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In the spacious conference hall.

Si Huang walked in and saw everything inside at a glance.

The conference table was oval in shape, and there were five people sitting on each side, nine men and one woman, who looked not too young.

When they heard the sound of the door opening of the conference hall, they also instinctively turned their heads and looked at Si Huang with different eyes.

These eyes were both good and evil. Si Huang lowered her eyelashes and smiled just right, thinking that these old foxes must know what will happen next.

The personal nurse pushed Si Zhihan to the chairman position, and Si Huang naturally sat next to him.

“I called everyone here today to announce something…”

Si Zhihan looked around at the shareholders below and said straight to the point: “Because I am unwell, from today onwards, my eldest son Si Huang will manage the company on my behalf. He would hold my former position of the president.”

Although everyone present was already mentally prepared, not everyone could accept it, and voices of opposition came immediately.

“Xiao Si is only seventeen years old this year, maybe he’s not even eighteen. Isn’t it too early to manage the company at this age?”

“If Young Master Si is really interested, it would be good to start as a department manager first.”

“President Si is still young, so there is no need to give up his position now.”

Some people said something to each other, while some people remained silent. There was no objection. But no approval was also expressed.

“Papa——” The sudden applause caused the voices of several people to pause.

All the people present turned their attention to Si Huang who was applauding.

“Everyone might as well listen to me first.”

No one objected.

Si Huang smiled, put down her hands, pushed away the chair and stood up, then looking squarely at the shareholders in front of her, she said, “I’m not here to listen to your objections, but to inform you of the result.”

This statement caused commotion among the shareholders.

Si Huang raised her hand to tell them not to rush to speak, and still said in a calm tone: “Before coming here, your former president has already transferred all the Fenghua shares in his hand to me, that is to say, from today onwards, I am the president of Fenghua Entertainment Company, worthy of the name, and not a figurehead.”

There was another commotion, everyone whispered, and looked at Si Zhihan with disapproval.

“Boom!”, the muffled sound of the mineral water bottle hitting the table interrupted their commotion again.

The ten not-so-young shareholders all stared at the arrogant young man with wide eyes.

“I’ll say it again.” Si Huang paused, “Your objections are invalid. After leaving this meeting room today, you will still be doing what you did before, but the person above is me, Si Huang.”

“Get out if you don’t want to stay.”

Bang— a man with a big belly stood up angrily, pointed at Si Huang’s face and scolded, “What are you? A brat who sits and enjoys what he gets, do you know who is responsible for Fenghua’s stature today?”

“Si Huang, your attitude is wrong.” The only female shareholder frowned.

“President Si, handing over Fenghua to him will only ruin our hard work!”

“Si Huang.” Si Zhihan said flatly, “I know you want to be recognized by everyone earlier, but the method you used is wrong. It will be good to make the results in the future.”

Since he ‘reconciled’ with Si Huang, Si Zhihan recalled everything Si Huang had done during this period, and his satisfaction overwhelmed his anger, and he saw the potential of this child clearly. He even believed that as long as Si Huang was willing to work hard, it was not difficult for her to manage Fenghua well at this age. At this time, watching her provoke the group of shareholders to jump, not only did he not get angry, but he was even more pleased and joyful, just like the Supreme Emperor looking at a group of courtiers who were irritated, so what if you are in a hurry? Really willing to leave Fenghua, do you really dare to resist your superiors? Snort! Don’t think that he didn’t know the small actions of this group of shareholders during this period of time.

Si Huang didn’t answer Si Zhihan’s words, she just twisted off the cap of the mineral water bottle, raised her head and took a sip to moisten her throat, “I’ve said everything I want to say, whether to leave or stay, you can think for yourself.”

The shareholders present showed an expression of disbelief, some of them originally wanted to give Si Huang a slap in the face, but it was only at this moment that they realized that the new official took office three times, and the slap in the face was so arrogant and domineering.

Si Huang put down the water bottle, and said to Si Zhihan, “I’m going to visit the company.”

