KHSW Ch. 260

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Pei Shan’s face gradually became tense, and the air seemed to be stagnant. After a long time, she said, “It’s just this time, don’t make an exception.”

Ling Xi clapped her hands excitedly, almost getting carried away.

“But you have to remember, if you make such a decision without my consent next time, I will no longer be your agent.”

Hearing Pei Shan say such serious words, Ling Xi’s heart trembled. It was just a trivial matter, and the big witch was so angry. If she really found out her other secrets, it would be…

Ling Xi didn’t dare to think deeply, so she nodded sharply.

“Got it, Sister Pei, I won’t dare next time.”

Looking outside through the window, Ling Xi was anxious, “Sister Pei, it’s getting late now, how about I take you back?”

“What’s the rush, I haven’t checked your internal affairs yet!”

Ling Xi’s heart rose to her throat in an instant, hoping that they had already hidden themselves.

“Show me your cloakroom and bedroom.” As a manager of a big star, she should take care of all aspects for her. This was her right and obligation as a manager.

Cloakroom? Did she have a cloakroom?

No, it seemed… It seemed that there was a cloakroom. She remembered that shortly after she married Yizhi in her previous life, Yizhi mentioned it to her once, but she didn’t understand Yizhi’s heart at that time, so she didn’t take it to heart. After rebirth, she didn’t seem to have seen the cloakroom he mentioned at home!

“Sister Pei, I’ll go to the toilet first, please wait a moment.”

As soon as Ling Xi entered the bathroom, she immediately texted Xu Yizhi, “Yizhi, do you know where my cloakroom is?”

After a while, she received a text message.

“Sister Pei, I’m fine.”

Ling Xi had no choice but to lead the way anxiously, while acting as a “narrator”, “Sister Pei, these are my guest rooms.”

Pei Shan suddenly opened her eyes wide. There were actually six guest rooms. Even if this was a villa, it didn’t need so many, right?

“Then here is a utility room full of discarded things, and over there is my cloakroom.”

Ling Xi took Pei Shan into the study, and the bookshelves were full of books.

“Why is your cloakroom in the study?”

Ling Xi blinked her eyes and pursed her lips. She was also quite curious about this question, “Sister Pei can go in and have a look.”

When Ling Xi saw the wall that Yizhi said, she was also secretly surprised. If Yizhi hadn’t told her, she might have really only regarded it as a wall, then she pushed it lightly, and it turned away, like the kind that was often played on TV, full of mystery.

After entering, she fumbled for the switch on the side, turned on the light, and the entire cloakroom brightened up.

This was the first time that Pei Shan had such a dreamy feeling. The light reflected by the floor-to-ceiling mirror was slightly dazzling, shoe racks, clothes racks, hat racks, glasses racks, cosmetic racks… She felt like she had entered a high-end department store. It dazzled her so much.

When Ling Xi saw it, she couldn’t help being surprised. Did she have such a luxurious cloakroom?

Her heart trembled fiercely, she was not only shocked by these extravagant and gorgeous things, but also moved by Yizhi’s heart, he was always thinking about her, even if she hurt him so deeply, he still loved her. He was so good…

Without saying a word, Pei Shan walked slowly to the clothes hanger, raising her hand cautiously, for fear of breaking the “illusion” she saw in front of her eyes.

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