RCFS Ch. 95: I’m the Boss 1

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“Remember to come to the studio tomorrow.”

After grooming her long hair, Ye Yunxi got off the car calmly.

Di Junxie followed, pulled her into his arms, and squeezed her chin with his fingers, and his thin lips printed the undulating arc of the corner of her mouth.

The unfamiliar smell was not annoying, the soft touch made her feel a little high, and something spread along the back of the touch where he touched.

[Ding! Peach value +30!!]

Ye Yunxi was shocked for a moment, and when she regained her senses, she suddenly felt that the system prompt sound was still beneficial!


She frowned.

However, the man insisted on lowering his head and staring at her, his black eyes were deep, and her fair and beautiful face was reflected in them. For a while, she looked a little dazed, and her strong and powerful force made her seem to shine.



The corners of the emperor’s evil lips raised in an arrogant arc, and the brilliance of the setting sun draped over him, casting a layer of blood red light.

“Getting my reward!”


Kissing just because you peeled a crab?

Did something go wrong?

“It will be meat compensation in the future.”

Meat compensation?

Ye Yunxi narrowed her eyes, she exuded a dangerous breath, she subconsciously hooked the corner of her mouth, her fingers raised the emperor’s graceful chin, and the tip of her nose touched the man’s graceful neck, in a provocative manner.

“I am not the one who suffers if the Emperor serves me in person.”

Anyway, she had eaten the crab, so it was the Emperor of the Yan Kingdom who served her personally!


What a crazy tone!

However, he felt a rare hotness at this moment!

[Ding! Peach value +10!]

The corner of Di Junxie’s mouth raised even more, his rough fingertips brushed the corners of her plump lips, and the hearts of those who deliberately or unintentionally teased each other became itchy.

“Have a good rest.”

The meal must be eaten one bite at a time, the plan must be taken step by step, no hurry, the person he liked would never escape his palm.

After Di Junxie left, Ye Yunxi remembered that she should not go back here, because they had moved back to their family home.

Looking back at the tall condominium, she was a bit reluctant to leave the dirty and messy environment suddenly.

When she climbed upstairs, she saw that neither her father nor her brother had left.

“Why didn’t you leave?”

“Dad said we would wait for you no matter what, and let’s go back together as a family!”


“We’ll go together! Yunxi, we are a family, so let’s go back together!”

Ye Yunxi couldn’t help laughing, yes, they were a family!

Sharing weal and woe with wind and rain, but putting more fetters than teammates, blood was indeed thicker than water!

Feeling even more warm in her heart, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth: “Okay!”

Let’s go back to our home together!

Butler Wen’s car was parked downstairs. He also waited for a day. He didn’t open the car door until he saw the three people coming down together, and said calmly: “Please get in the car, Master must be in a hurry.”

“Sorry, Uncle Wen, Dad had been waiting for me.”

Butler Wen glanced at Ye Yunxi, his cold face still expressionless.

It seemed that in her memory, this housekeeper had always been cold, and it was the same to everyone!

He and Ye Jianxing were really a perfect match for master and servant.

“That’s what it should be.” Butler Wen said lightly.

Ye Yunxi didn’t care either.

She was a dark horse who suddenly came back. Once she moved to the Ye house, it would be like a sheep entering the tiger’s den, and some people would definitely come to find fault.

But it didn’t matter, if they didn’t provoke her, it would be written off as an old account, but if there was someone who didn’t have a good eye and came to pick on her, they shouldn’t blame her for being ruthless!

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