It was rare for her to take the initiative to talk to him, which seemed like a good sign to Si Zhihan, so with a fatherly smile on his face, he said, “Go ahead, ask Secretary Wu to follow you and show you the way.”

Si Huang didn’t refuse, she just turned around and left.

The female secretary who brought them here before was surnamed Wu, and she hurriedly followed behind her.

At the moment when she walked out of the conference room, Si Huang heard the sound of smashing the table and the roar of people behind her and raised the corners of her mouth in a happy mood. She could compete with professional models while looking like this.


Fenghua Entertainment had a complete set of equipment, newcomer training classes, manager groups, dance halls, recording studios, etc., which catered to singers, movie stars and idols.

Si Huang walked into the room which was jokingly called the “Hall of Glory” by the company’s employees. All the songs or video discs displayed in it were all classic works recognized by the people, and they had won several awards and entered the rankings.

The glory of Li Lisi was commemorated here, at the most eye-catching place, which had never been surpassed.

Si Huang walked to the center of the room without any pause and saw the song discs and trophies displayed in the glass cabinet.

She looked at the inscribed introduction about Li Lisi on the stone tablet under the glass cabinet. The cover of the album was a familiar beautiful woman, who looked the most beautiful at the best age.

“Young Master, is there a problem?” Secretary Wu’s voice interrupted Si Huang’s thoughts.

Si Huang shook her head, but her eyes were still on the glass cabinet in front of her, she stroked it with her fingers, and said silently in her heart: I will take you back right away.

“Young Master, this is Fenghua’s signboard. After more than ten years, her songs are still popular, and many young people also like to sing them.” Secretary Wu thought that Si Huang was interested in this, so she explained softly.

“It won’t be anymore soon.” Fenghua’s signboard or something… it won’t be anymore soon!


Si Huang withdrew her hand, turned and went to the next place.

Although there were many moths and messes in Fenghua Entertainment, there were also talents, and she wanted to get in touch with them personally.


It wasn’t until five o’clock in the afternoon that Si Huang received a call from Qin Fan, only to realize that it was almost time for dinner.

“I’m in the parking lot.” Qin Fan’s voice came from the phone.

“I’ll be right there.” Si Huang hung up the phone, transferred the files organized in the computer to her account, and after deleting the traces, she got up and left the president’s office.

As soon as Secretary Wu outside the door saw her, she immediately smiled courteously and said, “Young Master, are you going to eat? Does your father need to be notified…”

“No, I’ll go alone.”

Secretary Wu opened her mouth, still wanting to continue to get close to this young man who possessed all the elegance at a young age and had become worth hundreds of millions in an instant. However, the plain tone of the other party, as well as a faint look in his eyes, made her lose this courage, and she was secretly shocked: what she saw on TV was really different from the reality, she thought she was a gentle and gentlemanly boy, but he was unexpectedly powerful.

But it’s so handsome, so handsome, so handsome! To be able to face this face every day from now on, being his secretary couldn’t be better! Oh God!

Secretary Wu, who was not too old but not too young, couldn’t help screaming in her heart.

The style of painting had changed so much that it was absolutely impossible to tell from her serious and calm expression on the surface.

Si Huang, who passed by the secretary, felt a gust of cool wind blowing on her body, and couldn’t help shivering.

This scene was captured by Secretary Wu, seeing this, her eyes lit up a few degrees, and she secretly wished that she could take a picture of it, His Majesty who was shivering also looked cute!

At this moment, Si Huang suddenly stopped and looked at her.

Secretary Wu immediately restrained the emotion in her eyes and waited for his order with a more serious expression.

“Look for another company recently.” After leaving these words, Si Huang left without looking back.

Secretary Wu looked puzzled. Was this the task of Young Master or… Her eyes widened suddenly. Could it be that he was implying that he was going to fire her? What did I do wrong, Your Majesty, please don’t leave, give me an explanation so that I can understand even if I die!?

Si Huang didn’t know that his own reminder almost made a certain woman burst into tears. As a fake man, Secretary Wu would not be the first woman who was sad because of her, and she would definitely not be the last.

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