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Yuan Ye’s father didn’t reply to the message for a long time, and Fu Yuanzhou was feeling a little strange. Bu then the other party quickly replied: “Sorry, I just answered a call.”

“It’s okay!” Fu Yuanzhou replied immediately.

“It’s nothing important, it’s been dealt with.” Yuan Ye’s father said, “You said Yuan Ye is staying at your house tonight? Where would he sleep?” Then, perhaps he thought that his expression was not in place, and added, “Your home… do you have a spare room?”

“He is going to sleep in the next house. My neighbors are my friends, and they also know Yuan Ye.”

Fu Yuanzhou said, “Today we moved to a new house and invited Yuan Ye to play. We didn’t pay attention, and it got too late. If I want him to live here, will it cause trouble to my uncle and aunt?”

He didn’t tell the truth, for example, Yuan Ye came here by himself, and he insisted not to go home, so as not to make Yuan Ye’s father angrier after explaining it clearly.    

“No.” Yuan Ye’s father replied, “It’s him who caused you trouble. You should call him back.”

He was quite happy, but other people didn’t, so now he couldn’t care about this so much, and tried his best to brag about Yuan Ye in front of his father: “And he also helped me with my homework and taught me papers. Today is not the first time, so we wasted a lot of time.”

The man was silent for a moment, then replied: “Really? He taught you a topic? Wasn’t it a game?”

“It’s true, I took pictures for you to see.” Photos of notes and test papers were sent to the man.

In fact, they didn’t study today, just like Yuan Ye’s father said, they were playing games all the time, but what he said was not all false. He and Yuan Ye sat at the same table in the school. Because they were close together, Yuan Ye often gave him lectures. Although it was still as messy as before, but now that Fu Yuanzhou had covered the basics, he could already understand what Yuan Ye said, but he still had a lot of problem in solving process and notes written by Yuan Ye to him.

The man should have been looking at these photos carefully. He didn’t speak for a few minutes, and then solemnly thanked Fu Yuanzhou: “Thank you for helping Yuan Ye become better.”

“Uncle said the opposite, Yuan Ye helped me improve my grades.” Fu Yuanzhou replied, “Back in the mid-term exam, Yuan Ye took the second rank in the grade. He is very smart and has good grades. I didn’t help him much.”

“No. He stopped going to school late and started leaving early, he is more attentive in his studies, and is also taking part in exams and school activities on time. I heard that this is all due to you. You made him change.”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned, thinking about it carefully, it was true, he had said that he thought Yuan Ye’s black hair looked better, so Yuan Ye dyed his hair back to black the next day, and he did start coming to school on time every day since he didn’t know when.

But he also knew that Yuan Ye’s original intention of arriving at school on time was not to study hard, but to have more time with him…

Fu Yuanzhou was silent for a few seconds, feeling that he still had to let the man continue to misunderstand that his friend helped the child become better. It sounded much better.

“These are small things.”

So, he admitted without changing his face: “Yuan Ye has helped me even more, he is really good, I value him as a friend, and…”

He felt that the time had come, finally, the main purpose of contacting the man tonight was thrown out.

“I added your WeChat because I saw that he was not in a good mood. After asking, I found out that there was a little unpleasantness with you, and I felt bad. I apologize to you on his behalf. If possible, I hope you can forgive him and reconcile with him…”

“Okay, I’ll consider it.” The original father replied, changing the subject, “You are a good boy.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

Fu Yuanzhou replied, and at the same time he deeply believed that this man would never think this way in his previous life. He was even regarded as his son’s bad friend, which was actually the case, since he didn’t study well at that time.

However, after some exchanges, Fu Yuanzhou himself had a big change in his opinion of Yuan Ye’s father. He originally thought that the other party was a ruthless and fierce man, but after the exchange, he realized that he was just an ordinary father.

“Can I talk to you again in the future?” the man asked, “I want to know the current situation of Yuan Ye, and I basically don’t communicate with him at home.”

“Of course there is no problem!”

Fu Yuanzhou was very happy, and this was what he hoped. This way he could subtly influence Yuan Ye’s father’s view of Yuan Ye playing games, allowing him to support and understand the dream pursued by Yuan Ye.

The two briefly said a few more words and ended today’s conversation. The three people had gone next door, and Fu Yuanzhou went to bed. Early the next morning, Yuan Ye came to look for him.

“I’m going to see the house nearby.”

Yuan Ye smiled refreshingly at Fu Yuanzhou. When Fu Yuanzhou saw that he was going, he quickly stopped him. After repeated persuasion, he reluctantly let Yuan Ye give up on the idea and made him agree to return home.

“Your dad is actually a nice guy. I talked to him yesterday. He cares about you a lot. Don’t be old-fashioned about him.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

Yuan Ye’s expression was subtle, and he seemed to disagree, but since the person who spoke was Fu Yuanzhou, he didn’t directly refute, he just mumbled: “What are you talking about, you actually speak for him…”

“It’s nothing, he just thinks you are too rebellious to trust you enough.” Fu Yuanzhou patted him on the shoulder, “Behave well when you go back, I told him that you came to my house last night to help me with my studies, so don’t say anything.”

“He wouldn’t believe it.” Yuan Ye shrugged.

“Anyway, I made him believe it.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “It doesn’t matter if you like to play games, but you have to learn to let your dad accept it slowly, and I will talk to him for you.”

