YXBG Ch. 18: Transfer

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Monday afternoon was an extracurricular activity class, and the school simply announced the vacation early, and sent the headache causing little guys to go home. Zhang Bo deliberately drove over to pick Xiaomei home.

“Grandpa, I want to go back to the Sunshine Orphanage.” Xiaomei pleaded with her schoolbag in her arms.

“What are you going to do there?” Uncle Zhang was surprised, “You are going to take the exam soon, so don’t go back to play with the children. If you fail the exams, your mother will scold you.”

“I’m not going to find the children to play! “Xiaomei explained, “I have something to give to the dean! Grandpa, please do it, Xiaomei will go there for a while, and I will go back soon, without delaying the exam.”

“Eh…well.” Uncle Zhang really couldn’t bear to refuse this poor little guy, so he had to turn to the Sunshine Orphanage. The vehicle drove through the road planted with tall trees, rolled through the fine sunlight on the ground, and came to the entrance of the orphanage.

When Xiaomei got out of the car, she rushed to this familiar place, with her schoolbag behind her, slapping her back up and down as she ran. There were many familiar faces and many new faces in the orphanage. Xiaomei saw a kind old man standing there, and immediately screamed: “The dean! The dean!”

The dean turned his head and said in surprise: “Xiaomei?!”

Xiaomei rushed over like a monkey towards him: “Dean, I missed you so much!”

“Oh, my little ancestor.” The dean was too old to survive her collision. Fortunately, a teacher helped him in time and told her to stop. “You little splash monkey, you are so heavy! I thought you had forgotten here!”

“Xiaomei did not forget, Xiaomei has earned money, and came back to give it to the dean!” She struggled to get off the ground again with her schoolbag. She took out a large bag of change, “It’s all earned by Xiaomei. The dean can take it to buy delicious food for everyone!”

“Xiaomei, I can’t ask for your money.” The dean was surprised and moved in his heart. Xiaomei was so small, how could he ask for her money?

Zhang Bo had also kept up and saw her hands holding a handful of small change, it appeared to have at least a thousand dollars, he could not help but exclaim: “Xiaomei, where did you get so much money?”

Xiaomei absently replied: “This is what Xiaomei earned from selling underwear.” She tilted her head and continued to plead with the dean: “Dean, you can accept it. Xiaomei will make more money in the future. I remember the bathroom on the third floor. The faucet is broken, and the money can be used to repair the faucet.”

The dean still declined, but Uncle Zhang had already helped out: “Accept it, it’s the child’s heart.” But he kept murmuring in his heart, what was this? Underwear sold so well, why didn’t he find this business opportunity in the first place?

In the end, the dean couldn’t face Xiaomei’s cute face and took the money. This child was a little bit precocious, but she was really very interesting! Xiaomei played around with her former friends for a while, and then reluctantly got into the car at the urging of Uncle Zhang.

She leaned out of the car window with her small body, waving her hands and shouting: “Xiaomei is going! Xiaomei will definitely come back to see everyone!”

The car drove far, and Xiaomei kept pointing at her friends. They waved. After she sat back on the chair obediently, Uncle Zhang realized that this little guy almost cried.

“Oh, my little princess, why are you still sad!” Uncle Zhang hurriedly put the tissue box in the car into her arms, “wipe quickly, don’t go back and let your brother laugh at you.”

Xiaomei wiped her face obediently but still stayed in a daze.

“Xiaomei, you said selling underwear, what kind of underwear is so profitable!” Zhang Bo tentatively asked questions, still thinking about the business opportunity in his heart.

“I’m not telling you.” Xiaomei said with a sullen face, “Grandpa is bad, and wants to grab business from Xiaomei.”

“Of course not!” Uncle Zhang hurriedly made a righteous remark, alas, this little guy, was really hard to lie to!


When Xiaomei returned home, she found that Yin Zhefei’s face was very ugly.

“What’s the matter? Your expression seems as if you have eaten shit.” Xiaomei asked with great concern, holding her small head.

“Yes, I ate you!” Yin Zhefei greeted her in an angry manner and threw a piece of pink paper into the trash basket aside. Seeing this, Xiaomei hurriedly rushed over and rummaged it out from the trash can. Sure enough, it was a letter from her sister-in-law!

On the crumpled paper, there were big characters crawling like a spider: “I’m going to transfer to your school!”

Wow, was Xianxian sister-in-law finally starting to attack? Thinking of the black shadow, Xiaomei couldn’t help but fight a cold war. She looked at Yin Zhefei’s “suffering for love” appearance, with some pity in her heart. Were all the people in love like this?

But how could Xianxian sister-in-law suddenly want to transfer school so actively? The courses in Mainland China and Taipei seem to be very different. Wasn’t she afraid of not being able to keep up? Xiaomei thought of the nude photos of Yin Zhefei she sent to her a few days ago and couldn’t help but wonder: Could it be that my sister-in-law was so excited after seeing those photos, she couldn’t wait to come over and conquer Yin Zhefei! Xiaomei imagined the slow-motion romantic scene of the two of them running towards each other and shivered again.

