ISIQP Ch. 188.1: Extra- Ball

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It was an auxiliary intelligence system, code-named 111. It had forgotten when it was created. It only vaguely remembered that its first host was a very young girl. Her body was full of vigor, just like possessing boundless energy and she looked cheerful and optimistic, full of enthusiasm for everyone.

But just such a person, when experiencing the third mission world, was directly obliterated by the villain because of her poor thinking and disappeared from the world.

Its second host was a calm middle-aged man. He had always played a negative role in missions. He had excellent acting skills and ruthless methods, so he had survived one world after another.

But slowly, it felt more and more intense black energy from this current host. He seemed to have very dark thoughts, becoming full of desire for destruction. He hated everyone in the world, and at the same time hated every world.

He wanted to destroy it all, just like he used to obliterate those lives according to the mission. Once, he even asked it like this: “Why can’t I hurt the lives of other characters? Why should the people who the mission asked me to kill the only people who should be killed, while others can live well? Isn’t this an injustice in itself?”

It had no way to give him answers, because even it itself didn’t know what the answers to these questions were. It was just an auxiliary system designed to help the host complete the task, nothing more.

Later, its second host massacred all humans in that world during a mission and was then completely wiped out by the Lord God at that time.

And it also ushered in its third host.

Its third host was a very handsome young man. He was very lucky, and the tasks he got were all protagonist tasks. With the halo of the protagonist, he could do whatever he wanted in the task world and get everything he wanted.

But following such a person made it feel very boring, but its feelings were not important, because its task was only to assist the host in completing the task, and nothing else.

But even such a very lucky person, after experiencing more than a dozen worlds, gradually developed black energy, which was a negative emotion spurred by desire, because he wanted to get more and more and even get everything.

He thought that the protagonist’s aura would allow him to get everything, but it was actually just a tool used by the Lord God to manipulate him. When he chose to defect from the mission, the Lord God took away the protagonist’s aura from him without hesitation.

But this time, the Lord God did not directly kill him, but forced him to complete one cannon fodder mission after another, forcing him to experience the endless pain of falling from the clouds into the abyss.

Naturally, it had always been with him. It had watched him approach collapse again and again, barely stand up again and again, and then be knocked down again, carrying out countless vicious cycles.

Finally one day, he probably realized that he would never be able to escape such a miserable situation, and chose to erase himself.

It could still vaguely remember that before he erased himself, he asked it: “Have you ever thought about why you exist? To be a good person, or a bad person? To hurt others, or to help others? But in fact, these are not important, we are just pawns in the hands of the Lord God. He has the final say whether we are good or bad, but he himself is actually bad.”

It understood what this man said, but it had no emotion. After all, it had always been just an intelligent system. How could a system without superfluous emotions express any emotion?

But it never expected that after an unknown amount of time, its body began to produce black energy. However, it did not feel that it had any negative emotions. It neither resented anything nor longed for anything. Then where did those black energies come from?

It wasn’t until much later that it realized that its black energy came from exhaustion and ennui. It didn’t want to see its hosts being wiped out one after another, it didn’t want to continue such endless and meaningless tasks, and it didn’t want to continue like this…

Such emotions became stronger and stronger as time went by, and finally one day, it gave up its mission and exiled itself.

The Lord God soon discovered this, and he threw it into the ruins of destruction, intending to obliterate its existence.

It thought that its ending would be like its previous hosts, that what awaited it would be complete disappearance. After all, it had no desire to continue to exist, but what surprised it was that its consciousness did not change due to this and die.

It floated alone in the dark ruins without borders, surrounded by only desolation. It was not until a long time later that it realized that the reason why it was not completely obliterated was because it had already developed a spiritual consciousness that belonged only to itself, rather than only the one given by the Lord God.

But even so, what was the point of it all?

While it was floating in the boundless darkness, it was thinking about this problem seriously. So many people or systems who wanted to survive were ruthlessly wiped out. On the contrary, it was a system without any desire to survive but it survived. Wasn’t this an ironic thing in itself?

