TBVSR Ch. 44.1: Jealous Sister

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When Lin Xuan’er hurriedly called her mother to complain about Lin Miao’s “rough” behaviour, with the encouragement of Jiang Yu and Mu Zixian, Lin Miao also called her father.

As soon as the phone was connected, under Mu Zixian’s eloquent “demonstration”, Lin Miao began to speak the first sentence, and then burst into tears, “Dad!”

“What’s the matter?”

Lin Miao’s father was in a meeting, but when he heard that his daughter’s tone was not right, he didn’t start the meeting. He went out in a hurry and asked eagerly, “What happened?”

“Dad, I really didn’t mean it, I was wrong, and I don’t dare anymore.”

“What happened? Make it clear, what’s wrong!”

“At the dance just now, my sister asked me to pour her a drink. I accidentally spilled it and got it on her clothes. She was very angry and gave Aunt Zou a call. Dad, what should I do, I don’t want to leave Esmera, I want to continue dancing!”

Jiang Yu and Mu Zixian gave her a thumbs up.

Lin Miao’s father immediately caught the point of her words: “Does she have no hands, why should you pour water for her?”

“It’s always been like this, maybe my sister is used to it, because I’m a sister, so Aunt Zou said that I should listen to her and serve her.”

Lin Miao said aggrievedly: “I know, this is what I should do, but Dad can you plead to Aunt Zou for me, I really don’t want to leave Esmera, I want to learn to dance.”

At the other end of the phone, Lin Miao’s father’s mentality began to change subtly, and his hand clenched into a fist tightly.

After all, the “dignity” of a straight man was still inviolable. He was always the backbone of the family. Let him go to his wife to ask for mercy, just to let his own daughter go to school.

“Can she make you drop out of school if she asks you to drop out?”

“After all… Aunt Zou said that I was allowed to enter Esmera to better take care of my sister. Now that I haven’t taken good care of my sister, dropping out is… as it should be.”

“Humph!” Lin Miao’s father suddenly became angry: “My daughter learns ballet, what does it have to do with other people! Who needs to be taken care of?”

Before, Lin Miao never said this to her father, she felt that it was useless, and with her straightforward temperament, she would only be hard with her father.

Her cold words naturally couldn’t resist the gentle and warm words of the stepmother in her father’s ear.

However, now, Lin Miao had begun to understand that sometimes, acting like a spoiled child and showing weakness could really win more benefits for herself, just like what Lin Xuan’er had been doing for so many years.

She used these methods, step by step, to make Lin Miao slowly marginalized in this family.

“Miao Miao, it’s not your fault. Dad will call the shots for you.”

After Lin Miao’s father said this, he hung up the phone.

Not far away, Lin Xuan’er also cried and hung up the phone, and looked back at Lin Miao, her eyes disgusting, as if she was saying, “Wait and watch.”

Lin Miao was actually a little embarrassed at this moment, after all, she was clear about the means of her stepmother, otherwise, after so many years, she would not have been able to pinch her father to the death.

She just didn’t know if this “respect” of her own was useful.

Jiang Yu held her hand and found that her palm was covered in sticky cold sweat.

A person cannot become a completely different person from the past overnight.

Abandoning cowardice, abandoning their inferiority complex, breaking through oneself… This was really not an easy task.

Even Jiang Yu died once and was reborn after Nirvana before she broke the thick layer of cocoon that once deeply bound her.

Indeed, at a certain period, that layer of “cocoon” could bring her a sense of security and help her block the wind, sword and frost of the outside world.

But in the same way, that layer of “cocoon” tightly wrapped her, making her a poor creature who dared not speak out, and could only hide in the protective film.

Do not break or stand!

Even if the process of breaking the cocoon was accompanied by severe pain, all the pain was worth it, because the new world was full of surprises.

Soon, Lin Xuan’er’s phone rang, it was a call from her mother.

“Hey, Mom, what do you say, are you going to take this bitch away! I really can’t bear to be in the same school as her for a minute!”

However, after saying this, Lin Xuan’er was stunned, and after a long time, she called out three words tremblingly: “Uncle Lin…”

The ending was naturally predictable.

Lin Xuan’er’s mother gave her a lesson on the phone and asked her to apologize to Lin Miao.

Lin Xuan’er naturally refused at first.

Just kidding, how could she apologize to Lin Miao! From childhood to adulthood, only Lin Miao had apologized to her, how could she…

However, when her mother said that if she didn’t apologize, she would probably have to quit Esmera, Lin Xuan’er was completely dumbfounded.

“Drop out, drop out? How could it be possible, Mom, did you hear me wrong? How could Uncle Lin let me drop out? He usually pampers me the most!”

Hearing her words, Jiang Yu couldn’t help but sneer.

No matter how good Lin Miao’s father was to Lin Xuan’er, she was not his biological daughter after all. Even if he was good to her, he was only being polite.

But if she didn’t understand the situation and really thought that she could occupy the magpie’s nest, drive out the family’s biological daughter, and enjoy her father’s love and wealth by herself, then she was really… stupid.

Finally, under the helpless pressure of her mother, Lin Xuan’er reluctantly apologized to Lin Miao, and weepingly promised that she would never bully her again.

After winning the first battle, Lin Miao was so excited that she couldn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night, she kept holding Jiang Yu’s hand, while thinking about the future.

She was going to start growing her hair, she was determined to become the sexiest “little swan”, and she was going to have a vigorous love affair with a boy with eight-pack abs…

All the things that she never dared to think about in the past, she now dared to think about it.

The moonlight fell on the head of her bed, casting a faint glow on her snow-white skin.

The world after the cocoon was broken, how beautiful.

Jiang Yu looked at her with relief, sincerely happy for her, and felt very accomplished for what she had done.

In the evening, Jiang Yu lay in bed, and there was a “ding” on the phone, the [Knowing] app had sent a message: Congratulations to the reborn for completing the [Saving Cinderella] commission, and the remuneration of 64,000 yuan has been credited.

Looking at this message, Jiang Yu knew that although tonight’s “battle” was just the beginning of Lin Miao’s breakout.

But from now on, she would no longer be willing to be that unkempt, snorting Cinderella.

She would become the “white swan” that spread her wings to fly.

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