KHSW Ch. 278

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Xiao Nuo nodded emphatically, “Got it, mom, when Xiao Nuo isn’t with mom, mom must eat well and sleep well, and it’s winter now, so mom must dress thickly, don’t let yourself get sick.”

Listening to the little guy’s heart-warming instructions, Ling Xi’s heart warmed. As long as she had Xiao Nuo in her heart, she would not be cowardly no matter how difficult and dangerous the road ahead was.

When Ling Xi went to see it, she saw Xu Yizhi helping her organize the contents of the two suitcases.

She was taken aback, “Honey, what did you pack for me?”

“There are military coats, hot water bottles, first aid kits, compressed biscuits…”

Hearing what Xu Yizhi said, Ling Xi was deeply moved. He considered everything for her. With such a virtuous husband by her side, it seemed that she didn’t have to worry about anything.

From her previous life, she was quite familiar with this program, and it was a pity that when they entered the army battalion, they could only choose the three most important things to keep, and hand in the rest.

“Husband, I’m really bothering you, but there are all these things in the army battalion, and they will distribute them, so I only need to bring three of them.”

Xu Yizhi frowned, “No, I’ll ask the driver to deliver these, so you don’t have to worry about what they will say.”

“Honey, there’s really no need, look at my sincere eyes.” After speaking, she blinked at Xu Yizhi a few times.

Facing Ling Xi’s eyes, Xu Yizhi really couldn’t refuse, “That’s fine.”

“Thank you husband, I knew you were the best for me.” After speaking, she rushed over warmly, with her arms hanging directly around his neck, and looked up at him gently, “I will leave you for another two months. Now, you must remember to miss me, miss me, miss me even more.”

Xu Yizhi seemed to have the words “unhappy” written on his face, but he remained silent.

“Husband, don’t worry, I will definitely miss you too.”

“Then you call me every day just like you did on the mountain before.”

Ling Xi was a little hesitant, “When we arrive at the army camp, we will have to give away our mobile phones, and we will get them only on weekends, and we will have only three minutes of talk time.”

Hearing that Ling Xi knew so much about the army battalion, Xu Yizhi didn’t think about it, and his brows tightened again.

“But… what if you suffer from insomnia again?” Xu Yizhi didn’t want Ling Xi to participate in that kind of program. She had to train in the ice and snow, and there were a group of wolf-like male soldiers around her. How could he feel at ease? Even if Chi Jingyu was by her side to take care of her, he still felt a little worried.

“Husband, didn’t I tell you last time? My insomnia has been cured, and now I can sleep soundly without you by my side.”

Immediately, she brought her lips together again, pecked lightly like a bird, and immediately parted.

“Husband, don’t worry about me. I will call you every weekend. By the way, there is another very important thing. During the two months I am away, you can help me keep an eye on a girl named ‘Yao Ru’.”

Xu Yizhi had always cared about her words, and immediately remembered the name and nodded, but… he was very dissatisfied with the kiss just now.

“Over there, don’t have too much contact with the male soldiers, and you are not allowed to look at them more. If you want to look, you can look at me when you come back, understand?”

Xu Yizhi was worried that those male soldiers would train with bare arms and shoulder.

“What do you want me to watch? It’s winter, won’t they think it’s cold?” Ling Xi looked at him jokingly.

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