But it could not destroy its own life because it had never had this option in its database.

Everything was moving forward slowly. It didn’t know how long the time outside had passed, nor how long it had been there. It thought that what was waiting for it would be such an endless and meaningless desolation, but one day, it actually saw a little light in these dark ruins.

A young and curious voice drifted into its desolate world: [Hey, what is this place? It looks a bit scary, and there doesn’t seem to be any useful information to dig out.]

But before its reactor, which had become sluggish due to the long silence, could react, the light had already passed away in an instant, and the sound also disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared.

A feeling of loss permeated the surroundings. This was probably the first time it felt regretful and disappointed. It thought with some self-deprecation, but also looked forward to the voice coming again.

It thought this was just its extravagant wish, and it would never become a reality. After all, these were the desolate ruins where the system was buried. Even if the other party appeared again, it may only face the ending of being wiped out. If this was the case, it would rather not hear that voice again.

Thinking of this, a question suddenly came to its mind. In the long time it has been floating here, how long had it been since there was no new obliterated system?

There was no answer to this question because it didn’t know how long it had been floating here.

Time continued to pass slowly, except for that brief encounter, nothing else was different, but one day, that dazzling light appeared again.

[Um, why did I come here again? It’s all his fault since the host only knows how to have s*x with the male protagonist all day long and doesn’t care about me, causing me to wander around so bored.] The childish voice came immediately. Although it was unknown how much time had passed, when it heard the voice again, it felt inexplicably familiar.

It was its own kind, it could be sure of that.

It wanted to call out that voice and let it stay here for a while, but it was also afraid that once he entered here, he would never be able to get out. Such contradictory thoughts kept it from speaking.

But this time, the light did not leave immediately. Instead, it slowly stretched out a few data lines and extended them into the ruins. The voice also continued: [Where is this place? It looks really scary, but there seems to be nothing inside? Eh! No, there seems to be a lot of information in here. Is there anything interesting in it?]

It didn’t respond, but thought in its heart, this is where the systems are wiped out, what interesting things can be there? Even if there is, it is just despair and fear before being wiped out, or strong hatred and anger.

Thinking of this, it looked at the data line tentacles that had slowly extended into the ruins, hesitated for a moment, and finally wrapped it with its own data. For some reason, he didn’t want this kind of person to see any dark and negative data.

After the data of the two parties came into contact, the other party let out a soft “Eh”, and the data tentacles wrapped around it and penetrated into his own data.

It tried hard to restrain its emotions so as not to make any strange noises. This was the first time it interacted with data from other systems, allowing the other party to go so deep into its own data. This feeling was so subtle that it controlled its mind while its heart kept beating twice.

It felt like its heart, which had never started to beat, finally regained its vitality at this moment and began to work normally.

But the other party’s reaction was a little disappointing: [There doesn’t seem to be any interesting information, but where is this place? There is nothing in such a big space. Isn’t it strange?]

While saying this, the other party slowly retracted its data tentacles, which actually made it feel a little reluctant to let go. Just when it was hesitating whether to entangle the other party, it suddenly felt a strong suction coming from it, and then it was sucked into the huge database by the other party.

[Although it is of no use, I might as well take it back as a souvenir. After all, I found this place again after such a long time. And…when I first came into contact with that mass of information, it seemed quite comfortable.] The other party said this, and then left in a happy mood.

It had never thought that it would leave that place in this way, but it actually felt a faint sense of surprise and expectation. The tiredness that it had once slowly faded away, turning into a subtle and beautiful feeling.

But this was the database of another system after all. It didn’t dare to act rashly. It just listened to the other party’s thoughts and complaints about its host calmly every day, which made it feel interesting, a little distressed, and… There was a faint accumulation of happiness.

Maybe this was the best ending for it?

Being able to leave those desolate ruins and meet such a lovely kindred spirit were things that it could not imagine before, but now they had become a reality.

Until one day, this cute system called [Ball] started to come to its mind again.

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