TCYEC Ch. 56

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Yu Siyang was seriously injured!!!


A member of the food group who happened to be blindly watching the community saw this post and was shocked instantly.

The first instinct was that someone wanted to do things again and spread rumours about the head of the team.

She clicked in and saw that the whole situation was not good. There was actually a picture and it seemed to be the truth. The head was really bleeding from his back, and his face was pale, definitely because of excessive blood loss.

The post was written in manner which showed ups and downs, comparable to a suspenseful novel, making viewers feel like they were on the scene when things had happened.

[Everyone!!! Not good!!! Someone wants to murder the leader!!!!!!]

She frantically typing a message in the penguin group, causing a bunch of people to blow out.

[You are crazy, what does it mean that someone is trying to murder the leader of the team]

[You watch too many criminal investigation dramas, right?]

[Isn’t the team leader making a funny movie? I went to the crew to see the team two days ago. The leader’s look is very male God-like]

[Did you take the photo upstairs? Send it to me]

[I’ll send it to you, but it can only be collected privately, not posted publicly]

[No, I made a typo. Someone wanted to murder the leader, and the leader was injured. Ah ah ah ah]


[What’s going on, make it clear

[I’ll give you the address, you hurry to see it, there are pictures and the truth

The food groupies were in chaos and immediately clicked on the link and saw that the back of their leader was so big on the picture. The sight of his blood made them so distressed that they left a message under the post and asked the host how Yu Siyang was injured.

Due to the sudden increase in clicks and comments, the post became popular in a short time. Many people who wandered around the forum saw the bright red “hot” news on the title and were attracted. After seeing the content, they all said, “I was shocked as a person who was waiting for melons.” The story behind the filming is simply more exciting than the filming.

And Yu Siyang, as a small fresh meat with a fast speed, has first-class ability to attract fans and is not weak in recruiting black fans as well. As an idol these days, if there are fans and blacks, the celebrity is really red[1].

While the foodies were worried about the leader’s injury, the sunspots also spared no effort to sing the opposite.

“It’s Yu Siyang again. Is it not annoying?”

“It’s definitely a hype. You put some ketchup, and just say you are injured. Don’t come out, you disgusting people if you don’t have anything to do.”

“I’m shining, this hype is so high-end and foreign. Even a conspiracy has come out, is it right?”

Fans were so angry that their idol was seriously injured. These people actually said it was a hype, we will scramble your sister, you are ketchup, your whole body is filled with ketchup, your blood vessels are not called blood vessels, they are called tomato tubes.

Fan and blacks started tearing into each other gain, from the community page that posted the news to Weibo, and then from Weibo to Penguin.

The management of the food group immediately suppressed the excited fans and asked them not to quarrel with the sunspots when they didn’t know the truth, so as not to make things worse, and it would be bad if the situation was unfavourable to the group leader.

Most of the fans still listened to persuasion, but there were some loose fans who were still fighting with the black fans.

However, the food troupe wanted to suppress the matter, but they couldn’t stop someone from making things worse. The so-called trio became a tiger, and a lie would become the truth a thousand times. Passers-by who didn’t know the truth saw the rumors spread by the sunspots everywhere. The sensible ones did not take it seriously, but the extreme ones started scolding.

All Star Entertainment’s team responsible for monitoring Yu Siyang’s online public opinion saw the situation and reported it to the company as soon as possible, and contacted Luo Peng, Tang Hang and the fan representatives of the official support club. The public relations team immediately started to deal with the matter.

After Tang Hang hung up the company’s phone, he called Luo Peng again, and recounted the key points of Yu Siyang’s injury. On the other hand, he held Yu Siyang’s mobile phone and read the article on the Internet. Before he finished reading the “Truth” post, his gloomy expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Back in the emergency room, everyone was staring at the doctor treating Yu Siyang’s wounds.

The abrasions on the back of Yu Siyang are relatively large, but the wounds are not deep, and there are no wounds to be sutured, which is a blessing in misfortune.

Luo Peng had already contacted Director Jin to deal with this matter. Whether it was the person who threw the stone or the person who took the photo and posted the photo, the crew must give Yu Siyang an explanation.

The pictures in that post were taken by someone in the crew from the angle of shooting. The pictures were taken and a post with such a seditious motivation was written, which made people doubt the intention of this person.

Tang Hang followed Wen Xiao in the past and has stayed with no less than 20 crews. Although many crews have been privately turbulent and each has an endless stream of methods, there is no such crew that is known to the whole industry.

Tang Hang looked at Guan Yahua, who ran back with the payment slip, and shook his head secretly. The director was too young and inexperienced to suppress some of the old fritters in the crew.

But understanding went only this far, when his own artist is hurt, and he was being slandered online, it was absolutely impossible for him to give up on this matter.

“Siyang, I will post on Weibo later to appease the food troupe.”

“What?” Yu Siyang turned his head and asked, “What happened?”

Tang Hang glanced at Guan Yahua and said, “Someone on the crew took a picture of your injury and sent it to the Internet. I don’t know who posted it. I read the post. The tone is neutral, but the inference is very strong. Your fans on the Internet have fought against the black guys for 300 rounds in order to protect you. “

“What post? Let me see. “

Guan Yahua shocked, rushed to the phone, and asked Tang Hang to share the post address with her.

Yu Siyang craned his neck and said, “I want to see it too.”

“Don’t move.” The doctor whispered.

Yu Siyang immediately became honest, and obediently let the doctor treat his wounds.

On the other side, when Luo Peng received a call from the company, he was having tea with a well-known producer in the circle. After answering the call, he hurriedly informed the producer of the crime. He went to the parking lot of the tea house and called Jin Ce while walking.

