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The National Day special of “Gold Medal Screenwriter” ended hurriedly in a chaotic scene that neither the producer nor the audience expected.

As the scene in the center of Qingshi Square was out of control, serious accidents such as trampling and wounding almost occurred, thus BH Media also received serious warnings from relevant departments.

The crisis analysis and emergency plan were not well followed up, and the planning team suffered collectively. The vice president and upper executives stayed air-conditioned for two hours on the top floor. After returning, the producer turned into a volcano and erupted.

The Public Relations Department and the “Gold Medal Screenwriter” project team originally couldn’t escape, as the National Day special was full of troubles. At this moment, they were still anxious to hire people, so they could only feel guilty and meritorious.

And the party…

Amongst the overwhelming public opinion outside, Gu Nian took Luo Xiu back to the villa area without hesitation.

The next day, early morning.

The glass door was closed tightly, and the low-noise range hood was working quietly. Luo Xiu put the Bluetooth headset on his right ear and tapped twice on the phone screen placed on the marble cooking table: “You have ten minutes. Please keep your report as brief as possible.”

The other side choked for a second.

Qi Han made a decisive decision, skipping the ten-minute introductory greeting, and went straight to the topic: “The Public Relations Department and the “Gold Medal Screenwriter” project team have joined forces, please let Screenwriter Gu… Um, Miss Gu came to the company to participate in the public relations meeting. I hope she can cooperate with some officials and make an announcement.”

Luo Xiu washed his hands again and lowered his eyes. While dealing with the vegetables on the chopping board, he slowly responded: “That is her business, I have no right to decide for her.”

“But we can’t get through on the phone to Miss Gu?”

“Well, I suggested she shut it down.”


Qi Han used his three-year “coolie” experience to understand this “euphemistic” rejection without leaving room in tears.

“The second thing is that the brokerage department apparently discovered from yesterday’s live broadcast that you have a close relationship with Miss Gu. Last night, the two persons in charge alternately called and harassed me. We must arrange for them to finalize the brokerage contract with Miss Gu as soon as possible.”

The oven made a soft “ding”.

Luo Xiu walked over and put on heat-resistant gloves to take out the homemade cheese bread, but his voice remained steady: “It is her freedom to sign with which company.”

Qi Han burst into tears: “Boss, you didn’t say that yesterday.”

“What did I say.”

“Although you did not speak yesterday, you indirectly condemned us for not contacting Miss Gu in time to talk about the slow behavior of the screenwriter’s agency appointment?”

“Well, when did that happen?”


Qi Han glanced blankly at the screen of his mobile phone and made sure that he had not dialed the wrong number. Then he said strangely: “Isn’t that what happened before the live broadcast yesterday?”

“Then you think that after experiencing such a live broadcast accident, I can rest assured with my girlfriend signing with your company?”

Qi Han: “…”

This wave of ridicule choked Qi Han for five seconds.

Five seconds later, the person on the other side of the phone changed.

“Mr. Luo, it’s me Mr. Luo!”


Luo Xiu glanced at the phone.

The other side seemed to have guessed something, so Qi Han yelled: “Minister Lu squatted in front of my house early in the morning, it was not me who sold you out.”

Luo Xiu put down the baking tray, his fingers pausing: “Lu Weisheng?”

“It’s me, it’s me Mr. Luo!”

Luo Xiu frowned slightly.

He was good at dealing with most people, but Lu Weisheng was one of the few that made him feel a headache.

He was sincere and kind, but in his speechlessness, he didn’t know what to say, and his emotional intelligence was so low that the two words like face and euphemism never seemed to appear in his dictionary of life.

Sure enough, he picked up the phone and started.

“Mr. Luo, we had an overnight meeting with the head of the legal department to draw up the first version of the contract. On behalf of all my colleagues in the brokerage department, I beg you, you must bring back Ms. Gu’s brokerage contract rights. Planning development is too important for your wife!”

Luo Xiu took off the heat-insulating gloves and answered nonchalantly, “Although she is my girlfriend, I have no right to interfere with her choice.”

“No need to interfere! No need! Just do your best to exert beneficial influence on her!”

“Such as?”

“For example, relying on your beauty to dedicate yourself, to seduce her!”


The heat-resistant gloves were snapped on the cooking table.

Luo Xiu raised his eyes indifferently, before gently curling the corners of his lips: “Is this the plan your brokerage department came up with during the overnight meeting?”

“This has the highest return on investment ratio among all the plans. Of course, we have also considered adding alternatives and working together…”

Lu Weisheng was very serious and began to talk to Luo Xiu about how to cooperate with his sexual temptation plan to launch a heart attack.

Even with Luo Xiu’s patience, he couldn’t bear to hear him speak after half a minute: “Let Qi Han call me in an hour.”

After speaking, Luo Xiu directly hung up the call.

