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After returning from the live broadcast of the National Day special, the network in the villa was disconnected by Luo Xiu.

Although Gu Nian couldn’t help but secretly hold her mobile phone a few times and want to take a look at the public opinion on the Internet, Luo Xiu seemed to have placed a positioning radar on her body. Every time before the data signal was connected, people were picked up first. After several times, Gu Nian finally gave up the struggle.

The BH media brokerage department urged the signing arrangement in a hurry, and Gu Nian finally seized the opportunity to come forward and negotiate with them but was rejected.

“The specific terms can be discussed at the company when you make an appointment.” Luo Xiu brushed away her finger very coldly and took the tablet back from her hand. “You can’t go online until the matter subsides.”

Gu Nian’s last **** were holding the corners of the tablet, her eyes looking pitiful: “I would be more upset if I didn’t see it. I would suffer from insomnia at night.”

Luo Xiu nodded, “Then come to my room tonight, I will put you to sleep.”

Gu Nian: T^T

The struggle was useless, and the tablet was taken away by Luo Xiu. After Luo Xiu and Qi Han contacted by phone, they fixed the signing time on Friday.

After making the phone call and returning to the living room, Luo Xiu saw the little girl sitting on the sofa with her hands on her knees, her chin resting on her legs, her expression mournful.

The corners of Luo Xiu’s eyes fell down, feeling both funny and helpless. He walked over, sat down next to Gu Nian, leaned over and touched Gu Nian’s head: “If I don’t let you go online, you would be so bored?”

Gu Nian lowered her eyes: “I’m afraid they will say bad things about me.”

Luo Xiu nodded: “Someone will definitely say.”

Gu Nian was horrified, raising her eyes and complaining: “You don’t comfort me, don’t let me watch, and even scare me?”

Luo Xiu smiled, raised his hand and hugged her whose little thoughts were left there. He pressed close to her forehead and sighed, “Because you are so easily scared, so I can’t let you look.”

Gu Nian pursed her mouth for a while and whispered with a guilty heart: “I think I am much better at accepting it now.”

“High sensitivity is a personality trait, and it is impossible to change the physiological structure of your brain.”

Gu Nian could not refute. Luo Xiu lowered his eyes, and his voice was soft and muted: “So what I can do is to protect you as much as possible and prevent you from contacting those who could hurt you.”


“And don’t worry, the BH Media Public Relations Department will have a special team responsible for your affairs, and their abilities are still good. It will not take long for this matter to calm down.”


After a long while, Luo Xiu raised his head before the girl spoke, “Why don’t you speak?”

Gu Nian was silent for a while and leaned on Luo Xiu’s shoulder: “If, I mean, if there are some bad rumors about my past on the Internet, then don’t believe it, just ask me, and I will explain it to you. Ok.”

Luo Xiu was startled.

He easily guessed what Gu Nian was talking about. In the second that he guessed, an irrepressible dull pain in his heart emerged.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyelashes to cover his gloomy eyes and pressed his voice restrainedly: “Don’t be afraid, nothing will hurt you anymore.”

Gu Nian stayed for a while and looked up at him: “Did you know it a long time ago?”

Luo Xiu: “I’ve heard of it.”

Gu Nian was a little restless, “That’s not true, I…”

“I know.” Luo Xiu hugged her, approached comfortably, kissed the corner of her lips, and repeated in a low voice, “I know.”


Gu Nian’s eyes were slightly red.

She froze for a while, leaned back on Luo Xiu’s shoulder, and her voice trembled, “No one believed me at that time.”


Luo Xiu’s eyes fell, his hands on her back tightened, and his voice was dumb: “That kind of thing will never happen again.”

Gu Nian endured her tears and nodded, “Yes.”

At dinner, Luo Xiu’s phone vibrated again.

Gu Nian noticed that the situation was different from the previous BH contacts. Luo Xiu’s eyes suddenly went cold after seeing the string of indistinguishable numbers.

And he didn’t pick it up, just hung up.

Gu Nian hesitated and asked softly, “Whose phone number is it?”

Luo Xiu restrained his emotions and raised his eyes gently: “It’s okay.”


During the following dinner, the phone vibrated several times again, and the frequency got higher and higher. In the end, Luo Xiu turned it to silent and shut off the phone.

Gu Nian couldn’t help reminding: “Do you want to blacklist the number?”

“No, I have something to discuss with this person.”

Gu Nian was startled, “Is there something urgent, why don’t you answer it?”

“He is in a hurry, I am not in a hurry.”


Seeing that Gu Nian was worried, Luo Xiu raised his eyes and smiled gently and harmlessly: “Don’t think too much, the opposite is a very **** person. This ‘trick’ is just a small matter compared to his previous actions.”

Gu Nian breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s the way. But if you deal with him, will it be bad for you?”

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.”

Gu Nian paused, nodded and chuckled, “Okay.”

At the end of the dinner, Luo Xiu finally picked up the phone from which he had missed calls in double digits. When he entered the tea room, the opposite phone happened to call in again.

Without Gu Nian’s presence, the cold and gloomy expression in Luo Xiu’s eyes was no longer hidden.

