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On both sides of the long table in the meeting room, there were six or seven high-level officials from the Demon Management Bureau and the Special Management Bureau sitting quietly. The person in charge was an old man in his fifties, with a good appearance, a straight body, deep wrinkles between his brows, all the while looking very dignified.

Ying Qiao knocked on the door and came in, and everyone’s eyes were attracted to them.

The one who came in first was the very honest Yayu after being beaten, followed by Ying Qiao and Tai Feng.

The old man stood up, took a look at Yayu, turned his head to Ying Qiao and Tai Feng and said, “Thanks for your hard work, both of you.”

Ying Qiao nodded slightly but did not answer.

Seeing this, Tai Feng said: “It’s a matter of duty.”

After exchanging pleasantries, the two sat down in the reserved seats.

Yayu was randomly tied to a corner of the conference room, probably because it was afraid of being beaten, it didn’t dare to object to Ying Qiao’s method of tying a cow. Instead, he silently shrank into the corner.

The old man on the main seat spoke first, with a calm and majestic voice: “Since everyone is here, let’s start.”

“Comrades in the security department have done analysis and statistics on the cases submitted up to April 30 this year. Compared with last year’s data, it has increased by 50%.” The old man spoke neither fast nor slow, and his words were clear and powerful. He paused, looked around, taking the expressions of everyone present into his eyes, and then continued: “…The data shows that more and more non-human races have become active.”

“This is not a good signal.” He sighed heavily.

The land they lived on had a long history of five thousand years. These 5,000 years belonged to human history, and other non-human races had almost disappeared. But if they went back further, they would find that in the long river of history, human beings were not the only protagonists.

Gods, demons, ghosts…all used to be the protagonists of this land, but they appeared on the stage one by one, and left the stage sadly after the curtain fell.

They disappeared, but they were always there.

And these non-humans were gradually waking up and becoming active on this land.

“Abbot Hongyan watched the stars at night and found nothing unusual.”

Master Daoheng from Dajue Temple spoke first. He clasped his palms together and recited a Buddhist verse, looking sideways at the Taoist beside him: “Daoist Qingyun, did the chief find anything?”

“Never.” Daoist Qingyun shook his head solemnly.

Since the beginning of this year, incidents had occurred frequently in various places, and the metaphysics community had long been aware of the anomaly, but even after a few masters gathered together to watch the stars at night and repeated divination, they failed to figure anything out.

The stars were as usual, and the hexagrams were auspicious.

But the more peaceful it was, the more disturbing it was.

The metaphysical world had no clue, and everyone’s eyes naturally turned to the people in the Demon Management Bureau.

Tai Feng thought for a while and said: “I read the data submitted this year, and the number of demon races awakening spiritual wisdom is much more than in previous years. But after sending people to investigate, no abnormalities were found.”

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, due to various reasons, there were fewer and fewer demon races awakening their spiritual wisdom. Looking at the big data, the number of demon races who had developed spiritual intelligence was also decreasing every year, but this year, there were suddenly many more demon races who had just developed spiritual wisdom.

The number of demon races was rare, and having one more companion was something to be happy about, but many demon races who had just opened their spiritual wisdom had not been educated and did not understand the rules, and the wildness had not retreated, so the conflicts caused by this had become more and more. In addition, many demon races that had disappeared in ancient times had also begun to reappear.

Yayu, who was escorted here today, was one of them.

Yayu was originally a god with a human face and a snake body, but it was killed by another god.

He was unwilling in death, and the resentment condensed and turned him into a man-eating demon with a human face and a cow body. Because of its ferocious nature, it was beheaded as early as ancient times.

Yayu, which should have been extinct by now, suddenly appeared in Jiangcheng. Although it was not able to harm people, it was enough to attract attention.

Tai Feng quickly reported the matter, and only then did this meeting take place.

But even after everyone discussed it, they couldn’t come up with anything. There was simply no clue about it.

The old man turned his gaze to Ying Qiao: “Mr. Ying, do you have any opinions?”

Ying Qiao, who had not participated in the discussion all this time, raised his eyes. His expression was very calm, without any trace of anxiety and seriousness, and he seemed a bit out of place with the other people on the conference table.

He said slowly: “No.”

The old man sighed, obviously not surprised by his appearance, he didn’t continue to ask. Shaking his head, he said with a dull expression: “We have no clue now, so we can only work hard, comrades, pay more attention.”

After speaking, he turned to Tai Feng and said, “The situation is special and needs to be taken back to the capital for treatment.”

Tai Feng didn’t say anything about it. If there was no objection, they could go through the handover formalities with the assistant behind the old man on the spot.

After the formalities were completed, the brief meeting broke up.

Tai Feng and Ying Qiao took the elevator upstairs together, their office was on the tenth floor. There were only the two of them in the elevator, Ying Qiao was in deep thought without speaking, and kept rubbing the phone screen with his thumb.

Tai Feng folded his arms and looked at Ying Qiao suspiciously.

“You really don’t have any clues?”

Ying Qiao glanced at him, then retracted: “No.”

Then he lowered his head and messaged his temple.

Tai Feng rubbed his chin and said: “I always keep having a hunch that this matter is not simple. I have to send a notice to all branches to be more vigilant.”


Ying Qiao replied very perfunctorily, deleted the passage just now, and started editing again.

The Tai Feng who was treated very dissatisfiedly, squeezed to his side and stretched his head to look at the screen, then raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Who are you messaging?”

Ying Qiao had a bad temper, and usually had no patience to send WeChat messages to people, so everything was quickly resolved with a phone call. Tai Feng had known him for so many years, and rarely saw him chatting with people so patiently.

“The tenth floor is here.”

Ying Qiao quickly turned off the screen, preventing him from seeing the content on the screen. Putting the mobile phone into his pocket, he looked at him with a surprised expression: “You should get out.”

Tai Feng whispered dissatisfied: “Aren’t you coming?”

Ying Qiao ignored him and pressed the close button.

The elevator door closed in front of his eyes, and Tai Feng looked at the elevator going down again, puzzled: “So erratic, is it really belated menopause?”

After completing the formalities, Jiang Lan and Xiao Hei went out together.

The phone in the bag rang, and the little Suan Ni in the bag lifted the phone up and said, “There is news.”

Jiang Lan took it over and saw that it was a message from Ying Qiao.

[Ying Qiao: I forgot to tell you just now that since we want to pretend to be a couple, we have to act realistically. Before the end, we will not find a partner to avoid emotional disputes. what do you think?]

What he said was well-founded, and Jiang Lan didn’t really plan to find a partner anyway, so he readily agreed.

The phone in his hand vibrated slightly, Ying Qiao picked it up and looked at it, and saw that Jiang Lan had already sent him a message.

[Little lion demon: OK.]

Little lion demon, it was the remark Ying Qiao gave him.

Putting away the phone, Ying Qiao squinted at the back of the two people slowly leaving through the glass window of the lobby on the first floor. Then he let out a light snort from his nose, thinking that this little demon looked quite honest, so he shouldn’t dare to say one thing and do another.

Although it was for show, if the little demon got entangled with others, he would still lose face.

Jiang Lan didn’t know that he passed Ying Qiao just now, and he went back to the community with Xiao Hei.

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