PSG Ch. 2

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The place where the cannon fodder lived was very close to there, so Shou planned to stay at his place for one night, and by the way, discuss the moving.

Shou went to the supermarket and bought plenty of ingredients. After the cannon fodder got home from work, they could cook dinner together.

But once he reached the cannon fodder’s place, the moment he opened the door, he heard an indescribable sound coming from the bedroom.

Shou was so shocked that he dropped all the bags in his hand to the floor. The green cap he was wearing looked even more vivid.

The people in the room heard the sound of things falling. The moaning sound from the bedroom stopped. A male stranger’s voice could be heard saying, “Oh you invited someone else? Why didn’t you say earlier?”

After that, someone rushed out.

Shou and the cannon fodder came face to face. The cannon fodder did not even have time to put on his clothes and he was completely naked. Shou felt so disgusted at that moment that he wanted to puke.

The cannon fodder tugged at his hair in frustration as he said, “My relationship with that person is not what you imagined. It is just a one-time thing. Besides, you have not come and look for me in a long time, so I still needed to find someone to help solve my sexual needs right?”

The cannon fodder was very confident he was not in the wrong.

Shou was so furious that his entire body was shaking. He took a deep breath… raised one leg and swiftly kicked at the cannon fodder’s dick!

The cannon fodder screamed in pain as he fell to the ground.

“There! I have helped you to solve it. You will never have any needs from now on!”

Shou turned and left the cannon fodder’s house.



Shou took the subway back home. Once he was home, he sat in front of the computer. As he typed codes, he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Shou and the cannon fodder had been together for four years. Even though the feelings were not as passionate and fiery as before, but Shou regarded the other party as his family.

Now, it seemed like he was the only one with such feelings.

Shou downloaded a dating app on his phone and searched for the social ID that the cannon fodder usually used. Immediately, unsightly naked photos came on screen. And the registration for the account was done 3 years ago.

Shou was pissed. He pushed back the tears that were forming in his eyes. ‘Pa pa pa’, he typed angrily, leaving a message: Bullshit, the dick is not even as long as my iPhone6.

Shou was heartbroken for more than a week and did not show interest in anything. There was resentment in his heart. This resentment that had been suppressed for a long time and he wanted to vent it out.

Shou searched the internet and found the location of a popular gay bar. After work on Friday, he took the subway to the gay bar to get a drink.

It was the first time he came to such a place. He used to think such places weren’t clean.

Who knew his own boyfriend was dirtier?

If that douchebag could be promiscuous, he could do it too! Shou, who was wearing a boring coloured checkered shirt, thought.



Shou ordered a cocktail with the lowest alcohol content. He sat at the bar and soon half an hour passed. Those around him who were alone gradually left in pairs. It was only him that was left completely alone.

Shou felt defeated. He could not even get a single hook up. No wonder he could not even retain his own boyfriend.

Actually, Shou’s looks was preferred by a lot of people in the gay circle. Just that his dressing was dull, and his aura was withdrawn.

On the other hand, all the other ukes were dressed up exquisitely and were enthusiastic in being bold and unrestrained. For example, the little guy behind him. He had been clinging on to a taller guy for a long time, his butt shaking like there was a motor attached to it. Seeing them, Shou wanted to go and open a room for them.

As for the man who was being clung on to, his face was blocked by the little guy’s head and Shou could not see clearly. He could only see that the man was wearing a white shirt. The buttons of the shirt had been undone till his chest, exposing defined muscles.

Shou subconsciously swallowed his saliva. He was thinking to himself, even a shirt could be worn so sluttily. Next time, he should also try.

Shou did not even try to hide his staring. The two people who were glued together like a suction cup to a wall, finally loosened at that moment. That way, the face of the man dressed slutty could be seen.

Shou took a first glance, thought he looked rather handsome.

Shou took a second glance and felt strange.

Shou took a third glance, his heart dropped.

Shou thought he had recognized the wrong person, so he scanned the person from head to toe again.

At this time, Gong also noticed Shou and gave him a blank stare. Then, a smile appeared on his face. Gong patted the little guy’s ass to let him go first. Then, he walked towards the bar with his wine glass in hand.

Shou frantically took his gaze away, pretending that he did not see anything. But in the end, he heard a voice whispering in his ear, “Why? Want to hook up with me?”

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