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It took a long time to go out this time, and Xiao Hei was worried that Uncle Yao would wake up from his nap and look for him, so he hurriedly changed back to his original shape and flew back to Uncle Yao’s house. Jiang Lan released his younger brother from the bag and prepared to order takeaway for dinner. When he was watching the menu with Suan Ni in his arms, he saw Xiao Hei flying back again, as he shouted in panic, “Master Yao has fainted!”

Hearing this, Jiang Lan hurriedly got up and went to the opposite door to Uncle Yao’s house. The situation was urgent, so he opened the door with a small spell, and saw Uncle Yao lying face down not far from the entrance, as if he had fainted when he was about to go out.

He tried checking his nose. People were still breathing. He didn’t dare to move people around, so he called 120 directly. The flustered little black starling belatedly changed back into a human form and guarded beside Uncle Yao together with him.

The ambulance arrived quickly, and after the medical staff gave him first aid, they put Uncle Yao on a stretcher and rushed him to the hospital.

Uncle Yao had no children, and Xiao Hei was not familiar with human society, so Jiang Lan paid for the procedures throughout the process. Xiao Hei waited listlessly beside Uncle Yao’s hospital bed for the result.

Fortunately, they found him in time and Uncle Yao’s life was not in danger. It was just that when the doctor talked about the old man’s illness, both of them looked a little depressed.

——Uncle Yao’s cancer had reached an advanced stage, and Xiao Hei only got to know he had cancer when he happened to see him talking about the case. The old man had no other relatives and was getting old. After learning about the condition, he simply gave up on treatment, and was only using some conservative medicines and methods of treatment at home.

The doctor said that if he had a good attitude, he might still live for another year.

Xiao Hei lowered his head with a gloomy expression on his face.

Jiang Lan patted him on the shoulder and comforted him: “Uncle Yao has accepted it calmly, and we don’t have to be too sad. For the rest of the time, just spend as much time with him as possible.”

Xiao Hei nodded and kept the precautions told by the nurse seriously in mind, and quietly accompanied Uncle Yao.

After setting up Uncle Yao, Jiang Lan went back home again – Suan Ni was at home alone, so he was not at ease.

After returning home for dinner, Jiang Lan took his younger brother, packed another set of claypot rice, bought a basket of fruit and went to the hospital to watch over Uncle Yao.

Uncle Yao finally woke up at eight or nine o’clock in the evening. He was still dazed when he opened his eyes and saw Jiang Lan and Xiao Hei.

Xiao Hei handed him a glass of warm water: “You fainted, and Jiang Lan and I sent you to the hospital.”

Uncle Yao recalled it and remembered: “Yes, Da Hei was gone, I wanted to go downstairs to look for it, who knows why I fainted when I reached the door. Thanks to you who sent me to the hospital.”

Hearing that he was going to go out to find Da Hei, Xiao Hei’s mouth twitched, and he felt even more sad.    

Jiang Lan said: “Da Hei is at home. When you fell down, you broke your kneecap and you have to stay in the hospital for a few days. I will feed it first, and you can go back to see him after you are discharged from the hospital.”

Uncle Yao repeatedly thanked him, and he wanted to pay Jiang Lan for the medical expenses. This time Jiang Lan did not refuse but insisted that he did not want to be paid for the fruit and the hard work.

For the rest of the holiday, Jiang Lan and Xiao Hei took turns taking care of Uncle Yao in the hospital. It was just that Jiang Lan would soon go to the Sub-District Office to report to work, and then Xiao Hei would be left alone in the hospital to take care of him.

It was too embarrassing to ask the two of them to take care of him, so Uncle Yao asked for a nurse.

“You don’t need to hire a nurse, I can take care of you.” Xiao Hei immediately became anxious when he heard this and tried to sell himself with his eyes wide open.

Uncle Yao just smiled: “You young people have your own affairs, so how can I always bother you.”

Xiao Hei had a stupid mouth and didn’t know how to persuade him for a while, so he looked at Jiang Lan for help.

