IHSB Ch. 25

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“Mr. Gu.”

“Mr. Gu is good…”

In the cafeteria, the moment Gu Linmo brought his daughter in, even though he was middle aged, he was still outstanding in temperament and looked handsome, so he instantly gained a lot of attention.

Even at that moment, the whole lively canteen was quiet for a few seconds, and then the employees closest to them quickly responded and said hello.

Gu Linmo nodded calmly with Nuan Nuan in his arms, and walked directly to the window where the meal was served, and then stood at the back of a small line.

The person standing in front of Gu Linmo: “…”

The female employee in front was trembling with fear, excitement and nervousness of meeting the big leaders.

“Dad, are you tired? Let me down and let me walk by myself.”

Nuan Nuan was soft and caring. She felt that her father should be very tired after walking with her for so long. She didn’t want to tire her father.

Gu Linmo’s voice was gentle, and his slender fingers tapped the tip of her delicate and small nose.

“I’m not tired, Nuan Nuan is very light.”

Nuan Nuan shook her short legs and was held high by her father. Many people were looking at her secretly, so Nuan Nuan was a little shy.

She rubbed her father’s shoulder like a little milk cat, and her cute little appearance made a lot of people fall for her.

Gu Linmo even heard the sound of gasping, but when he looked towards the sound, he found a few people pretending to be nonchalant.

However, in fact, their hearts were already excited and they were on the verge of screaming.

“She is too cute and soft, is that the legendary President Gu’s daughter? She is too cute!”

“I was almost discovered by President Gu, but our young lady is really cute, and she is also very beautiful and delicate. I don’t know why she is so thin, is she sick?”

“It’s a pity I don’t dare to take pictures.”



“Fuck, Lingmei, you are so courageous!”

The short-haired girl called Lingmei quickly put away her phone and laughed.

“The timid are starving to death. It’s off-duty time. Even if Mr. Gu finds out, he won’t say anything about us.”

But she was still nervous fearing that someone would confiscate her phone in the next second.

“Um…actually me too.”

“Quickly…send us the photo!”

“Ahhhh!! She’s so cute in this photo!”


Nuan Nuan was acting coquettishly with her dad. She didn’t deliberately act like a spoiled child, but just looking at him with her eyes made her look pitiful like a puppy.

And the sweetness of this coquettish little girl was seriously exceeding the standard, which made people simply not being able to refuse.

“Dad~ Nuan Nuan wants to come down and hold Dad and Grandpa’s hands.”

Nuan Nuan looked at her father pitifully as she spoke softly, no one could stand it!

Dad Gu felt regretful in his heart, but he obeyed the request of his good daughter.

“Cough… Okay, hold Dad’s hand tightly and don’t lose it.”

Gu Linmo’s serious and warm mouth showed a soft and sweet smile, his eyebrows were curved and he held her small hands tightly.

“Grandpa, Nuan Nuan is also pulling Grandpa.”

Then she grabbed Grandpa’s finger with the other hand.

Old man Gu felt so warm in his heart, why was his granddaughter so warm.

“Okay, grandpa will hold Nuan Nuan’s other hand.”

The beautiful little girl stood between the two adults, her bright, glass-like eyes shone with tiny stars, which lit up with her smile. Nuan Nuan was very beautiful.

The female employee in front heard Nuan Nuan’s soft and coquettish voice at close range when she was talking, and felt her ears go soft.

The daughter of Mr. Gu’s family was a little too soft.

When it was their turn to eat, Gu Linmo picked up his daughter and pointed to the rich dishes in the window and introduced them in a warm voice.

“Nan Nuan, let’s see what you want to eat.”

Their company’s employee benefits were very good, so during the meal time, most people basically come to the cafeteria to eat, and rarely ordered takeout.

Nuan Nuan’s black and white eyes were wide open, and she was so dazzled that she didn’t know what to eat, and everything looked delicious.

Dad Gu rubbed her fluffy little head. “It’s okay, take your time to select. “

The uncle who was serving food was very happy to see such a soft and cute baby girl.

“The baby should taste this braised lion head made by our master Li, the taste is just right, as well as this egg custard and sweet and sour carp…”

The uncle suddenly introduced several dishes: “If you really don’t know what to choose, uncle will give you a little bit of each dish, but make sure you have enough to eat.”

Nuan Nuan nodded with bright eyes, and her fluffy little hair also swayed up and down. In the end, her father helped her with the hearty dishes, and Nuan Nuan gave thanks to the uncle who was serving the dishes.

“Thank you uncle~”

The uncle’s heart was opened for a while, and the smile on his face was so happy that it was almost reaching his ears.

“Uncle will help you more when you come again next time.”

Nuan Nuan said obediently, and then got a big apple from the uncle.

“Mr. Gu, give it to me.”

Special Assistant Chen helped bring the food to the table. After Dad Gu and Grandpa Gu left with Nuan Nuan, the uncle who was serving the dishes was far less enthusiastic, and everyone’s dishes were fixed. Three dishes plus one soup.

“Old Hu, you can give me a few more dishes, I also like to eat other dishes…”

The uncle rolled his eyes at him, “Bum, so many dishes are not enough for you. Eat, do you think you are a cute little girl?”

He was so righteous in his double standards.

The man was speechless, he really didn’t, so he said in a very low voice, “Then Mr. Gu and the others, you also fight so much.”

Uncle Hu said twice, “I’m paid by Mr. Gu, what do you think?”

“Okay, whoever pays the salary is the mother!”

Nuan Nuan sat on the chair, took a spoon and slowly began to eat by herself. When she ate, she was quiet and delicate, and she would not make her clothes dirty.

“Dad eat this, it’s delicious.”

Nuan Nuan took a piece of short ribs slowly with chopsticks to her father’s side, and then clucked a piece of braised lion’s head that was easy to bite to her grandpa’s side.

She said in a milky voice, “Grandpa eat this, and eat more vegetables.”

While she was talking, she also placed a few cauliflowers over there.

Grandpa Gu was so happy that he ate all the dishes that Nuan Nuan gave him, and gave his son a provocative look by the way.

‘Nuan Nuan gave more dishes for me than you!’

Dad Gu was not so naive!

“Nuan Nuan, Dad also wants to eat more vegetables.”

Nuan Nuan nodded softly and said yes, and then patiently brought some vegetables to Dad.

Dad Gu was eating the vegetables, and the corner of his mouth raised to give the old man a faint look.

The old man was so angry, seeing his son was not pleasing to the eye again.

Special Assistant Chen, who saw all this in his eyes, “…”

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