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Grandpa Gu suddenly didn’t care whether he could hug his granddaughter anymore, and the wrinkles on his face deepened while he smiled.

“Okay, okay… Grandpa won’t hold you anymore, but Nuan Nuan is not heavy at all, she should eat more meat.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, and then hummed, “Grandpa needs to eat a lot too, in order to be in good health, you have to eat a lot of meat.”

The little girl softly set a small goal for herself and her grandfather, and she subdued the stubborn old man in two or three sentences, such that he never mentioned the matter of hugging her again.

Special Assistant Chen was stunned to the side, Miss Nuan Nuan was mighty!

Dad Gu was also a little surprised. He knew his father’s increasingly stubborn temper. He didn’t expect Nuan Nuan to let the old man change his mind so easily.

The five-year-old Nuan Nuan was a little one, and there was an inexplicable sense of cuteness when she was held in one arm by her tall father.

As long as anyone saw it along the way, they were stunned, especially those senior management officers and members of the board.

They looked at the elegant man and then at the soft little girl in his arms. The man smiled happily, the kind of smile that came from the heart, and his temperament became much softer.

He also used to smile before, but it was basically the kind of polite smile that floated on the surface, or he showed a chilling smile if he found something wrong with their work. As a superior, his aura was very strong and unprovoking, giving people a sense of oppression, but now, he didn’t seem to be the President Gu who strategized with them in the office, but just a father who liked to hold his daughter.

Gu Linmo like this was something they had never seen before.

“President Gu? How did you come to the company, old chairman?”

Grandpa Gu smiled, “Xiao Liu, have you eaten yet?”

Vibrantly, he began to show off, “Well, I came to accompany my good granddaughter to dinner.”

Gu Linmo nodded, “Director Liu, Nuan Nuan, this is Uncle Liu.”

She looked at the middle-aged man who was talking to her father with warm, watery eyes full of aura. Hearing her father’s introduction, she was polite and well-behaved, and softly called Uncle Liu.

That glutinous voice really made people tremble.

“Is this your daughter?”

Gu Linmo nodded reservedly, but the pride in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.

“She’s called Nuan Nuan, and she’s my youngest daughter.”

Director Liu had also heard some news, especially those rumours in the wealthy circles. After all, the Gu family was the richest family, and there were many people staring at them. Before Mother Gu went shopping with Nuan Nuan, it was already known by many people in the circle.

Many people still had the means, and the Gu family did not specifically block the news, so soon everyone knew that the lost daughter of the Gu family had returned, and they also knew that for three years, this little daughter of the Gu family had been in a small backward village.

This made many people wait to watch the Gu family becoming a joke. The daughter who had been raised in the small mountain village for three years was estimated to be ugly. In the future, she would definitely be incompatible with the people in their circle, and the Gu family would also be ridiculed by many people because of her.

Before seeing Nuan Nuan, this Director Liu actually felt that the only daughter of the Gu family would be a stain on the Gu family in the future, but now… he just wanted to tell those who speculated wildly, to stop guessing randomly. Who said that the daughter of the Gu family from the village was ugly? They were blind!

Obviously, she was so polite and soft!

However, he was happy in his heart. As one of the directors of the Gu Group, of course, he was happy to watch the Gu family flourish, and he didn’t know what the expressions of those who spread the rumours would look like when they saw Nuan Nuan.

Thinking of this, he smiled and looked at Nuan Nuan, “Uncle didn’t bring any gifts, I’ll transfer some money to your father and my little niece can use it as pocket money. When I come to visit some other day, I will definitely bring a gift for you, little niece. “

As he said that, he transferred 100,000 yuan to Gu Linmo’s mobile phone on the spot.

Gu Linmo didn’t act politely with him. In the future, the money would be reserved for Nuan Nuan, and it would be used for whatever she wanted.

“Thank you, Uncle Liu.” Nuan Nuan thanked him softly, and Director Liu quickly waved his hand to say that there was no need for thanks. After a few more simple greetings with Mr. Gu, they parted. Looking at their distant backs, he immediately took out his mobile phone and found a few friends to share this amazing news.

Guess who I just met? President Gu and his daughter!

The group was basically filled with the old men and directors of the Gu family, and when they saw the news, they immediately blew up.

What happened? Gu Linmo’s family only has three sons. When did he have a daughter?

Isn’t it right? Is that news true? I heard that this daughter of the Gu family had been living in a small backward mountain village since she was lost.

And why didn’t I know this news? Old Liu quickly tell me what’s going on?

Director Liu immediately said briefly about how he he saw Gu Linmo and the others, and then typed angrily.

Those who say that our Miss Gu is ugly and impolite, these rumours must be being spread by them because they are scheming or are jealous of the Gu family. I just saw her, the little girl is polite and well-behaved, her voice is soft, and she looks good. She is very beautiful, she looks a lot like the old lady, but she’s thinner. This child must have suffered a lot before, and the poor people who spread the rumours don’t know what a good heart is.

Like the old lady…

This reminded many old people of the demeanour of the old lady back then. That one was a real famous daughter of a scholarly family. Not only did her temperament crush all the wealthy daughters at that time, but her appearance was like a fairy. It was not an exaggeration, all the young talents and noble sons from home to abroad were all fascinated by her talent, temperament and appearance and were pursuing her. They didn’t know how many women died of jealousy.

But in the end, she was chased successfully by the old man of the Gu family. After that, the love between the two was praised and envied by countless people, but it was a pity that this woman, who was top-notch in both wisdom and appearance, died of illness early, and then the old man raised two sons alone and never married again.

Although they hadn’t seen Nuan Nuan with their own eyes, now they all wanted to see the well-behaved girl who looked very much like the old lady in Director Liu’s mouth.

At this time, the Nuan Nuan was sitting in her father’s arm sneezed a little, and the two adults in the Gu family immediately became so nervous as if they had encountered a big crisis. “What’s wrong with Nuan Nuan? Are you feeling cold?”

“Have you caught a cold? I’ll call the doctor right away.” He growled inwardly, but dared not speak.

“No.” The little girl said in a milky voice, she twitched her delicate little nose and comforted the two elders who were too nervous. “Nuan Nuan is all right, don’t worry grandpa and dad.”

Dad Gu was still a little worried and put his palm on the little girl’s forehead to test the temperature. It was normal. His own palm was warmer than the little girl’s forehead. “Well, she doesn’t have a fever.”

Grandpa Gu was worried. “Would you like us to take the temperature?”

Nuan Nuan hurriedly hugged their hands pitifully, “Grandpa, Dad, Nuan Nuan is hungry.”

The two adults agreed instantly, “Let’s go to lunch first.”

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