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In the end Si Zhihan compromised.

Si Huang put on her hat and mask again and left the room with Qin Fan.

At the last moment, Si Zhihan noticed this tall man, he was obviously a person who should not be ignored, but he just came in with Si Huang, and he stood aside as if he didn’t exist.

Catching a glimpse of Qin Fan’s appearance, Si Zhihan was even more astonished. How could he ignore a man with such a figure and appearance?

It was a pity no one explained it to him.    

Si Huang went to do the bail procedures for Si Zhihan, and after everything was done, she smiled at the middle-aged police officer: “I’m sorry.”    

The man in the front was about forty years old, similar in appearance to Bai Qinglan, with a serious expression, wearing a pair of silver-rimmed glasses and a white windbreaker. Behind him followed two people, one was a lawyer and the other was either an assistant or a secretary.    

Si Huang knew this person, he was Bai Qinglan’s brother, Bai Mifeng, the CEO of Bai’s Pharmaceutical.    

The eyes of the two met for a moment, and then they passed each other. Si Huang’s footsteps did not stop at all, but Bai Mifeng slowed down, and then turned back to look at their backs.    

“Who are they?” Bai Mifeng asked the middle-aged police officer standing at the door.    

The middle-aged police officer shrugged, “On bail.”    

Bai Mifeng frowned in dissatisfaction, and did not continue to ask, “Where is Bai Qinglan?”    

“In the detention center.”    

“I want to see her.”    


This time, Bai Mifeng couldn’t hold back his dissatisfaction, and said coldly, “Even if one is a prisoner, I haven’t heard a case where family members can’t visit.”

The middle-aged police officer sighed, looking helpless, “Mr. Bai, this can’t be blamed on me, if you want to blame it, blame it on them for making a big deal, and it has already affected the upper levels.” He stretched out his finger and pointed to the sky, “The heavenly king says, and we little shrimps can only do it, otherwise people blowing a sigh of relief, can blow us to death.”

Bai Mifeng showed a surprised expression.

When he came here, he thought that this matter would not be easy to solve, and he understood the situation inside as quickly as possible, knowing that the accident of this matter had attracted the attention of some big shots.

However, their Bai family also had a backer, otherwise how would they dare to do such a thing, who knew that they could not even see Bai Qinglan? How powerful was the person behind this matter?

“Who is it?” Bai Mifeng asked.

The middle-aged police officer didn’t want to offend him too much, so he said, “I don’t know the details, but it must be the one in the capital.” He clenched his fist and gave a thumbs up.

Bai Mifeng’s complexion kept changing, and the figure that had passed by before suddenly flashed across his mind. At first, he felt a little familiar, but now he suddenly remembered a name.

His great nephew, Si Huang!

“The one who left before was Si Huang? Who was he bailing out?”

Faced with Bai Mifeng’s question, the middle-aged police officer still did not give a clear answer.

Bai Mifeng turned around immediately, striding towards the direction where Si Huang left.

It was just that he didn’t see the shadow of the other party when he reached the gate.

“He didn’t even say hello, was he afraid of being discovered, or was he ignoring me on purpose?” Bai Mifeng frowned.

Bai Mifeng didn’t find it strange that Si Huang ignored him, because their relationship was not good.

As the eldest lady of Bai’s pharmaceutical industry, Bai Qinglan’s status in the family was very ordinary. After marrying Si Zhihan, she didn’t have much contact with the Bai family. They got together only every New year and festival, so the relationship with the next generation was not close.

Bai Mifeng had always looked down on his brother-in-law Si Zhihan, thinking that he came from a grassroots background. Even now that he was the president of Fenghua Entertainment, the contempt still existed. He thought that for Fenghua Entertainment to have today, Si Zhihan had sold himself, and most of the credit was due to the Bai family. The impression of the two nephews was that the big one was inconspicuous and the small one was not outstanding, so they did not fall in his eyes. Naturally, the relationship was not much better.

Also because of this contempt, when the two met, Bai Mifeng did not recognize Si Huang.

