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Early the next morning, Yan Yan was woken up by Ji Juechuan.

In a daze, he picked up his phone to check the time, only to find that it was only seven o’clock in the morning.

His mind was groggy, and he wanted to sleep a little longer, so he played tricks on Ji Juechuan softly, “Husband, the Civil Affairs Bureau doesn’t open until 8:30, why don’t you sleep a little longer.”

Ji Juechuan pursed his lips, and directly grabbed his waist to help him up. When Yan Yan came back to his senses, he was already standing in the bathroom with a toothbrush in his hand.

He picked up the toothpaste and squeezed it onto the toothbrush, brushing his teeth sullenly.

He didn’t know why Ji Juechuan was in such a hurry. Did he have other things to do today?

With Ji Juechuan’s help, Yan Yan quickly tidied himself up.

A hearty breakfast was served on the dining table downstairs.

Aunt Zhang heard Ji Juechuan say that this morning he would go to get the certificate with Yan Yan, so she happily made a lot of nutritious breakfast items, saying that she wanted them to eat more, so that they would be more energetic when they went to take wedding photos.

“After all, a marriage certificate is a matter of a lifetime.” Aunt Zhang told them with a smile.

After breakfast, Yan Yan was brought into the car by Ji Juechuan.

The journey to the Civil Affairs Bureau went smoothly, there was no traffic jam, and the car soon stopped outside the Civil Affairs Bureau.

They first went to the photo studio next door.

Two outstanding-looking people walked into the photo studio, which attracted the attention of many people, especially when Ji Juechuan said lightly that they were there to take wedding photos, the clerk couldn’t help but look at their faces again and again.

Yan Yan casually stroked his hair in front of the mirror and sat next to Ji Juechuan.

After the photos came out, he realized that Ji Juechuan’s hairstyle was a little different from usual.

It seemed to have been styled on purpose.

Yan Yan secretly glanced at Ji Juechuan.

When he was woken up at seven o’clock, Ji Juechuan had already changed his clothes, and now he seemed to have done his hairstyle, how early did he wake up.

Did Ji Juechuan care so much about his own image?

When the photo was developed, the clerk held it in his hand and looked at it several times before handing it over to the two.

Although they didn’t dress up very much, both of them had good foundations. In the photo, one had sword eyebrows and starry eyes, and the other had red lips and white teeth. Just one glance made people unable to take their eyes away.

Before leaving, the store manager asked them if they could post the photos on the wall of the photo studio, Yan Yan quickly waved his hand and refused.

This was too dangerous, if the protagonist Shou and the protagonist Gong come here to take wedding photos in the future, and saw their wedding photos on the wall, it would be embarrassing.

Seeing that he refused, the store manager was obviously very sorry, but he didn’t say anything, which made Yan Yan feel a little guilty.

After getting the wedding photo, Ji Juechuan took him to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

He didn’t know when Ji Juechuan made the appointment. But after they walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau, the staff soon asked them to go in and register.

In less than half an hour, the two got the red book.

Until he got in the car, Yan Yan was still staring at the bright red marriage certificate in his hand, a little in disbelief.

He just got engaged yesterday, and today he got the certificate from Ji Juechuan, which was too efficient.

He didn’t know what Ji Juechuan was thinking. He put out all the things in his suitcase before, and now he had to get a certificate with him.

When he was about to leave, he would not only have to pack his suitcase, but also have to go to apply for a divorce certificate with Ji Juechuan.

He didn’t know if the plot in the book was the same, Yan Yan only remembered the general development of the plot, but didn’t remember the details.

If it was written like this in the book, he would understand why Ji Juechuan did this. Probably because of the force majeure of the plot, just like he couldn’t avoid the engagement banquet.

Yan Yan propped his chin and began to think about why such a plot was arranged in the book.

Wasn’t this adding to his role as cannon fodder?

The sky was clear outside the car window. When the car stopped at the traffic light, he saw a stray cat hurry past with its tail between its legs. He wondered if it had fallen into the water. Its fur was wet and it looked very pitiful.

Yan Yan was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly understood why such a plot might have been arranged in the book.

Wasn’t the so-called cannon fodder used to slap the face and set off the protagonist, adding excitement to the plot?

If he walked too chicly, the protagonist would lose face, and the plot would not look good enough.

That’s why when the author wanted to let him go, id he not only had to apply for a divorce certificate, but also had to pack his suitcase pitifully, he would look more pitiful than a stray cat that had been driven away.

Yan Yan felt that he had guessed the truth and shook his head triumphantly.

Since this was the case, then even if he obtained the certificate with Ji Juechuan today, the plot of his being kicked out should not be far away, so he might as well add fuel to the flames.

Yan Yan thought about a lot of things, only to realize that Ji Juechuan had been quiet since getting in the car.

He turned his head and took a look, only to see that Ji Juechuan was just like him, staring at the marriage certificate in his hand, his dark eyes bottomless.

With that concentrated look, he thought he was reading some important documents.

It was the first time Ji Juechuan saw a marriage certificate, so he was a little curious.

The two had their own concerns and did not speak in the car.

When he got home, Yan Yan immediately ran upstairs to take out a pen and paper and began to make plans for himself.

He thought that acting like a baby with Ji Juechuan a few more times a day should make the plot develop faster.

After tapping the pen on the table a few times, Yan Yan wrote down his coquettish plan seriously on the white paper.

“Act like a baby five times a day”

“Hold three times a day”

“Vex him twice a week”

After writing these few items, he felt as if it was no different from before.

He thought for a while, blushing and added one at the end.

“Kiss once a day”

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Ji Juechuan: Is there such a good thing?

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