TCYEC Ch. 57

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Yu Siyang rarely posted selfies on his Weibo, and only a few times had he posted photos for publicity purposes. Those photos were taken with Luo Peng’s help.

Therefore, every time he posted a photo, fans will sprinkle flowers in the comments and worship the prosperous beauty, which made his account extremely lively.

However, as soon as his photos came out this time, the style of Weibo comments changed abruptly, and the fans kept laughing.

“I’m relieved to know that the head of the group is not inconvenienced, but the head of the group, please allow me to laugh for five minutes for this selfie, ha ha ha ha ha …”

“Finally I know the reason why the head doesn’t like to send photos. He turned out to click big! Head! Photos!”

“This is clearly an ID photo, hahahahaha”

“Such a square and serious look at the camera, if it weren’t for the long hair, I would have thought that the head of the team had sent his ID photo.”

“Even if it’s an ID photo, my team leader is so beautiful [cry][ cry][ cry].”

“Master, if you send out your ID photo, let’s see if there is any difference from this one. Hahaha”

Yu Siyang saw the comments of the fans and was silent for a while, opened the photo just taken, looked up at Tang Hang, and asked aggrievedly: “This photo of mine, does it look a lot like a passport photo?”

Tang Hang didn’t notice it before. When he saw the fans say this, he suddenly felt that the photo looked more and more like a passport photo, but Yu Siyang’s small, aggrieved eyes made it really unbearable to hit him again. Avoiding the point, he said: “The photo was taken very handsomely.”

“Is this a handsome ID photo?” Yu Siyang felt even more frustrated, why did he care about him.

Tang Hang: “…”

Guan Yahua and the nurse were amused and comforted him: “This is the most handsome ID photo in history.”

Yu Siyang, who was not comforted, said: “…”

-I won’t take selfies anymore.

After the tetanus injection, they left the hospital, and the three went back to the crew again.

Yu Siyang was injured, and he would definitely not be able to shoot today. It was estimated that he will have to rest for a few days. When he got back to the crew, he took off his headgear.

Before the three of them got in the car, Xue Chengxiu’s phone number appeared on Yu Siyang’s cell phone. The phone was in Tang Hang’s hand. He saw the name on the screen and immediately gave the phone to Yu Siyang.

“Mr. Xue.” Yu Siyang called Xue Chengxiu on the other side of the phone with a smile.

Xue Chengxiu asked: “You are injured, what’s the matter? Is it serious?”

He had just finished a meeting. When passing by the secretary’s room, he heard them discussing Yu Siyang’s injury. After returning to the office, he immediately went to Weibo. It happened to be the time when Yu Siyang’s “ID photo” had just been posted on Weibo.

Yu Siyang said: “Don’t worry, I’m fine, just a little bruised.”

“Where are you now? I’ll let Lao Lin pick you up and bring you home.”

Yu Siyang shook his head, and then thought that the other party could not see him when he shook his head. So, he hurried up and said: “No need, no, Tang Hang will send me back, and I have to go back to the crew to remove my makeup.” Although the weather is getting colder now, and wearing a headgear now was not as stuffy as in summer, but there was something on the head. And it was not very comfortable.

Since this was the case, Xue Chengxiu did not force him to go home immediately, but he was still a little worried, and said: “You will go home and rest immediately after taking off your makeup. You are not allowed to do anything else, you understand?”

“I see.”

“Including cooking.”

Yu Siyang was unhappy. He just had a bruise on his back, not a serious injury or paralysis. Why couldn’t he cook? He had just wanted to try a new dish with venison and cheese today.

If he didn’t want him to do it, why did he let people send venison to the house? Isn’t this intentionally tempting him?

“No cooking, have you heard?” Xue Chengxiu emphasized.

“…No.” Yu Siyang thought, still eager to try new dishes.

He wanted to do it yesterday, but it was a pity that he returned too late and was rushed to sleep as soon as he went back, so he didn’t have time to do it. Going back so early today, he had to try new dishes no matter what.

Not allowing a chef to try new dishes is to stifle the creative soul of the chef.

Xue Chengxiu did not expect that the boy who had always been well-behaved in his family suddenly rebelled, and he was almost annoyed by him, “Are you asking me to go back and supervise you to rest now?”

“Mr. Xue, you are so busy, you don’t need to do it.” Yu Siyang thought he should fight hard, so he said, “This cheese venison dish I’m going to make is absolutely delicious.”

“I’m going to use venison, cheese slices, fresh milk and fresh cream to make it. Um… first I’ll slice the venison. Then marinate with salt and pepper, then use warm oil to cook, then put fresh milk and fresh cream in the butter, stir well, oh, also season it with salt and pepper, and then put the venison on and mix the fresh milk and cheese slices in a small bowl and bake them in the oven until golden brown.”

“Doesn’t it sound delicious? Mr. Xue, don’t you really want to eat it?”

It was unclear for the time being if Mr. Xue really wanted to eat it. Tang Hang and Guan Yahua in the same car on the other hand were tempted. Listening to him, their saliva was almost flowing uncontrollably.

“I will ask Aunty Wang to throw away the venison.”

Yu Siyang : “…” How would he draw a salary like this? !

“Have you heard?”

Yu Siyang still wanted to defend the idea till the end, “Mr. Xue, I promise, it will be really delicious, you really don’t want to try it? And I am really just bruised. It wouldn’t affect daily activities at all. Mumu will definitely love to eat, and I want to eat it myself.”

This time it was Xue Chengxiu’s turn to be speechless.

He had always admired the tenacity of the teenager, but when it was used to persuade him, it didn’t feel too wonderful.

He seldom refused the demands of the children in the family. Now he had brought both of them out[1], which made him totally unable to refuse them.

