MGSGW Ch. 170

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Warning 18+ content; animal violence

Lin Mumu still wanted to lead the way, but after walking a few steps, Yun Ting had still clenched her little hand tighter. Lin Mumu knew that this was a sign of Yun Ting’s nervousness, so she could only take a few steps back and walk side by side with Yun Ting.

On the other side of Lin Mumu was the fourth brother Qiu Feng, the two of them were tacitly protecting Lin Mumu in the middle.

Yun Ting’s eyes were like eagles, staring ahead with a trace of dignity.

Would he be nervous too? Lin Mumu tilted her head to look at Yun Ting curiously.

Unexpectedly, Yun Ting’s expression didn’t change, his head didn’t turn around, and his gaze didn’t change, but he suddenly said, “Hey, go home and take a look.” He said in a gentle voice with a little pampering, obviously speaking to Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu didn’t recover from the atmosphere for a while, how did this person manage to talk about love so seriously?

Even Qiu Feng was stunned for a while, and resentfully complained: “What the hell, are you still my second brother?”

“You can quit, Xiaojun is waiting to take over your class at any time.” Speaking, Yun Ting returned to his former cold personality.

“Yeah, you must be my second brother!” Qiu Feng couldn’t help but look at Lin Mumu more, and said that beauty was a disaster, and the second sister-in-law didn’t see much trouble in her appearance, so how could he turn his second brother into a useless emperor?

What’s more, Qiu Feng was very stimulated. The second sister-in-law seemed to be more capable than him. Now, she also found out that this road was right, and there was movement ahead.

If he couldn’t find out even now, he probably wouldn’t dare to say that he came out of the devil training camp when he went out.

“Aww~~” The howling of a wild beast in the distance came indistinctly.

Yun Ting stopped in his tracks, and pulled Lin Mumu back by the way.

Fourth Young Master Qiu and Yun Ting cooperated tacitly, and they stopped almost at the same time.

Lin Mumu blinked, and looked at Yun Ting questioningly, her watery eyes seemed to be talking and asked: “What’s wrong?”

“There is a blind bear in front, and some idiot provoked it.” Yun Ting explained to Lin Mumu in a low voice.

Qiu Feng looked at Yun Ting again in confusion. It was said that with the personality of the second brother, he knew best when to make the best choice. For example, at this time, it was necessary to be quiet and prevent the other party and the blind bear from discovering them.

Yun Ting, he actually broke his usual habits just to explain to Lin Mumu?

Lin Mumu nodded obediently, knowing the situation.

It was not wise for them to take the lead now. One possibility was for the bear to be hostile, and the other possibility was to be dragged into the water. It was better to watch a show outside.

Firearms and large-scale cold weapons were controlled in China. Even if this was a private club outside the law, it was rare to be able to provide them with bows and arrows. There would be no firearms, long swords, or machetes.

And the black bear was a well-known animal with thick skin and thick flesh, which was resistant to beating and could be beaten.

In this situation, it was unlikely that more than a dozen people would hunt and kill a bear. They were just here to watch the excitement.

Feeling Yun Ting’s playful eyes on her, Lin Mumu stared at the snow-white Baozi in her arms guiltily.

She knew that Yun Ting wanted to say that she, a foodie, was so lawless that she dared to lay her mind on a black bear.

“I heard that bear’s paws are delicious.” Lin Mumu and Yun Ting were indeed not on the same channel.

Qiu Feng gasped, “Second sister-in-law is mighty.”

Yun Ting just looked ahead quietly, expressionless.

“I’ll just talk about it casually.” Lin Mumu said in a hypocritical state: “The bear is so cute, we shouldn’t attack it.”

In fact, the bear was so powerful, we can’t beat it~ we have to let it go.

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