KHSW Ch. 261

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Pei Shan looked at these exquisite dresses on the hanger, and found that each one was from a famous collection.

“This dress is the pinnacle work of Veting, the top fashion designer in France. This one… won the championship of ‘Vienna Fashion Week’… and that one was the last dress created by the leading figure, Master Odbert before his death.”

Listening to Pei Shan tell their origins, Ling Xi’s heart became more and more shocked, then with admiration in her eyes, she said, “Sister Pei, you know a lot!”

Pei Shan looked sideways and looked into Ling Xi’s eyes. How many things did she keep from her?

As Ling Xi’s manager, she didn’t know anything about her life, which made her feel frustrated.

“Everything here is a treasure.”

Pei Shan’s words set off a storm in Ling Xi’s heart, it really was Yizhi’s way of doing things, he was only willing to give her the best…

“Okay, let’s go see your bedroom.”

“Oh, good.” Ling Xi’s legs were almost weak, she was shocked by this veritable “luxury house”, she was afraid that Pei Shan would ask her where did she get the money to buy these treasures.

“Sister Pei, my bedroom is over there.”

Just as they approached Ling Xi’s bedroom, they heard a sound from the next room, as if something had fallen to the ground.

“What’s that noise?” Pei Shan looked at the room and saw that the door was locked.

Ling Xi guessed that Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo might be in that guest room, “Sister Pei, what did you hear? Why didn’t I hear it? Could it be that you heard it wrong?”

Pei Shan approached slowly, and Ling Xi felt both nervous and anxious, “Sister Pei, I have two puppies at home, maybe they accidentally knocked something down, you should go and see the room where I live!”

Pei Shan glanced at Ling Xi suspiciously, and then looked at the closed door. Curiosity seemed to prompt her to open Pandora’s box, “Why don’t you go in and check?”

Ling Xi smiled guiltily, “No need, Sister Pei, it’s more important that you check my internal affairs.”

Originally, she thought that Sister Pei would get to the bottom of it, but unexpectedly, the big witch turned around and walked towards her and Yizhi’s bedroom.

As soon as Pei Shan entered the bedroom door, she could see that the inside was clean and tidy, and all the items were placed extremely neatly, which seemed a bit deliberate to her eyes.

“Well, it’s not bad, much better than I imagined.” Pei Shan said with satisfaction.

Ling Xi was looking forward to it in her heart, when will the big witch leave?

As if hearing her heartfelt words, Pei Shan finally said, “Ok, let me ask you one last thing.”

“Sister Pei, tell me.” Pei Shan saw the “dogleg[1] look” on Ling Xi’s face, and she seemed to have turned into a “dogleg Xi”.

Pei Shan’s face suddenly darkened, “Are you being kept by someone? Be honest with me.”

Hearing Pei Shan’s words, Ling Xi’s eyes were full of innocence, her lower lip was pressed against her upper lip, and tears glistened in her eyes, “Sister Pei, do you think I’m being kept by someone?”

Hearing the sense of banter in Ling Xi’s tone, Pei Shan was not moved, “Okay, that’s what you said, and you haven’t been taken care of by anyone.”

Then she walked to the door of the guest room just now, “Do you dare to let me in this door?”

Lingxi gritted her teeth, “Dare.”

After Pei Shan opened the door, she didn’t see anyone.

“Look, sister Pei, there is really nothing.”

Pei Shan still didn’t believe it, so she opened the closets one by one to check, but there was still nothing.

Even Ling Xi was surprised, where would they hide? Just as she was thinking, she saw Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo tiptoeing out from behind the door.

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[1] A moment that makes you feel like you have been graced by The Good Lord himself when you witness it.

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