Yuan Ye suddenly laughed and lengthened his tone: “Hey? You’re so good to me…”

“I’m just helping you as a friend, it doesn’t matter what else, don’t think about it.” Fu Yuanzhou was expressionless.

“Alright, since you’ve spoken, then I’ll go back first and see you at school tomorrow.”

Yuan Ye left, but after a few seconds he suddenly leaned back half of his body, smiled and said to Fu Yuanzhou, “I like you.” Then he was afraid of being beaten up by Fu Yuanzhou, so he slipped away, and ran faster than anyone else.

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” Come on!

After that, another week passed in a blink of an eye, and basically nothing happened. Yuan Ye’s father really talked to him a few times, most of which were related to Yuan Ye, but sometimes he didn’t talk about Yuan Ye. He would ask Fu Yuanzhou about his own things.

Fu Yuanzhou was very happy about this, and calmly told Yuan Ye’s father that he also liked to play games and mentioned that the scale and specialization of professional game competitions were becoming a trend, and e-sports players were now even recognized by the country and society. It was a legitimate career, with great prospects for development, and might even become one of the major sports events in the future.

Yuan Ye’s father said nothing about this, but Fu Yuanzhou was not discouraged. He knew that it was a long process and would take time.

On weekends, Fu Yuanzhou invited his classmates to his new home. The people who came were basically people who had been to his home during the National Day, including Yuan Ye and Ran Shutang.

“How are you and your dad these days? Are you still arguing?”

Fu Yuanzhou asked when he saw Yuan Ye, since he didn’t ask questions at school for the past two days.

“It’s okay…” Yuan Ye showed him a very subtle look, “What are you two talking about in private? He… He actually asked me the name of the game I was playing last night and asked me to carry you well in the game.”

“Isn’t that good?” Fu Yuanzhou was very happy, this meant that his strategy was effective, “Keep working hard!”


Yuan Ye nodded, Fu Yuanzhou was relieved, and went to greet others, he stood in place and kept looking at Fu Yuanzhou’s back, then he couldn’t help thinking of what his father said to him last night.

“Fu Yuanzhou child is not bad.” When his father spoke to him, his tone was rarely so calm, “You take care of him more.”

Of course, he didn’t need anyone to remind him, he naturally wanted to be nice to Fu Yuanzhou.

Yuan Ye tilted his head and leaned against the wall lazily, his sharp eyebrows softened unconsciously, revealing a gentle smile.

The classmates who came to be guests brought gifts with them, and Du Man also brought a lot of ingredients. They had discussed it last night. They would cook at Fu Yuanzhou’s house at noon today, because it was very interesting for everyone to cook together.

“You won’t blow up my kitchen, will you?”

Fu Yuanzhou asked incredulously, standing at the door of the kitchen.

He didn’t know anything about cooking himself. The only thing he knew was to cook instant noodles. That’s because he was sometimes hungry in the middle of the night and wanted to eat them, but he was embarrassed to ask his aunt to get up and help him cook, so he barely learned it.

“Don’t worry, we’ve cooked before. Besides, there’s auntie, so it won’t happen.”

Du Man pushed him out: “Go help us choose the dishes, all the dishes on the table should be selected.”

Fu Yuanzhou was also not good at choosing dishes. He learned from others temporarily, and gradually found the joy of cooking. Everyone was busy all morning, and finally finished the dishes. Of course, they also borrowed the kitchen of Xie Lin’s house. Otherwise, it would have taken too much time to cook so many dishes.

The cooking skills of the classmates were surprisingly good, especially the lemon chicken, which was Fu Yuanzhou’s favorite dish since he was a child. He happily ate it and asked, “Who made this lemon chicken? It’s delicious.”

“It was made by Shutang,” Du Man said.

“Fuck, is it true, Ran Xueshen[1] can still cook?!”

“Yes, half of the dishes on the table are made by him.”

“Wow, Xueshen has been worshipped by me, may I ask you, old man, what else can you do? Is there anything you can’t do?”

The table was blown up, and Fu Yuanzhou was also very surprised, and he felt more and more that he really didn’t know Ran Shutang. After two lifetimes, he actually didn’t know that Ran Shutang could cook and that his cooking craft was still very good.

“Whoever marries Shutang in the future will be very happy.” Someone said with a smile.

Ran Shutang didn’t speak, but his ears turned a little red. Fu Yuanzhou’s heart jumped, and he suddenly didn’t know if it was a coincidence that Ran Shutang made lemon chicken. After all, lemon chicken was not a common dish on their side.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to ask, and this matter became a mystery for the time being. After dinner, someone suggested to go to KTV to sing, which was widely accepted. After washing the dishes and chopsticks for the aunt, he was ready to leave.

Xie Lin couldn’t go in the afternoon because of something. After everyone left, he took Fu Yuanzhou to the side alone and said to him, “Don’t drink, I’ll check.”


Fu Yuanzhou nodded, wondering if he had eaten too much. He felt a little uncomfortable in his stomach, so he definitely wouldn’t drink.

“Don’t get too close to them.” Xie Lin said.

This was a bit embarrassing, how could it be possible to keep a distance in a KTV environment… Although he thought so, but Fu Yuanzhou knew that if he would not agree, Xie Lin would not let him go, so he nodded and agreed: “Okay.”

“You can’t sing love songs with others.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” He didn’t know how to sing, but it was not that he could really make Xie Lin feel at ease!

“Have fun.” Xie Lin rubbed the top of his hair, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Fu Yuanzhou responded helplessly and quickly caught up with the others.

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[1] Top student or school bully or learning God.

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