white feet…

Really cute.

Unable to bear for a while, Mao Dan took advantage of the situation and squeezed the pads of the white feet and praised, “Well, well, well.”

Kang Xue went silent, his hands retracting as if he had suffered an electric shock.

This man squeezed his meatballs!!

Pinched his meat ball!!

Kang Xue’s brain with extremely high IQ was running fast, and a high-density analysis about what this meant was going on.

Was this hinting at him??

What did this fan mean to him?

Kang Xue froze on the spot and wanted to refuse, but this person had a special identity and was a clerk in Xing Luo’s shop. If the relationship became strained, many sources of information would be restricted in the future.

Kang Xue could not help but think seriously.

Just thinking about it, Mao Dan, who held the goddess’s feet, was satisfied, and said with a restrained expression: “I know you don’t understand, but there are some things that I want to summon up the courage to say, so I should say it myself. I, I know very well that you are a male cat, I definitely don’t think of you as a female cat, I just think you are good, I am simply happy to you, to you personally… You don’t have to worry, I don’t have any unreasonable thoughts, I can meet you, I’m already very satisfied watching you next to me…and, my craft is very good, you will be happy today, don’t worry.”

Kang Xue…

Kang Xue could not rest assured.

In just a few seconds, he didn’t have time to speak, and this fan actually showed love to him…

Show love, show love… He didn’t even have a chance to interrupt, just listened quietly like this, what should he do.

Feeling anxious, Kang Xue scratched a few times while walking in the pet bag.

Hearing the sound, Mao Dan asked, “Do you want to come out?”

Indeed, the Gentleman should be very bored after staying in the pet bag for so long. Mao Dan showed a rare gentle smile and said, “I’ll hug you right now.”

Kang Xue said eagerly: “No.”

At the same time as his voice came out, a pair of hands reached into the pet bag, and Kang Xue was pulled out by both paws, so he lost his focus and took a step forward.

Then, the man’s hands were placed under his armpits on both sides, and he held him in the air in a high posture.

For a moment, their eyes met!

Mao Dan: “…”

Mao Dan didn’t care that he had heard the voice just now, but at this moment, as he stared at the colorful civet cat that suddenly appeared in his hand, his mind went blank.

He blinked and blinked again, and in front of him was still a white-footed civet cat he had never seen before.

Not Gentleman by any means.

Who was this???

Who was this????

Kang Xue’s body swayed in the air, and he felt a little embarrassed. He looked at his fan with black and white ears, thinking that these ears were very distinctive, and said in a calm voice, “Sorry, I can’t accept you.”

Mao Dan: “…”


Who wants you to accept????

Who are you!!!

Mao Dan put Kang Xue on the table, Kang Xue breathed a sigh of relief, but the next second, the back of his neck tightened, the young man had grabbed the back of his neck and was taking him out with big strides.

He opened the door with his left hand and threw him into the trash can outside the door with his right hand.

Kang Xue: “…”

Kang Xue: “…”

Kang Xue: “…”

There were all kinds of smells around him, and Kang Xue’s head had never been so empty.

He, Kang Xue, was thrown into the trash by the ‘fan who showed his love’ to him just now????

This scum… cat scum!!

For a long time, Kang Xue struggled while walking in the trash can. The space was small and it was absolutely impossible for him to become a human. He could only jump out with all his strength.

There was an iron lid on the trash can. He jumped several times but couldn’t get out. Instead, he knocked his head on the lid, causing his hair to become messed up.

After that Kang Xue focused on his feet, adjusted his posture carefully, and jumped up hard. Finally, he removed the garbage cover and jumped out.

However, he didn’t pay attention when he jumped, and he didn’t know that something was hooked on his back foot, and it came out with him and upturned.

The smell of a human lunch box radiated from his body, and Kang Xue hurriedly rolled away, only to realize that it was leftover takeout.

The rice grains stuck on Kang Xue’s body, and his snow-white feet were dyed yellow by the vegetable soup. Kang Xue’s eyes went black and he almost fainted.

At this moment, a very familiar young voice sounded from behind, sounding both panicked and sour: “Xiaoxue!?”

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