RCFS Ch. 94: Slap in the Face 5

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The direct line of the emperor’s family had always been very strong, which caused the old man who had been strong for most of his life to abdicate at an early age and since then his whole person became sluggish.

This was because he had nothing to do, his son was doing better than him, and he didn’t have to worry about Di family at all. His grandson was even more capable, and he had built several teams at a young age.

The old man was living a lonely life!

Although there had been many young ladies who tried to curry favor with him, the old man’s attitude towards them was similar. He didn’t take much care or love, and his spirits had always been sluggish, because it was too easy to handle, he felt even more bored.

That’s not right, these ladies, he didn’t even have to deal with them, it was completely backwards!

Therefore, in his later years, Di Wei often moaned and sighed, feeling lonely like snow.

However, when this young lady came, the old man was clamouring for either this plan or that plan. It felt as if he had returned to his former position as the head of the family. He was full of vigor, it was as if he was running the country again, and his spirits were greatly lifted.

“I like her? How is that possible!” Di Wei shouted: “Didn’t you look at that little girl’s arrogant look!”

Di Wei frowned: “Butler Zheng, go get me the plan book, I’m going to start preparing for plan B!”

Butler Zheng smiled without saying a word, he just went back to the study and took out the plan book that had already been covered with a layer of dust.

How many years had it not been used.

When the book was taken out, Di Wei began to write quickly, starting from Ye family, and then the school, then he analyzed it from all aspects.


A petite figure rushed in from the door and plunged into Di Wei’s arms.

“Ouch, my little princess, you’re back!”

Di Wei happily put down the plan and took Di Weiqian into his arms.

The little girl was only seven or eight years old, and her facial features were a bit like Di Junxie, but her face, it was so cute that one look from her could soften any heart at a glance.

This was Di Junxie’s younger sister, who had just come back from school.

“Where’s my brother?”

The little girl stretched out her head to look inside the house, but saw no one: “Where’s my brother? All the brothers in our school are not as handsome as mine, and I like my brother the most!”

“You like your brother the most!”

Di Wei laughed, then a plan suddenly flashed in his mind.

“But let me tell you, your brother is going to be robbed by a woman!”

“What stinky woman dares to snatch my brother from me!”

Di Wei was very happy when he saw the little girl taking the bait, and he couldn’t help but say, “She also let your brother peel crabs for her!”

“Brother has never peeled crabs for me!” Di Weiqian stomped her feet lightly: “Grandpa, tell me who is she, and I’ll save my brother back!”

Di Wei was very happy to see her being so foolish. “You go to the studio, that woman asked your brother to act in a film for her!”

“Well, I will definitely save my brother back!”

Even if someone dared to ask her brother to work for her, she would never agree!

Her brother was hers!

Woman or something, go away!

“Xiao Qian, you must protect your brother and don’t let him be used by that bad women!”

“Don’t worry, Grandpa!”

Di Weiqian patted her small chest, picked up her schoolbag and went upstairs.

Butler Zheng couldn’t help sighing: “Master, the young lady is still young, just at the age when she doesn’t understand the world, you are like this…”

“Hmph, if even a little girl can’t be subdued by her, Ye Yunxi is just like that!”

He said so, but Di Wei was very happy in his heart: “The plan book, bring it here, bring it here, Weiqian is plan B, we have to make plans C, D, E, F!”

Butler Zheng thought: You don’t like Miss Ye?

Aren’t you having fun?

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