Coming out of the kitchen with the prepared breakfast tray, Luo Xiu happened to see his “sexual seduction object” coming yawning down the stairs before he arrived in the dining room.

Luo Xiu turned sideways and smiled, “Did you sleep well?”

“Very…well, it smells good.” Gu Nian leaned over and indulged in the smell of cheese for a second or two. She straightened up and touched the tip of her nose a little embarrassedly, “Obviously you have a bad stomach and are the one who needs to be taken care of, so why does it seem that I have become a rice bug?”

Luo Xiu smiled faintly: “Each one has their own duties.”

“Then I clean next time, can you not rush to do it before me?”

“Okay, come over for breakfast.”


Gu Nian followed Luo Xiu to the dining table and noticed Luo Xiu take off the Bluetooth headset, and asked curiously: “Did someone call you so early?”

Luo Xiu’s finger paused slightly, “It’s the person in charge of BH Media.”

“Qi Han?”


“What’s the matter with him looking for you so early?”

“Not looking for me, but for you.”


Gu Nian, who was holding a knife and fork fighting with cheese bread, raised her head blankly: “Looking for me?”

“BH Media wants to sign a contract with you.”

Gu Nian thought for two seconds, then nodded clearly: “Because of ‘Meng Zhi’, right?”

Luo Xiu paused.

Gu Nian caught a glimpse of Luo Xiu’s seemingly hesitant emotion, and asked in surprise, “Did they ask you something embarrassing you?”

Luo Xiu sighed softly: “In fact, before the live broadcast yesterday, BH Media was sure to sign a contract with you.”

“Huh? Why did you hesitate just now?”

“I know I shouldn’t say it, it will affect your judgment,” Luo Xiu smiled helplessly, “Sure enough, I still can’t restrain my selfishness.”

“Selfishness?” Gu Nian laughed, “Do you want to sign in the same company as me?”


Luo Xiu didn’t speak, he just raised his eyes and looked at Gu Nian deeply.

There was only a thin layer of paper between the truth and the lie. He knew that it would be broken, but he still didn’t dare to do it.

He had never been so afraid of a consequence.

Gu Nian finally struggled with the cheese bread on her plate to end the first stage of the struggle. She smiled and raised her head: “Don’t embarrass yourself, even if you didn’t tell me, I would definitely choose BH Media.”


“Only being in the same company, can I have a greater chance of becoming popular with you!”


Luo Xiu cast his eyes down and smiled, “Is your obsession with me becoming popular?”

“Of course,” Gu Nian said without even thinking about taking a bite of the bread, “I have dreamed of my baby goose becoming popular for the past two years.”

The sound stopped abruptly.

Gu Nian stayed for two seconds and looked at Luo Xiu carefully. The man on the opposite side had his eyes half drooping, his eyelashes slender and slightly raised, seemingly smiling.

Seems, he didn’t hear?

As soon as Gu Nian was about to breathe a sigh of relief, she listened to the knife and fork gently falling on the plate, Luo Xiu wiped the corner of his mouth with the napkin, took another sip of the water cup, and put it back silently.

Then he got up and walked around the dining table to Gu Nian’s side.


Gu Nian’s eyes moved stiffly with the person, and the cheese bread was swallowed loudly due to being too nervous.

Luo Xiu held the back of the high-back chair behind the girl with one hand, supported himself on the dining table with the other hand, and leaned toward her.

After Gu Nian realized it, she shrank back carefully and smiled stiffly: “You don’t, don’t wear glasses.”

“Yeah.” Luo Xiu stopped at a distance of about ten centimeters, smiling softly, “I can see clearly now.”

Gu Nian was nervously holding the table: “Why suddenly…”

“You just said baby, what?”


Gu Nian choked.

Then she slowly held up an innocent look: “If I tell you, can you forgive me?”

“Of course can.”

Gu Nian thought it was true, and when her eyes lit up, she opened her mouth and said: “The goose is in the circle.”

Suddenly warm lips approached her.

Gu Nian was stunned, the corners of her always curled eyes opened wide, looking as astonished as a groundhog.

Luo Xiu smiled dumbly: “Say it again.”

Gu Nian’s reason was gone, and she followed completely subconsciously, “Goose?”

The kiss was harder this time.

Luo Xiu smiled deeper, “Say it again?”


Gu Nian finally recovered, picked up the knife and fork to cover her mouth, and moved back several centimeters with a flushed face.

But unexpectedly, Luo Xiu brought the chair back in front of her.

The corners of his eyes were like peach blossoms dyed with spring breeze, and his pupils were so dark that they looked bright and charming, and they also seemed to have been aroused by deep desire. The superior chin line was lowered a little, nearly a centimeter or two to kiss the back of her hand.

“Dare to say any more.” The voice became a little more muffled.


Gu Nian covered her mouth and shook her head.

“You’re so timid,” the man lowered his eyes slightly, as if he was a bit regretful, “It’s okay, there is still a chance in the future.”

Gu Nian: T^T

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