Jiang Lan thought for a while and said, “If you want to hire a nurse, you might as well hire Xiao Hei. He just resigned from his job and returned to Jiangcheng. He has not had time to rent a house or find a job, and you can pay the salary as you see fit. Or if you are willing to rent your house to him, you can also use the rent to pay for it.”

Xiao Hei nodded quickly: “Yes, yes.”

Uncle Yao could see that the two young people wanted to help him, so he didn’t refuse their kindness, and smiled.

Xiao Hei probably didn’t expect to be able to live in Uncle Yao’s house in human form so smoothly. After being stunned, he immediately smiled so hard that his eyes could not be seen. The whole bird was full of stupidity.


Because he had to report to the Sub-District Office the next day, Jiang Lan returned home early that day.

Early the next morning, he deliberately found a formal shirt and trousers to change into, then rode a shared bicycle, and went to the new unit full of joy.

Suan Ni stayed in the bag on his chest as usual, taking advantage of the fact that there was no one on the road early in the morning, he popped out his small head and squinted his eyes comfortably while being blown by the wind.

Jiang Lan smiled and said: “The new unit should not be as loose and casual as the special service team, as there are ordinary people in it. When you get to the place, you have to hide carefully, so as not to be discovered.”

Suan Ni nodded obediently, and asked: “What are you going to do at the Sub-District Office?”

Jiang Lan didn’t really know very well, so he thought for a while and said, “Should it be serving the people?”

Suan Ni gave an “oh” half-understandingly and retracted into the bag again.

The Hanyang Sub-district Office was only one kilometer away from the community, and it didn’t take long for Jiang Lan to get there.

The office space of the Sub-District Office was not very big, but the front door was clean and bright, probably because the working hours had not yet started, so the glass door was still ajar. Jiang Lan straightened his collar, pushed open the door and strode in.

Entering the door he saw the office hall, Jiang Lan looked around, but saw no one. Instead, there was movement from the back office, and he followed the sound and knocked on the door politely.

The voice inside stopped immediately, and then a young boy leaned out and blocked the crack of the door with his body: “May I ask what you want?”

Jiang Lan smiled while showing his eight small white teeth: “I’m here to report.

The boy seemed to think of something, then he turned around and shouted inside: “It’s a false alarm, it’s a new colleague who is here to report.”

After shouting, he opened the door with a smile and led Jiang Lan inside. While walking, he muttered: “You are too formally dressed, you startled me.”

Jiang Lan felt that something was wrong, and when he followed him in, he smelled a scent of tea. Looking around, he saw an old man in his fifties slowly making tea, with a morning newspaper next to his hand, seeing him pass by, he smiling kindly at him: “It’s Xiao Jiang, right? A desk has been cleaned up for you. After you get to work, just let Xiao Xue take you through the process.”

On the desk opposite the uncle, there was a young girl who was putting on makeup in front of the mirror, she didn’t even have time to lift her head while saying hello to Jiang Lan.

The boy who led the way introduced himself as Xue Meng, and he led Jiang Lan to an empty desk: “This is your place. Uncle Zhou has already cleaned it up for you. I will bring any tools you need after finishing the job entry. You can come and get it.”

Then he pointed to the closed office opposite and said: “The opposite is the director’s office, he hasn’t come yet. You wait, if you haven’t had breakfast, you can eat first.”

After explaining, he sat back in his seat and started talking about random things1.

Probably because he was afraid that Jiang Lan would be embarrassed sitting down, he took a few mouthfuls of powder, then reached out and groped in the drawer, and took out a pack of small biscuits and handed it to Jiang Luan: “Please eat.”

Jiang Lan took the small biscuits, dazed. He glanced at his younger brother with half of his head popping out.

This place seemed a little different from what he imagined?

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Ying Qiao: Don’t fall in love with other demons and get ambiguous, you know?

Jiang Lan: Oh.


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The content of the Sub-District Office is fabricated, please don’t substitute reality.

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