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If anyone heard Shen Qinglan’s pure English accent, they would be surprised. Such authentic English couldn’t be learned overnight.

Jin Enxi has always listened to Shen Qinglan. She was obviously older than her, but inexplicably, Shen Qinglan had such an aura that made others involuntarily want to surrender to her.

“Enxi,” Shen Qinglan said, “I asked you to forge my past identity, are you sure it is true and credible, and no one can find the truth?”

“Of course.” Jin Enxi replied, her face even had a bit of unhappiness because Shen Qinglan doubted her in matters of her area of expertise, “As long as the other party’s skill is not much higher than mine, and you don’t say it, no one can find your past. Moreover, when I forged your identity for you, there was indeed such a person, but that person died in an accident six years ago.”

Shen Qinglan was very clear about Jin Enxi’s ability, there might be people who were equal to her in this world, but if they wanted to go beyond her, they could only dream about it. Although the organization was cruel and ruthless, the skills they entrusted to them were solid. Everyone who was able to come out of that organization alive was not inferior to the masters in special forces carefully cultivated by a country. This was also the horror of that organization.

However, it was such a terrorist organization that was destroyed by Shen Qinglan’s own hands, and was buried in the sea with its leader.

“These remarks on the Internet are really an eyesore.” Jin Enxi looked at the webpage, and her baby face was a little tangled.

“Don’t worry about it, this matter will end soon.”

Shen Qinglan really did not expect this. After Zhao Dong posted the post, he saw that it caused such a sensation, but he was not satisfied, so he also wrote a real-name report letter to the leadership of the Education Bureau.

The person who saw this report letter was a small clerk from the Education Bureau. He had not experienced anything. When he saw this letter, he took it seriously and immediately handed it over to his own leader. The leader had been in this position for many years and had always wanted to be promoted but there was no chance. Now that the opportunity came to the door, he was not willing to let it go, he immediately took a few people to B University to investigate the situation.

Zhao Dong was opposite the school when the leader brought the staff members to B University to investigate the situation. He saw that the principal come out to pick up people and guessed that they should be someone from the Education Bureau. He was secretly happy, but it didn’t take long for him to see the person who had just entered coming out of with an angry expression, get into the car and drive away.

In the principal’s office, when the leader of the Education Bureau came, he first accused the principal of acting for personal gain and using power for personal gain, and then asked the principal to find Shen Qinglan and expel her immediately.

The principal with a smile on his face cooled down after listening to the little leader’s words. He didn’t even make tea for them, and while sitting and drinking tea leisurely, he listened to them talking in front of him.

This incident was originally Zhao Dong’s doing and he had no one to look for. If the people of the Education Bureau had spoken well, the principal was willing to tell them the truth, but their attitude, hehe…, let them investigate by themselves. If they had the ability, Shen Qinglan’s identity would be uncovered by them. It was them who were going anyway, so it was not him who offended the Shen family and the Fu family, he was not afraid.

The principal understood everything when the leader asked him to expel Shen Qinglan, the principal said, “No.” The leader was frustrated. Although he was not in a high position, he was also a leader in the Education Bureau. The principal didn’t have to give him a lot of face, but the principal treated him like this, so he left B University angrily.

Just when they wanted to investigate again, they received a call from the Director of the Education Bureau. They learned the truth from the Director. They almost wanted to bite Zhao Dong to death. They also gritted their teeth as they realized from his behaviour that the principal knew the truth but still hid it from them.

Let alone the leader being promoted this time, it would be good if he could keep his original post. He had nowhere to vent the depression in his heart, so the little clerk who sent in the report to him naturally became the party that was affected.

The golden rice bowl that was finally admitted was so gone.

It was too much trouble, naturally someone recognized Shen Qinglan, and there were many people who knew she was the daughter of the Shen family, and a phone call came to Mr. Shen.

Mr. Shen was furious. People who are not easy to get angry were terrible when they got angry. He called the Education Bureau. The leaders of the Education Bureau were surprised when they first received the call. After learning the whole story, they patted their chest to ensure that this matter would be dealt with properly. This incident would not wrong Shen Qinglan.

After hanging up the phone of Mr. Shen, the director immediately called the person below. When he heard that the people under his staff had already taken someone to University B, and there was a conflict with the principal of University B, he suddenly felt darkness appear in front of him.

He called the young leader to the office, severely criticized and educated him, and went to University B in person. Originally, he wanted to see the daughter of the Shen family and apologize to her, but she was not at school.

The director dared not call Shen Qinglan back now, because he didn’t want to see Old Man Shen getting angry. Although the Shen family was a military family, the military and politics were never completely separated since ancient times, and the network and influence of the old man could not be underestimated.

Also, the culprit of this incident, Zhao Dong, naturally could not escape. He was originally only given a warning and some disciplinary action. Now he was not only directly expelled by University B, but also prosecuted by the Shen family for defamation and spreading rumours. He needed to bear criminal responsibility.

When Mr. Shen knew, it was impossible for Shen Junyu not to know. He used the means to suppress the public opinion on the Internet, and immediately went to the most famous media in Beijing to issue a statement, stating that Shen Qinglan was the daughter of the Shen family.

“Ann, I didn’t expect that the Shen family’s work efficiency was so high, and things were suppressed so quickly.” Jin Enxi lay on the sofa as if boneless, brushing the news, and gnawing on the apple in her hand.

Shen Qinglan rubbed her brows with a little annoyance. Now that her identity had been exposed, it would definitely cause a sensation in school. She didn’t need to think about going to school in a short time.

As Shen Qinglan expected, after her identity was exposed, the whole school was in an uproar. The girl whom they thought was from a poor family turned out to be the daughter of a top wealthy family. This news was even more explosive than her being taken care of by others.

In fact, what Shen Qinglan didn’t know the real reason why the matter could be calmed down so quickly. The Shen family contributed a lot, but the Fu family also contributed a lot, especially Fu Hengyi, who had been paying attention to this matter, since the matter had begun to ferment. He called someone to suppress the news. Otherwise, even if it was only online, the newspapers would also have reported this news.

Fu Hengyi didn’t tell Shen Qinglan at all about these things. He thought that even if he couldn’t be by her side at all times, he could hold up a piece of sky for her and protect her as she liver her life peacefully.

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