Standing there for a while, not wanting to be recognized by passers-by, Bai Mifeng walked into his car and called the old man.

“Dad, I didn’t see Qinglan, and things are a bit troublesome…” After telling what happened before, Bai Mifeng heard the old man’s voice from the other end of the phone, “Got it, come back, don’t worry about it anymore.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Smuggling contraband is a personal crime and has nothing to do with the Bai family. From today onwards, there is no Bai Qinglan in the Bai family.”

“…I got it, Dad.” Bai Mifeng sucked lightly. He took a breath, then responded calmly, and hung up the phone.

Before the car started, he took one last look at the gate of the police station, a trace of pain flashed away in his eyes, and then he returned to indifference, showing no sympathy.


The driver stepped on the accelerator, and the car drove away.

At the police station at the same time, Bai Qinglan was sitting on the icy ground. When she saw a passing policeman, she immediately stood up and shouted, “I want to appeal, and I want to be released on bail. Go and inform Bai…”

“Don’t even think about it.”

The middle-aged police officer waved his hand to let everyone else go out and said to Bai Qinglan: “No one from the Bai family will come to bail you out. I just received a call. If you don’t want to hurt your relatives, you can write a confession and don’t mess around.”

Bai Qinglan sat down on the ground with a numb expression, “It’s impossible…it shouldn’t be like this…”

She didn’t understand why her life turned into this, as if the world was turned upside down overnight—her son was forced to go abroad, her husband went crazy, and she was sent to jail, with nowhere to go in and out.

These things seemed to be unconnected, but they continued just right, making Bai Qinglan feel like a shadow was covering her head, as if a pair of invisible hands were evilly manipulating everything.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She suddenly frantically grabbed her hair and beat her head.

“Hello?” The middle-aged police officer called out in surprise.

It was just that Bai Qinglan didn’t seem to hear it at all and seemed to have fallen into her own madness.

“Si Zhihan, you’re going to die! You’re going to die…Xiao Hua, come back and save mom!”

“Whoooooooooooooooo-brother? I did it!”


The woman cried and laughed for a while, but her expression was distorted and painful, looking very crazy.

The middle-aged police officer suddenly remembered the reports he had received before——Bai Qinglan had been abused for at least a month. It was best not to let her be emotionally stimulated.

He shook his head, turned and left.


The next day, Si Huang heard the news about Bai Qinglan’s suicide in fear of being convicted. She went to the police station to watch the video, saw the crazy woman, and didn’t say anything.

In this life, she still died in this manner, but it was several years earlier, and she suffered a physical and mental torture for several months that she had never endured in her past life. From Si Huang’s point of view, she didn’t know if it was enough revenge. But one thing was certain, for Bai Qinglan, she no longer had any extra feelings, whether it was resentment or hatred, and seeing her dying in the end, she had no ups and downs in her mood.

That was enough.

Si Huang smiled.

All she wanted was to be happy.

The next step was Si Zhihan’s transfer of Fenghua’s shares.

The case about Si Zhihan’s wife abuse had been suppressed, because Bai Qinglan committed suicide, and many people didn’t want to mention her again to avoid causing more trouble, such as the Bai family and Si Zhihan himself.

There was also Si Huang’s help here, which made Si Zhihan feel that this daughter really had feelings for him, maybe it was because she had longed for father’s love since she was a child. So, he decided to treat her better now, and after thinking about it, she will also take care of him well.

In fact, Si Zhihan didn’t believe in human feelings, because he himself was a person who played with feelings and didn’t take feelings seriously. He could believe that Si Huang valued affection and longed for family affection for him, but he didn’t believe that Si Huang would treat him well just for the sake of family affection. The biggest reason for believing in Si Huang was profit – once Fenghua was obtained, no one could resist the temptation of this huge profit, and would certainly not foolishly do things that could damage Fenghua, and scandals were one of the most serious problems for entertainment companies.

Si Huang had always had a good image outside, in order to maintain this image, she must show a filial side, otherwise the higher the altar she stood on, the worse she would fall.

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