“Only this dish is allowed, no other dishes are allowed.” Xue Chengxiu compromised without suspense.

Yu Siyang smiled and said, “I promise.”

Xue Chengxiu hung up, shook his head helplessly, and then dialled Wei Xiaofeng’s number.

As soon as the phone rang, Wei Xiaofeng on the other side picked it up. Before Xue Chengxiu could speak, he took the initiative to tell the whole story.

Xue Chengxiu’s expression became uglier the more he listened.

When Wei Xiaofeng finished speaking, he said, “That is to say, that Pang Yujie has been targeting him since Yangyang’s debut.”

“I heard Xiaoyu said that he had robbed Pang Yujie of some shots in the show before.”

“Pang Yujie always wants to hog the camera,” Wei Xiaofeng said: “Later, Pang Yujie also auditioned for Peng Zhigao’s movie. Peng Zhigao didn’t look at him, and Xiaoyu starred instead. He became an instant hit; this gave birth to even more hatred.”

“Pang Yujie is with which company?”

“Changxi Entertainment Media.”

“It’s Tang Guoan’s company, right?”

“Yes, when Xiaoyu was attacked earlier, I greeted Tang Guoan. Old Tang didn’t seem to want to hide Pang Yujie because he has a little friendship with Pang Yujie’s family. I guess Pang Yujie might have jumped off the wall because of the ban on him. “

Xue Chengxiu coldly snorted: “Then let him never jump again. You are a gold star agent, and if you can’t even figure out a small artist, which is why Yangyang is injured.”

These words contained a naked anger. Given that the man has a crush on Xiaoyu, this was relatively mild, so Wei Xiaofeng decided to bear him.

“Tang Guoan, as far as I’m concerned, can keep that little artist.” Xue Chengxiu turned his anger to the end, “If Yang Yang is injured again in the future, I will create exactly the same injury on Zhan Heng.”

“…” Wei Xiaofeng was furious, this boss dared to bring personal feelings to work, really can’t bear it, can’t bear it anymore, “Mr. Xue, if you have a crush on someone for too long, it can easily become psychopathic. It’s so funny that you’re a winner in life, but you dare not confess.”

Xue Chengxiu was furious, Wei Xiaofeng knew how to fart, and Yu Siyang was a dull little nerd. If he confessed and the response wasn’t positive, it would be easy to scare people away.

He didn’t like playing games where he chased his prey while it hid. Since he wanted to confess, he must be successful in a single try. Before, of course he had to boil the frog in warm water.

“You quickly confessed it. The result was being rejected by Zhan Heng. Zhan Heng also said that he liked Yi Jiaojiao.”

“I remember Xiaoyu also liked Yi Jiaojiao and called her a goddess.”

Xue Chengxiu and Wei Xiao Feng went silent at the same time, and a thought came out in their minds tacitly–Yi Jiaojiao was a scourge.

“Achee–” Yi Jiaojiao, who was recording a talk show, couldn’t help but sneeze. The host was shocked. It turned out that the goddess could sneeze too.

When Yu Siyang returned home, he ran to the kitchen happily and took the venison out of the refrigerator to thaw.

Aunt Wang immediately followed him into the kitchen and said: “Yangyang, you are all injured. Take a good rest. What are you doing?”

“Aunt Wang, how do you know I was injured?” Yu Siyang was surprised, could it be Mr. Xue called to tell Aunt Wang?

Aunt Wang explained: “I saw it on Weibo.”

“You also use Weibo!”

“The account I registered specifically follows you alone. Well, your ID photo was taken very handsomely today.”

Yu Siyang looked depressed to see Aunt Wang, can you stop mentioning the ID photo? We really can’t chat happily.

Aunt Wang laughed and remembered that Yu Siyang was injured, and immediately asked concerned: “Where are you hurt? Is it serious?”

“On the back, it’s just scratches, it didn’t even need stitches,” Yu Siyang joked: “You are all nervous, as if I have suffered some serious injury, like a broken arm or leg.”

“Bah, baah… the child spoke wrongly, and the wind should blow it away[2].” Aunt Wang looked at him strangely.

“Yes, yes, I was wrong and childish, the wind should blow my words away.”

Aunt Wang looked at him lovingly and smiled, pointing at the thawed venison, and asked: “What are you planning to make?”

“Trying out a new dish.” Yu Siyang took out the cheese, fresh milk and fresh cream as well.

“What to do, I’ll help you.” Aunt Wang said: “Don’t move around, be careful of the wound.”

Yu Siyang helplessly said: “The venison has not defrosted yet, so don’t do anything yet. Let’s first go watch TV.”

When Xue Chengxiu picked up his son from the kindergarten and returned home, he smelled a faint scent of milk as soon as he entered the door.

Xue Yunmu also smelled it. His eyes lit up, he broke away from his father’s hand, ran to the kitchen with his short legs, and shouted as he ran, “Brother, brother, what is it?”

Xue Chengxiu followed his son as well. When they reached the kitchen, the scent there was even more intense, and it was not just a pure milk fragrance, but a salty fragrance mixed in the milk fragrance.

On a large plate on the dining table, there were several delicate small bowls, and the small bowls were filled with golden cheese.

Yu Siyang had said that it would be delicious, and Xue Chengxiu never doubted the craftsmanship of his child. At this moment, seeing the real product of cheese and venison, he couldn’t help but want to try this new dish.

The thick cheese wrapped the tender venison, it was salty and fragrant, with a slight peppery flavor mixed in it. The texture and taste are rich in layers, and it was really delicious.

However, besides this cheese venison on the table, there were obviously two other dishes made by Yu Siyang.

He said he would only make one, but he actually made three.

It was just taking his words for granted.

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[1] Spoiled them.

[2] Basically like telling God not to listen to Yu Siyang’s words as he was cursing himself.

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