KHSW Ch. 262

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When Ling Xi saw them, she opened her mouth in shock, winking and making a “go, go, go” mouth shape.

Xu Yizhi was in front, and Xiao Nuo followed behind, “following every step”.

As soon as they reached the wall outside the door, thye heard a dog barking.

“Wow woof— woof—”

The three of them were startled, and looked at the dog one after another. The louder “Niannian” had a high-pitched and sonorous voice, but “Yueyue” barked crisply.

Xiao Nuo quickly made a “shh” gesture to the two dogs, and they immediately behaved.

Xu Yizhi glared at the two puppies, it wasn’t the first time they “did bad things”.

Pei Shan looked back and saw Ling Xi and the dog standing outside the door, “Are those the two dogs you are raising?”

Ling Xi pretended to be calm and nodded, “Yes, the big one is called ‘Niannian’, and the small one is called ‘Yueyue’.”

Only then did Pei Shan let go of the “burden” in her heart, “Well, I was wrong just now, I shouldn’t have doubted that you were being kept by someone, this time I will trust you once, I hope you will not let me down.”

Ling Xi’s heart was still pounding, and her hands were trembling slightly. This was the first time she had experienced such a “thrilling” thing. She was clearly in her own mansion, but she had to act like a thief. Who else would be worse than her?

She gently raised her hand and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead. The words “guilty as a thief” were deeply engraved in her heart, and she couldn’t get rid of them.

Ling Xi glanced at Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo, they were still slowly hiding in the next guest room.

But Pei Shan came out, knelt down and touched “Niannian’s” little head, “This doesn’t seem like an ordinary dog.”

Ling Xi’s thoughts were not on the dogs at all, but in order not to let Pei Shan look back, she had no choice but to block her sight without a trace, and buy time for Yizhi and Xiao Nuo, “Sister Pei, how do you know they are not ordinary dogs?”

Pei Shan stood up suddenly, catching Ling Xi off guard, and even though she covered her back again, it was too late.

Just when Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo approached the door frame of the guest room, Pei Shan quietly said, “Stop.”

Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo still maintained the posture of raising their legs. Since both of them had their backs to them, Xiao Nuo lowered his voice and asked, “Father, is the manager aunt talking about us?”

As soon as Xu Yizhi put his legs down, Pei Shan appeared behind them like a ghost.

“Stop sneaking around.”

Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo were startled when they heard this, and Xiao Nuo stood up straight with a “whoosh”.

Ling Xi’s expression was a bit indescribable, her heart had already fallen to the bottom of the sea, but she also breathed a sigh of relief.

Sister Pei was a very good manager, she was serious and responsible, and took good care of her, although more often she was strict…

“Ling Xi, you let me down.”

Pei Shan turned her head faintly, she already had the feeling that Ling Xi was being taken care of, but when she saw that there was no one in the room, she convinced herself to believe that Ling Xi had nothing to hide from her, but what did she see, there was not only a man in the family, but also a child.

A man with a child, what did that mean?

Pei Shan’s face was as cold as ice, Ling Xi wanted to go forward to explain, but Xiao Nuo suddenly turned around and hugged Pei Shan’s leg, “Auntie Manager, it was Xiao Nuo and Dad who wanted to play ‘peek-a-boo’, don’t blame my mom, okay?”

“Mom?” Pei Shan repeated in confusion.

Xu Yizhi also turned around slowly, “Hello, Manager Pei, I’m Xu Yizhi.”

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