Yin Zhefei picked up the schoolbag still on the sofa and walked upstairs, muttering, “I might as well die if she comes here…”

Xiaomei was also a little entangled when she heard that, if her sister-in-law found out that she had sold Yin Zhefei’s photos everywhere. Yes, she would definitely kill her.

“Hey…” Yin Xiaomei suddenly felt that she might as well die together…

At night, her mother called as usual, and Xiaomei grabbed the phone and chattered for a long time before handing it to Yin Zhefei. Compared to her younger sister who was so excited that she was about to form a nasal bubble, Yin Zhefei was very calm: “Well, she didn’t watch TV… OK, I know, I won’t fall in love early… The exam should be fine… She? Only I can guarantee that she won’t be the last one. After all, you know her IQ.”

Xiaomei looked at him angrily. Why did this bastard always insult her mind? Even though her grades were not good, no one had ever called her a stupid child! She then thought that Yin Zhefei might not ever know that his nude photos were flying all over the sky, and she smiled again.

Yin Zhefei hung up the phone, saw her sly smile like an old witch, frowned and said: “Your brain is broken again?”

Xiaomei immediately picked up the sofa cushion and slammed at him!

She thought furiously, no wonder this guy didn’t have a girlfriend! If a girl gets along with him for a while, she’ll know how dumb he is. With such a dumb guy, except for her Yin Xiaomei, she’s afraid no one can stop him!

Xiaomei couldn’t help worrying about Yin Zhefei’s future wife.

But then she started to snicker again. If it was sister-in-law Xianxian, Yin Zhefei would be more at a loss!


The final exam was over, Xiaomei was relieved, and when she left the examination room, she pulled Yuanyuan to go shopping. Yin Zhefei’s photos made her some money, and she could buy some keychains that she liked.

She was excited because she finally got rid of the exam. Before and after the run, Song Yuanyuan kept muttering: “I’m sure that I calculated that question wrong. I don’t know whether the final result should be assigned or not! It should be all written in full. Right …”

“Yuanyuan!” Yin Xiaomei said loudly, “I have finished the exam, so you can spare me!” As she was talking, she ran into a person without thinking.

“Be careful,” a thick male voice came with a strange tone. Xiaomei raised her head and saw a tall and unusually brown-haired man in front of her. From the emerald green eyes to the deep facial features, all of them showed the foreign identity of the person.

“Huh?” The tall man and Yin Xiaomei stared at each other.

“Xiaomei, it’s a foreigner!” Song Yuanyuan quickly seized the opportunity to practice her English: “Hey, how are you?” Wow, the man in front of them was so handsome. She had never seen such a handsome foreigner before. He was simply the reincarnation of the sun God Apollo.

Not too bad.” The man’s eyes were fixed on Yin Xiaomei, and he answered softly.

Song Yuanyuan suddenly felt cold in her heart, and thought she was over. This was the surest question in her English exam! Why didn’t he say “Fine, thank you”? She hurriedly flipped through the English book in her hand, eagerly trying to prove that the foreigner did not learn English well.

“What’s your name?” Although his Chinese had an accent, he was fluent. In his green eyes, there was a girl who looked like a doll.

Xiaomei was a little flustered for no reason, and said forcefully: “Who are you, why should I tell you!” Damn, this foreigner was so good-looking, that her tone was a bit lacking in ferocity!

He laughed: “Sorry, young lady, I should introduce myself first. My name is Vincent Black and my Chinese name is Yunxin. Can you tell me your name now?” His English had a strong British flavor, but it was inaudible to the little lady. Whether it was his behavior or his speech, it was overly elegant. At first glance, he was well-educated and had a natural temperament.

“Um…I…” Xiaomei was speechless for a while, trying to recall the English name the English teacher had given her, “My name is Fiona!”

“Fiona? Beautiful and cunning woman.” The man smiled and raised his eyebrows. “This name suits you very well.” The girl in front of him, her familiar facial features, and her familiar expression, everything resembled the rebellious person back then.

Yin Xiaomei was a little uneasy, she muttered a few words, grabbed Song Yuanyuan, who was buried in the book, and ran away quickly. She did not look until she had walked a long way, and the tall man was still staring at her inquiringly.

Uh… what a strange feeling! Xiaomei was a little afraid of him, but she also thought he was very kind and familiar.

Of course, the main reason was that he was really handsome!

This was the real handsome guy. Compared with him, Yin Zhefei could only go sweeping the street. She slandered the distasteful venomous man without paying attention to the man behind her, and her gaze became deep.

When the profiteer Yin Xiaomei realized that the business opportunity had recovered and planned to take out a camera to take pictures of him, he had already left.

Hey, Xiaomei touched the camera with regret, this might have sold even better than Yin Zhefei’s price!

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