YXBG Ch. 19: Help Me

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“Come! Come! The latest version of Yin Zhefei’s nude photos! You didn’t buy it last time, but you have to do it this time! Home uniforms, school uniforms, sportswear, everything, as well as him falling asleep &… Oh, sister, you are hurting me!” Yin Xiaomei stood among a group of crazy high school girls, guarding her schoolbag and yelling, “Give me money first before taking photos! Nude photos are 30 yuan, ah! Sister, don’t scratch me, okay!”

Wow, high school girls had a lot of pocket money. She divided the photos quickly, and the little hand that grabbed the money was even more unceremonious.

At this time, a girl blushed and said, “Xiaomei, the underwear you mentioned last time…”

“Yes, yes” The girls said together, “You had said that you will bring one, but you haven’t yet! It’s been a long time.”

Xiaomei immediately sweated, and she quickly laughed: “It’s not good today, next time, there will be next time, and I will also bring Yin Zhefei’s latest nude photos.” Alas, Yin Zhefei must have noticed something recently, his wardrobe was locked, and the only underwear available was dirty underwear from the bathroom. If she stole it, it would be too obvious. She was also scratching her head when faced with such a “financial crisis.”

“Xiaomei?” A surprised male voice came from behind, and everyone was shocked. The girls who had a guilty conscience suddenly fell apart, leaving only Xiaomei alone.

“Ah! Big Brother Zhang!” Xiaomei was so scared that she turned blue, and she unconsciously began to sift the chaff. She secretly scolded that her mental quality was not strong enough! At that moment, she thought it was Yin Zhefei!

“What are you doing here?” Zhang Xiangyi approached her suspiciously, “What were the girls doing just now? I heard you say A Fei’s name.” He saw a group of girls screaming there, thinking that which superstar was here?

“I, I just came to have a look. I think my brother is about to take the final exam, come and have a look.” She was incoherent.

“You have a holiday?”

“Yeah, it’s a holiday…” Although Xiaomei lacked confidence, her eyes were extremely clear and innocent when she looked at Zhang Xiangyi. She blinked her big eyes and said, “Brother Xiangyi is also coming to school.”

Zhang Xiangyi was so disgusted by her sweet tone: “If I’m not coming to school, would I come to teach? A Fei is still in school, you should go back first.”

“Okay! No problem!” Xiaomei was totally unceremonious and left as if she had received an amnesty order, and suddenly disappeared.

Zhang Xiangyi frowned and looked at her going away. As he was about to go back, he found a piece of photographic paper on the ground. He walked over and picked it up, only to see that it was written on the photo paper: A large collection of beautiful male orangutans-the price was 20 yuan.

Turning over the photos, it was surprisingly the scene of their basketball team having a dinner together.

Zhang Xiangyi stared at the photo in disbelief, and then said after a long time: “Damn! I actually took such an ugly picture!”

Yin Xiaomei stayed vigilant for a few days and found that there was nothing wrong with Yin Zhefei. After that, her heart became active again. Not only did she fail to correct herself, but instead she continued to move the crooked plan to steal his underwear.

However, the girls did not understand her difficulties, after snapping the pictures, they had deep grudges: “Xiaomei, ah, you always say next time next time, next time when will the next time come ah”

“You can steal his other things other than underwear!”

“For example, his scarf!”

“Yes! Scarf, it’s so romantic, I remember he has a brown plaid scarf.”

“Yes, he looks so gentle when he wears that scarf!”

“Really?” The nice male voice floated in abruptly with infinite chill. Everyone was quiet, and slowly turned their heads—they saw Yin Zhefei with a hideous smile on his face, looking at them “gently”.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) And Yin Xiaomei, who started the matter, also tried to turn into a small cockroach, trying to sneak along the corner.

“Stop.” Yin Zhefei gave the order softly.

Xiaomei froze there suddenly. She turned her head and saw Yin Zhefei’s face with a gentle smile that she had never had before, and she was almost frightened enough to collapse in the corner: “Brother, brother, brother…” She trembled for a long time and did not say anything anymore.

“You hen, are you about to lay eggs?” Yin Zhefei approached her, still in the mood to joke. He looked very concerned about her, with a nude photo of him in his hand. “Is this taken by you?”

Xiaomei almost shook her head: “It’s not me!”

“Oh? Is it Aunt Chun?” He was still so gentle.

“No…no, it’s not Aunt Chun…” Xiaomei stared at him pitifully, trying to soften the man in front of her, “I don’t know anything, this photo was sold to me by someone else.”

“It turned out to be someone else. They want you to sell it!” He was still smiling.

“Yes… it is like this!”

“Yin Xiaomei!” The sudden roar made Xiaomei scared enough to cry. “You dare to talk nonsense to me here?! What’s the matter with Uncle Zhang talking about selling underwear? Could it be that someone gave it to you? You didn’t mean to say that I was sleepwalking and gave you my underwear.

“Yeah!” Yin Zhefei had never said so many things at once, and the furious expression made Yin Xiaomei daunted. She also tried to pretend to be pitiful: “Big big brother…this is a misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding?” He angrily turned back and laughed, grabbing Yin Xiaomei’s schoolbag, picked her up, and strode home.

“Big Brother, you still have to go to class!” She kindly reminded her with tears in her tears.

“Class?” He picked her up, “There is such a sister selling my nude photos behind my back, and you are telling me to go to class?”

Yin Xiaomei, who was shaking in a ball, finally knew that this time everything was over.