Just after he hung up Jin Ce’s phone, he was about to call Tang Hang when the other party’s call came in. He learned that Yu Siyang’s injury was not too serious, and he breathed a sigh of relief, then feelings of anger and regret followed.

I’m really not a qualified agent. Xiao Yu is a well-behaved and hardworking child, but he has been chased and bitten by a mad dog for two days, making trouble for him every time.

When Luo Peng rushed to the police station where Jin Ce was located, he cleared up all his frustrations before entering the door. In any case, it was now necessary to protect Xiaoyu’s interests to the greatest extent.

When Jin Ce saw Luo Peng, he shook hands with him with a smile, and whispered: “I’m sorry that this happened, I will definitely give Yu Siyang an explanation.” He just received a call from Guan Yahua and already knew about that post on the Internet.

“Where is the person who threw the stones?” Luo Peng looked around.

A young policeman came over and asked, “Excuse me, who are you?”

“Hello, I am the injured person’s agent, and the attorney is rushing over right away.” Luo Peng shook hands with the policeman, “I want to know the specific situation.”

The police led him inside. “The suspect has explained that he has collected money from others in order to teach the victim a lesson.”

“Excuse me, did he say who he collected money from?” Luo Peng asked.

The police shook his head, “He didn’t say.”

Luo Peng frowned, walked to the man who threw the gravel, and stared at him.

He had just contacted Tang Hang and learned that Yu Siyang’s injury was not serious. Luo Peng felt a little relieved, but at the same time he was thinking that although he was not a professional lawyer, he also knew that minor injuries did not constitute the crime of intentional injury. It is not possible to file a criminal case, so it can only be regarded as a civil dispute.

He was suffocated with the anger in his heart. Although he is an unqualified agent, he would never pick up and gently give in on this matter. If he was vague this time, wouldn’t it mean that others would bully Xiaoyu in the future?

“You are very short of money?” Luo Peng asked the man, “How much money did that person give you so that you can muzzle your mouth. It seems that you are ready not to get involved in the entertainment industry in the future, so what retreat did you find for yourself?”

The man raised his eyes and glanced at Luo Peng, still not saying a word, then lowered his head.

Luo Peng stretched out his hand to lift the man’s head, a silly smile appeared on his face, “There is a popular saying now, I don’t know if you have heard it.” He brought his face closer to the man and whispered: “There are a hundred ways to stop you from mixing in China.” Even if he doesn’t, he believes that his boss definitely has the means. He is that confident in the boss.

“I…” There was a trace of horror in the man’s eyes, and he stopped talking.

“If you don’t believe me, let’s try.” Luo Peng said, “Look if the person who gave you the money will help you. Um… and you seem to have to pay us money. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for much. Five million will do.”

The man was shocked and stood up and stared at Luo Peng.

However, the man’s height was only a little over 1.7 meters, and it was not enough to look at Luo Peng who is 1.9 meters. His aura had gone up and down a lot. In addition, he was already guilty and stared at him for a second. He hesitated again. Then he sat down and asked: “If I told you who gave me the money, will you not hold me accountable?”

This is great! Luo Peng snorted in his heart, his face was very serious, “It depends on whether you lie to me, don’t worry, wait until the lawyer comes.” Although Jin Ce thought such things were not good, there were still some who wanted to laugh.

Snakes have snake paths, rats have rat paths[2]. The police repeatedly asked many times. This man looked like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. He didn’t say who gave him the money. Luo Peng used “losing money” to cheat and he immediately came out.

Also, a person who takes other people’s money to do this kind of work, doesn’t he just value money.

In the hospital, the doctor treated Yu Siyang’s wounds and bandaged them. After instructing him to pay attention, he arranged for him to be discharged.

During the skin test, Yu Siyang took out his mobile phone, prepared to take a selfie, and then posted a Weibo.

After turning on the camera, he discovered that he was still wearing a fake headgear and a flowing long wig. No wonder the nurse who just gave him a skin test held back a smile and looked at him.

He couldn’t remove the headgear for a while, so he had to take a photo with the long hair.

“Why do I think I look a little bit feminine?”

Although it’s not the first time he is wearing costumes and headgear, the style of the former foster friend was to tie up all his hair and wear a three-mountain hat, which looked different from this dishevelled hair appearance.

“It looks good, not feminine at all,” Tang Hang said.

Guan Yahua also nodded frantically, the male god is the male god, regardless of his appearance, he is handsome and charming.

Yu Siyang opened Weibo suspiciously and chose to upload photos.

“Yu Siyang, you just upload it like this? Don’t you make yourself look good?” Guan Yahua asked in surprise.

Yu Siyang was more surprised than her, “Do you want me to make myself up?”

Guan Yahua: “…” Okay, good-looking people are self-willed.

The nurse waiting for the results of the skin test smiled and asked, “Are you a star? Don’t you celebrities want to post pictures with filters?”

It turned out that you also need filters for pictures. Yu Siyang, who rarely took selfies, said he was unaware.

But what should he do if he doesn’t know about this filter thing?

“…Forget it, just post it like this.” Guan Yahua said weakly. As a star, how can he not even know the most basic skill of a star-Filters and profiles.

In that case, he posted it.

Yu Siyang V: “Thank you for your concern for me. I just got a bruise, not a so-called serious injury. Please don’t worry about it. The company will handle the matter this time. I am not very clear about the specific situation. When I get the first-hand news, I will discuss with you. As an actor, I hope to present more and better works to everyone, not gossip.”

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[1] Really popular.

[2] Everybody has their own weaknesses.

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