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At this time, Si Huang returned to the Si family’s villa.

The servants inside greeted her respectfully, opened the door for her, helped her take off her coat and carried her scarf, then they brought tea and water.

In the living room, Si Zhihan was still sitting in a wheelchair, his legs were covered with thick and warm blankets, next to him was the lawyer whom he had seen at the police station yesterday, and behind him stood a young man who should be the lawyer’s assistant.

Si Huang sat on the empty sofa, saw the contract document on the table, and picked it up to read without their reminder.

There was nothing wrong with the other contents of the contract. The points that needed to be paid attention to were that she needed to support Si Zhihan and take care of her younger brother, and the most important point: Fenghua Entertainment must be passed on to the children of the Si family, and Si Zhihan had the right to decide the successor of the next generation.

Regardless of the gender, if the child born wanted to inherit Fenghua Entertainment, the surname must be Si.

This meant that if Si Huang didn’t want Fenghua to end up in the hands of Si Hua’s child, she would never find an opportunity to reveal her identity as a woman in her life. No matter what method she thought of, Si Huang laughed at him while watching, and her long eyelashes hid the mockery in her eyes.

Si Zhihan really did not disappoint her, the degree of selfishness could not be described in words, the only one who he loved in this world was himself forever.

Because Fenghua Entertainment was the result of his whole life’s hard work, he was so paranoid that no matter what, he must let Fenghua bear the surname of the Si family, so that everyone would remember that he was the founder of Fenghua Entertainment, and he could sacrifice any feelings or anyone for this.

No wonder there was a saying that the person who knows you best is either your lover or your enemy.

Before coming here, Si Huang guessed Si Zhihan’s mind absolutely inseparably, and she was not surprised after reading the contract.

When Si Huang put down the contract in her hand, Si Zhihan’s expression changed, and he couldn’t deny that he was still a little uncertain, “How is it?”

“No problem.” Si Huang smiled without any grudges.

This made Si Zhihan feel happy and feel a sense of security that everything was back under his control.

“Since there is no problem, sign it.”

Si Huang picked up the pen and turned it flexibly at her fingertips, not in a hurry to sign, “What about the share transfer contract?”

Si Zhihan raised his chin to the lawyer beside him without saying anything. The latter opened the document package that he had been holding all along and took out the contract that had been prepared.

Si Huang read the contract quickly, and after confirming that there was no problem, she signed both contracts without Si Zhihan’s urging.

Si Zhihan’s expression turned gentler, he signed the share transfer agreement like her, and said, “Let’s go to the company.”

The young personal nurse came over to help him push the wheelchair, during which time she secretly glanced at Si Huang several times, with a shy and affectionate expression on her face.

Si Huang didn’t seem to see it and held the two contracts in her hand.

Si Zhihan saw these interactions in his eyes, and a mocking sneer appeared on his face. Thinking of this outstanding child being controlled by him, his body and mind, which had been injured recently, felt happy, and his mood gradually became happy.

His smile regained some warmth and his previous self-confidence, and he thought to himself: Everything is moving forward, and the bad luck during this period should also end.

Several people left the villa compound, the driver went to drive, and Si Huang walked out alone.

Si Zhihan shouted: “Where are you going?”

Si Huang: “I have something to do.”

She walked out of the iron gate of the villa garden and saw a motorcycle parked by the roadside outside.

Si Huang walked over and handed him the contract of the transfer of shares in her hand, with a smile, “Please bring it over for verification.”

Qin Fan took it over, “What are you thinking?”

“If you give someone hope, then smash his hope and destroy his favorite thing with his own hands, his expression must be very vivid at that time, and he will have enough heart to bear the pain, so as not to be mad at death.”

She showed the same expression she had exposed in front of Si Hua back then. On a sunny day, her dark green eyes were bright and cold. Once they met, there was a coldness that seeped into the bones, which made people frightened, but it was also haunting. People could not look at it directly.

