TBVSR Ch. 43.2: The Dance

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Jiang Yu was wearing everyday casual clothes, and then she looked at Mu Zixian and Lin Miao again.

Mu Zixian was wearing a very cute everyday low-dress, while Lin Miao wore very ordinary clothes, with jeans and a down jacket.

Not just ordinary, but quite like a passer-by.

Jiang Yu knew that Lin Miao must be afraid of stealing Lin Xuan’er’s limelight, so she wore this everyday outfit.

Lin Xuan’er couldn’t even tolerate her long hair, how could she tolerate her deliberately dressing up!

“This can’t be done.” Jiang Yu said to the girls, “Everyone is wearing beautiful clothes, why are you dressed like a passer-by. Let’s go back and change clothes.”

Lin Miao said hesitantly. “It’s not necessary, let’s join in the fun and go and dance.”

“Why is it unnecessary, it’s necessary, you don’t have a boyfriend yet!”

Mu Zixian saw that Jiang Yu wanted to dress up Lin Miao and help her change her image, so she quickly said, “Speaking of which, I have to go back and do some makeup! Let’s go back!”

So the two took Lin Miao back to the dormitory and gave her a good makeover. Mu Zixian also lent her a beautiful dress.

The girls who danced ballet were all about the same size. Lin Miao was wearing Mu Zixian’s princess dress, and her temperament had changed drastically. She really looked like Cinderella on a pumpkin carriage.

Mu Zixian looked at the girl in front of her and said with a sigh: “When we first met, I almost thought you were a tomboy, but I didn’t expect you to be such a cute girl in this dress.”

Lin Miao looked at herself in the mirror, with delicate makeup on her face and wearing nice clothes on her body. The dreamy princess dress… She couldn’t help reaching out and touch the mirror.

Which girl didn’t love beauty, but she hadn’t dressed herself well for many years. Even if she usually wore a wig, she could only wear it secretly by herself, even though she really wanted to have long hair.

Jiang Yu looked at Lin Miao with satisfaction: “You’re done, let’s go over.”

Lin Miao looked at Jiang Yu who had only changed into a skirt and asked, “Aren’t you going to put on makeup?”

“I don’t need it, since my boyfriend isn’t here anyway.”

“Yo, who denied it just now.”

Mu Zixian laughed: “Let’s catch her.”

Lin Miao said, “It’s called a woman pleasing herself.”

Jiang Yu was stunned for a few minutes, then waved her hand and said, “No.”

“It’s clear!”

Jiang Yu recalled that during the New Year’s Day, her mother had bought her beautiful new clothes, and after wearing them, didn’t she take a picture and send it to Qiu Li for the first time.

A woman was…a person who dressed up to please herself.

Was that so?

During the conversation, they came to the hall of the welcome party.

The hall was very lively, and the handsome men and women in Esmera were very eye-catching.

After all, the boys and girls who danced ballet were not of a low level of appearance, and they were mostly young masters and young ladies who had been raised among wealth. Not to mention other things, all of them had really good skin, white and tender, and their manners were also very elegant and decent.

Of course there were exceptions.

As soon as Lin Xuan’er saw Jiang Yu and Lin Miao walking in, she was like a cock in a cockfight with fried feathers, and seeing that Lin Miao was wearing makeup, she was even more angry.

Lin Miao put on this princess dress, and after wearing light makeup, the surrounding classmates almost couldn’t recognize her.

She had never dressed like this before.

“Oh my God, are you Lin Miao?”

“I thought it was Cinderella who got off the pumpkin carriage!”

“As expected, girls can’t be lazy, they must wear makeup! You’re so pretty!”

“This dress is also very nice! It matches your figure!”

Lin Miao happily thanked them one by one, and then looked at Jiang Yu gratefully.

At this moment, Lin Xuan’er came over with a wine glass and said to Jiang Yu, “You, go and pour me a glass of juice.”

Jiang Yu bluntly refused: “Why should I pour you juice?”

“Because you didn’t pay tuition, you came in with a scholarship. Esmera’s rule is that if you get a scholarship, you have to do public service.”

Lin Xuan’er looked at her contemptuously, “Do you think there is really a free lunch in the world? You pauper.”

Jiang Yu suddenly remembered what Bai Shuyi had said before, she needed to get up early and go to the cafeteria to help with some work to supplement her scholarship.

In this case, Jiang Yu didn’t say much, went to the self-service table to get a drink cup, poured a drink for Lin Miao beside her, and ignored Lin Xuan’er.

Lin Xuan’er was holding an empty cup, and seeing that she poured a drink for Lin Miao first, it was obvious that she was looking down on her!

She said angrily: “Hey! Who told you to pour for her first!”

“Everything has a first come, first serve, host and guest distinction.” Jiang Yu said calmly: “So I poured her a cup first, is there any problem?”

Lin Xuan’er saw that Jiang Yu was mocking her, and said angrily, “You are talking nonsense, pour me some juice, or I will tell the teacher in the logistics department to cancel your scholarship!”

Wen Lun in a white shirt walked over, took the drink bottle in Jiang Yu’s hand, and said, “There is no need for this. Students who have received scholarships have a time limit for public services, and they do not need to provide special services to certain people at such times.”

After speaking, Wen Lun gave Lin Xuan’er a cold look: “Jiang Yu’s scholarship is given by Mr. Xie. Not to mention the logistics department, even if you report it to Ms. Bai, it is impossible to cancel it.”

As soon as Wen Lun spoke, Lin Xuan’er was immediately embarrassed and anxious.

Wen Lun was a recognized male god among the younger generation in the ballet industry. Half of the girls who entered Esmera secretly worshipped Wen Lun, including Lin Xuan’er of course.

Now Wen Lun derided her because of Jiang Yu in front of everyone, making it clear that he was protecting Jiang Yu.

Lin Xuan’er couldn’t help but get angry, but in Wen Lun’s face, it was not easy to attack Jiang Yu again, so she glared at Lin Miao: “You’re going to die! Hanging out with this kind of person, go pour the juice!”

Lin Miao looked at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu told her with expectant eyes, let her feel at ease and do what she wanted to do.

Mu Zixian also shook Lin Miao’s hand, indicating that they would always be her strong backing. “What the hell! Be careful, or I would tell mom!”

Lin Xuan’er yelled at Lin Miao as usual: “Let her not give you living expenses! Let you drop out!”

The drink cup was poured directly on Lin Xuan’er’s head: “Drink!”

The sparkling cola trickled down Lin Xuan’er’s hair, and it also wet her beautiful new skirt.

Lin Xuan’er was completely stunned. She looked at Lin Miao in disbelief. She never expected that the usually submissive little sister would do such an outrageous act!

The muscles on Lin Xuan’er’s face were twitching with anger, and she took out her mobile phone: “Wait, I’ll call my mother right now, wait to die!”

After speaking, she ran outside the corridor and called her mother, then she cried for a long time, and her eyes were full of hatred for Lin Miao.

Lin Miao was a little scared, until Jiang Yu took out the phone from her pocket: “Call your dad.”

“Call my dad?”

Jiang Yu’s mouth twitched: “It’s time to show real skills!”

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