RCFS Ch. 129: Smash 4

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“Well, yes, the old man said that the big eyes are distracting, and it is true.”

Brother Xiaoqing stiffly accompanied the smiling face. Although he was a bastard, he was also a bastard who kept his promise!

If he couldn’t beat her, he couldn’t beat her, if he called her his sister, he would call her his sister, there was absolutely no such thing as dissatisfaction in his heart, at best, he could only slander a few words to comfort his young and helpless heart.

“What do you want to play today, big sister? I will accompany you all the way, no matter what!”

Ye Yunxi touched the machine under him: “These things are quite expensive, right?”

Brother Xiaoqing couldn’t figure out, what Ye Yunxi meant by asking this question, so the only thing he could say was: “It’s okay, the new ones are only three or four thousand, and the second-hand ones are cheaper.”

Ye Yunxi looked at the equipment in the video game arcade. This video game arcade was not small, with three or four halls. There were more than a dozen or twenty pieces of equipment in one hall, some expensive and some cheap ones, and they cost about 100,000 yuan, so it must be 400,000 yuan for four halls, which didn’t seem to be too expensive.

“Well, big sister, why are you here today?”

Ye Yunxi looked at Brother Xiaoqing with a smile, “Smashing!”


Brother Xiaoqing thought he had misheard. Smash what? The video game city?

Hehe, how could it be, even if the eldest sister fought fiercely, these were all iron-skinned guys, how could she smash all four halls?

“I said, I’m going to smash this place!”

Brother Xiaoqing: “…”

Damn it’s not a hallucination!!!

But, but why do you want to make such a fuss?

Could it be that the eldest sister was sent by a competitor? Was it on purpose from the start?

Brother Xiaoqing trembled a little.

This big sister looked more like a gangster than him!

“Who is the boss here?”


Brother Xiaoqing was still in a daze.

Why do you have to notify in advance if you want to smash the video game city?

Tell the boss that I’m here to ruin your game, and then start a fight or something…

This method had gone out of fashion thousands of years ago, right?

Big sister, if you play like this, you will suffer!

“Discuss with him about smashing the scene.”

Brother Xiaoqing: “Haha…”

“Well, big sister, if I were you, I would smash it first, and then I won’t be surprised by the notification!!”

Ye Yunxi stared at Brother Xiaoqing inexplicably: “I want to requisition the venue for filming, what do you think I want to do?”

Brother Xiaoqing blushed and almost slapped himself!

It was to be used for filming! She was not here to seek revenge, you are a bastard yourself, so you think others are a bastard too!

However, filming?

Brother Xiaoqing’s eyes lit up: “The owner of this video game city is my brother-in-law, just wait, I’ll go and ask for you right away!”


Ye Yunxi smiled, that would be easy, maybe even 400,000 will be saved!


After a while, a fat guy with a big belly came over, looked Ye Yunxi up and down, and then looked back at Brother Xiaoqing.


“Yes, this is my eldest sister… um…”

The last big character didn’t say it, but the fat Zhang Le looked surprised.

Strange, when I married your sister, I didn’t hear that your family had another child?

“Yes, yes, sister!”

Brother Xiaoqing left a step for him, and only focused on the result, completely omitting the process of him identifying his sister.

Ye Yunxi didn’t take it seriously, shook hands politely, and went straight to the point: “I want to requisition the filming here for a few days, which may affect Boss Zhang’s business, but we will give the boss some compensation.”


Boss Zhang rubbed his stomach and continued to look at Ye Yunxi: “Are you still a student? You should ask your director to talk to me about this kind of thing!”

Was a child capable of making decisions?

Didn’t you come here to make a joke?

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