A stack of A4 paper documents was slapped on her head, but it didn’t hurt. Si Huang’s eyes flashed and she returned to her usual appearance. Seeing Qin Fan’s unhappy expression, his lips moved, and he uttered cold words, “I did this for you, not to make you fall! I will solve the messy things, just obediently be a student actor, don’t worry about these anymore.” Saying this, Qin Fan’s face was full of warnings: “Otherwise, you will look good!”

“Don’t worry,” Si Huang responded with a little fear, then she said love words naturally, “It’s better to miss you than to miss him.”

Qin Fan: “…less glib.” But no matter how fierce his tone was, his expression had already revealed his true emotions.

Si Huang thought it was funny, such a big man, in some respects, was unexpectedly innocent.

Sometimes she couldn’t help but feel a little anxious when she saw him.

“Si Huang—”

Si Zhihan’s voice came from behind.

Si Huang looked back and saw the car parked not far away, the window was opened, and half of Si Zhihan’s face poked out.

She withdrew her gaze and waved to Qin Fan, “I guess I’ll go back in the afternoon. Go back first after you finish your work.”

Qin Fan lifted his foot and got on the motorcycle, and said in an uncompromising tone, “I’ll pick you up.” When it was Si Huang’s time to answer, he drove away.

Si Huang looked at his back and pursed her lips into a smile. But the smile disappeared in a second, then she turned around and walked to the black car, opened the door and sat in.

“Your friend?” Si Zhihan, who was sitting on the side, asked in an unpredictable tone.

“Hmm.” Si Huang’s reaction was flat.

Originally, Si Zhihan wanted to ask more, but seeing Si Huang’s reaction that she didn’t want to say more, and the thought of inevitably arousing her disgust as soon as he decided to cultivate a relationship with her, he suppressed his thoughts, and then smiled: “It’s okay when looking at the appearance and temperament, is he a model? It’s nothing to make friends, but you should also pay attention to people’s backgrounds.”


Fenghua Entertainment Company.

This was not the first time Si Huang had come here, and it was no different from the entrance of the hall in the memory of her previous life. Walking on the smooth and bright marble floor, the mood was completely different from before.

In her former life, she was as a chained minion and beast, but in the latter she was about to control this area.

A large group of people rushed over in a hurry, and when they saw Si Huang and Si Zhihan who was being pushed in, they quickly lined up and bowed their heads to greet them.

“President, young master!” Amid such calls, several people walked into the special elevator together.

Secretary Wang was nowhere to be seen, but there were other secretaries. He received a call from Si Zhihan early in the morning and called a meeting of all shareholders.

The company employees met along the way would stamp their feet and bow their heads to say hello to them politely, and there were many celebrities and idols who were considered high above and difficult to touch by outsiders.

In such an environment, it was indeed very easy to inflate one’s arrogance and ambition, and one might become used to being superior to others. Once the benefits of fame, fortune and power were attached, it would be difficult to quit.

Si Zhihan first took Si Huang to visit several key places of the company, and then took him to his office, explaining carefully along the way, people who didn’t know would think that he was a good father.

This kind of scene also made all the employees of the company understand one thing – this was obviously a phenomenon to let Mr. Si Huang enter the company!

A female employee secretly took a photo and sent it to the penguin colony named ‘Your Majesty’s Knights’.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The sky pays off, the president finally woke up! It looks like His Majesty is going to be the young president soon!”

As soon as this photo was posted and these words were added, it immediately caused an uproar in the entire group.

Some people envied her working in Fenghua and being fortunate enough to meet Si Huang at close range; some people doubted the authenticity of this story, and some even raised doubts, didn’t Your Majesty say that she would start her own business, and even registered a company Fenghuang Entertainment?

Si Huang, who knew nothing about this, was standing in front of the panoramic French windows overlooking the scenery outside until a female secretary came in and reported: “All the shareholders of the board of directors have arrived.”

This meant that the board meeting could begin.

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