“Woo, help! Child kidnapping! Help!” She was struggling to death, crying.

“You dare to scream!” Yin Zhefei glared at her with ferocious eyes, and the little guy immediately made no sound.

In the French-style house of the Yin family, the little girl kept screaming, making everyone who heard it worried about whether terrible tragedies were being staged on her. In fact, it was almost the same as the tragedy—Yin Zhefei’s big palm relentlessly greeted Yin Xiaomei’s small butt and hit it firmly.

A Chun watched with trepidation, not understanding what was going on, but stammered to persuade: “Young…Master, if you have something to say, say it, don’t beat the child!”

However, Yin Zhefei heard this and instead started beating even harder.

“Yin Zhefei! You can die! You bastard!” Xiaomei screamed after being beaten, and she didn’t forget to curse her ruthless brother.

After beating her little ass, Yin Zhefei unceremoniously pushed her to the ground, turned around and picked up her little schoolbag, and took away all the photos and money.

“Ahhhhh! Damn! Give it back to me!” Xiaomei ignored her painful ass and rushed forward, but Yin Zhefei just raised her schoolbag and easily avoided her “raid”.

“Why, still don’t give up?” He looked at her teary face, and suddenly felt regretful in his heart. Did he beat too much just now? He really only used half of his strength, but this nasty guy was a little girl after all.

“You beat me too, at least give me the money!” Xiaomei immediately gave in, and by the way made a pitiful look, blinking like a little milky dog with round eyes.

“Well, since you are selling my photos, the money should go to me.” He smiled naturally and put the money in his pocket. Seeing the photo in his hand, Ah Chun on the side kept digging her head to see clearly.

“Auntie Chun!” he warned with a cold face. A Chun immediately touched her nose casually: “Well, I’m going to cook, you talk slowly.”

Xiaomei was angry and sad: “You are unreasonable!”

“Yes, I am unreasonable!” Yin Zhefei’s eyes were fierce. “So now, you go to the corner and stand for half an hour and reflect!”

“I don’t want to! You abused a child!” she screamed immediately. How come she had to be punished to stand when he hit her ass. It was so unfair. Besides, her ass really hurts!

“You have no right to say no! Mom and Dad are not at home, I will discipline you for them-you spoiled fellow!” He carried her to the corner, “Either stand for 30 minutes, or get hit another 30 times. You choose!”

Xiaomei was stuck, she had never seen Yin Zhefei so angry before, so she had to bite her lip and slowly turn towards the wall.

For the first time in her life, she tasted the taste of being defeated!

In the middle, A Chun came out several times and saw Xiaomei standing in the corner pitifully, and couldn’t help but plead for her, while Yin Zhefei said indifferently, “She has only stood for twenty minutes.”

The tall boy sat on the sofa. The young man’s long-standing resentment was evacuated, and his lips couldn’t help but raise. However, seeing the small figure in the corner, he finally couldn’t help saying at 25 minutes: “Okay, come back.”

Xiaomei turned around and stared at him viciously, her teeth gnashing like she had been irritated. She was like a little cat that would rush to bite him at any time!

“Come here for dinner.” Yin Zhefei sat at the dining table and moved his chopsticks gracefully. Today, there was actually Aunt Chun’s best boiled fish, which was to calm down the injured heart of this little thing. He couldn’t help thinking, although this guy was annoying, she was quite popular!

Although Yin Xiaomei, who always claimed to be very respectful, disdained to be at the table with him, the aroma of boiled fish made her unable to refuse.

After eating, Yin Zhefei went back to the room to prepare for tomorrow’s exam. There were still tears on Yin Xiaomei’s face, and her butt was still aching fiercely. Damn, she thought he was pretty good at first, after all, he helped her make so much money, but today’s things really maddened her! She had never been so embarrassed. Yin Xiaomei’s small fists were clenched tightly, and her expression that looked like she could break a strong man’s wrist made A Chun very frightened.

OMG! When will Mr. Yin and Mrs. Chang Mei come back? The smell of gunpowder between the two children was getting stronger and stronger!


Zhang Xiangyi learned that Yin Zhefei’s nude photos were sold all over the sky, and he almost couldn’t stop laughing. “She is so bold that she dares to provoke you. Now you are really famous. I can’t believe it. Someone wants to buy your underwear? Hahaha…”

“Shut up!” Yin Zhefei frowned, “Since you are so happy, I might as well tell you another good news. Lu Xianxian will transfer to our school next semester.”

Zhang Xiangyi ‘s face suddenly stiffened, “What are you talking about?! She is coming?! Why? God, that female orangutan…what should we do, let’s call the police!”

“You are crazy!” Yin Zhefei gritted his teeth. The fear continued unabated, “It’s okay if we pretend not to know her? If she will find it boring afterwards, she will go back!”

“What if she finds it interesting?” Zhang Xiangyi didn’t realize Yin Zhefei’s suggestion and how constructive it was.

“That…” Yin Zhefei’s gaze suddenly looked at Zhang Xiangyi very sincerely, with a hand on his shoulder, “Xiangyi, we are good brothers, right!”

“You come here less!” Zhang Xiangyi shot up like he suffered from an electric shock. He opened his hand and said, “Forgive me! This time you should go to battle yourself!”

Yin Zhefei sighed after being rejected. He always felt that although his life was not perfect, it was definitely not miserable, but God. He probably felt that his life was going too well and sent such two live treasures to torture him.

When would these two women, especially the dead child Yin Xiaomei, no longer appear in his life!

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