He picked up the call.

The voice on the other side was hoarse: “Mr. Luo has such a big air? You want me to call you all night before you answer it, right?”

Luo Xiu looked down indifferently, “I was giving you enough time to think.”

“Are you not afraid of late changes?”

“Chi Zesheng has changed?” Luo Xiu sneered sarcastically, “Do you think it is me who is afraid of stepping into a dead end?”

“If I really follow the path of death, you won’t worry about the price you will pay?!”

“I’m not afraid, why don’t you try that path now.”


On the other side of the phone, the shaggy Zheng Haolei stared with bloodshot eyes that showed that he hadn’t slept all night. He could fully hear that Luo Xiu’s usual gentle tone had already revealed a bit of viciousness.

He didn’t know what was going on, but the man suddenly took off the mask of the gentle gentleman, revealing the hideousness inside.

Zheng Haolei gritted his teeth: “Do you want to regret it? You obviously can retreat and only let me suffer the loss. Why are you driving me crazy like this!?”

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes expressionlessly.

After the deathly silence, his voice was low and he smiled softly: “It was just a small episode this afternoon, but it makes me want to…kill you at all costs.”


Zheng Haolei had never suffered such humiliation in his life, and his teeth almost broke.

Luo Xiu: “If it were not for my last scruples, the longer this matter dragged on, and the greater the impact it would have on her, then I would probably just blacklisted you and invalidated the agreement.”

Zheng Haolei clenched his fist, and said sternly, “Are you not afraid of my revenge on Gu Nian?”

Luo Xiu said coldly: “You won’t.”

“Mr. Luo trusts me so much?”

“Either two years ago or today, you Zheng Haolei have not changed at all, you are just a villain whose interests come first.”

“Wan, one, what? Do you want to bet Gu Nian’s life with me?”

“No, I’ll take care of my own,” Luo Xiu’s voice was like a thin ice blade, hiding the evil spirits in the cold shadow, “If you dare to move a little bit, I will personally…”

“Luo Xiu?”

The sudden sound coming from outside the door made the conversation in the tea room silent.

A few seconds later.

Luo Xiu looked back, and his voice had turned soft and gentle: “I’m in the tea room.”

“Ah,” she poked his head into the door of the tea room, “Are you on a call?”

“Well, what do you want me to do?”

“No no, I want to watch a movie upstairs with you.”

“Wait for two minutes, okay?”

“It is good!”


After the girl’s footsteps disappeared outside the door, Luo Xiu slowly lifted the phone back.

His voice had returned to indifference: “I have something to do, has Mr. Zheng considered it?”

“Did you give me a choice?”

“It’s a shame that you can’t die and break the net.” Luo Xiu smiled before his eyes, “Then I can only ask Mr. Zheng to be careful in the future.”

The phone went cold for a long time, when Zheng Haolei hissed and laughed.

“Haha, they also said that I am a lunatic… Compared with your gentle Luo family young master, I am really far behind!”


Luo Xiu hung up the phone with indifferent eyes.



The day when Gu Nian was going to sign a contract with BH Media.

The time was set at 2:00 in the afternoon. Luo Xiu had something to do and he had already left in the morning. Gu Nian took a nap and slept more than a little bit. After getting up to wash, she wore a mask and got in the car that Luo Xiu had arranged for her and rushed to BH Media.

The signing was arranged in a special conference room, and the two main persons in charge of the brokerage department were here, and they were very enthusiastic throughout the whole process, as if they wished to recognize Gu Nian as an ancestor.

The contract was clear. The electronic version of it had been seen by a professional legal staff, and the contract was completed in no time.

After it was over, Gu Nian came out of the conference room, and the person in charge surnamed Lu rushed to the door immediately: “Miss Gu, where do you live, shall I drive you back?”

“No need, I can myself…”

Before she could finish speaking, Gu Nian’s phone rang first.

She took out her mobile phone and said at the same time: “Sorry, I will answer the call.”

“No problem.”

The call was connected.

A familiar voice sounded on the other side: “Gu Nian, don’t come here unharmed?”

After a few seconds of silence, Gu Nian frowned: “Zheng Haolei?”

“It’s me.”

“What are you calling me for?”

“In half an hour, I will issue an official apology letter to clarify the slander and rumors against you that year.”


Gu Nian was taken aback for a while, frowning: “What is your purpose in the end?”

“Can’t it be me discovering my conscience?”

“Conscience?” Gu Nian sneered, “If you had this kind of thing, you wouldn’t have done that back then.”

“Haha, okay, I admit that I did not, as you and Luo Xiu said, I always put my interests first, so for those who have harmed my interests, not letting them bear the things that he least wants to bear is really not in line with my principle of life.”

Gu Nian squeezed her hand: “What are you trying to say? What does this matter have to do with Luo Xiu?”

“To be precise, I’m here to help you.”


“Gu Nian, aren’t you curious? You ran away from me, but did you think what kind of dragon pond and tiger’s lair you entered that would protect you so well?”


Gu Nian thought of something and her eyes trembled.

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