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Facing Ji Juechuan’s eyes, Yan Yan felt guilty for no reason, and unconsciously substituted himself into the “wife” who was about to run away.

But soon he reacted again.

According to the book, he and Ji Juechuan would have a peaceful “breakup”, and Ji Juechuan would give him a huge amount of compensation, how could it be called running away?

Thinking of this, he didn’t feel guilty anymore, and even smiled at Ji Juechuan, acting as if he didn’t care about what that person said at all.

The person who said this was pushed by the person next to him, and his mind cleared up after being drunk. He knew that it was inappropriate for him to say such a thing at someone else’s engagement banquet, so he quickly raised his glass to apologize to the two of them.

The people next to him also spoke for him: “Don’t listen to this kid’s nonsense, he drank too much. You are so affectionate, it will definitely last for a long time.”

Only then did Ji Juechuan look away from Yan Yan, “It’s okay, I won’t take it to heart.”

Yan Yan saw the gentle expression on his face, but somehow felt a little chilly.

Especially when Ji Juechuan glanced at him just now, he always felt that there seemed to be some deep meaning.

It could be seen that Ji Juechuan’s perfectly curved lips and calm black eyes seemed to have really not taken what he just said to heart.

He must have thought too much.

After toasting everyone, they could finally rest for a while.

After the two had lunch, they met with the guests at the end of the banquet, and finally ended all the procedures in the afternoon.

Yan Yan was tired all day, so he felt sleepy in the back seat while coming home, almost falling asleep a few times, but woke up when his head was about to hit Ji Juechuan.

After going back and forth a few times, Ji Juechuan stretched out his hand to embrace him and let his head rest on his shoulder.

This posture made Yan Yan more comfortable. He was just about to sleep peacefully, but Ji Juechuan’s next words woke him up like a thunderbolt, making him suddenly lose sleepiness.

“Let’s go get the certificate tomorrow.”

Although he was asking for his opinion, Ji Juechuan’s tone was flat, as if he was not asking him at all, but telling him.

Yan Yan straightened up his shoulders, his eyes narrowing slightly, “Tomorrow?”

“Hmm.” Ji Juechuan looked at him, “Are you busy tomorrow?”


Ji Juechuan didn’t speak anymore, it seemed that he had already decided to get the certificate tomorrow.

Yan Yan lost all his sleepiness, turned his head and stared out of the car window, pretending to be looking at the scenery outside, but his eyes were empty.

He thought it would be enough to get engaged today, but he didn’t expect to have to get a certificate with Ji Juechuan.

Then when he was about to leave, wouldn’t he have to apply for a divorce certificate with Ji Juechuan again?

Thinking of one more troublesome thing he would have to do when he left, Yan Yan became a little depressed, and began to rack his brains to think of ways to delay obtaining the certificate.

It was a pity that the excuses he came up with were too far-fetched. He didn’t come up with a reasonable excuse until the car drove to the door, so he had to give up.

After returning home, Ji Juechuan didn’t mention the matter of obtaining the certificate again, but when he was about to go to bed at night, he suddenly asked: “Is the ID card and household registration book ready?”

Yan Yan didn’t take the matter of obtaining the certificate to heart at all, so he naturally didn’t look for the ID card and household registration book, so he shook his head.

“Take it out first, don’t delay tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll take it tomorrow, I’m so sleepy.” Yan Yan hugged the quilt pitifully.

Ji Juechuan stood by the bed and watched him for a while, but didn’t pull him up, “Where is it, I’ll get it for you.”

Yan Yan pushed away the quilt, and slowly got off the bed, “I’ll bring it myself.”

He had secretly put some things in the suitcase recently, it was better not to let it be seen by Ji Juechuan.

Under Ji Juechuan’s gaze, he walked slowly out of the door and went to the room where the suitcase was kept.

Yan Yan put his ID card and household registration book in the small interlayer of the suitcase before, so he unzipped the small zipper, and was about to take out all the documents when he suddenly thought of an idea.

After Yan Yan left the room, Ji Juechuan also took out his account book.

As soon as he closed the drawer, Yan Yan came back biting his lip.

Seeing his expression, Ji Juechuan paused, “What’s wrong?”


Yan Yan blinked vigorously, then his slender eyelashes flickered a few times, forcing his eyes to turn red, “I can’t find my household registration book.”

Seeing his red eyes, Ji Juechuan couldn’t help frowning, so he first pulled him to the side of the bed and made him sit down, then he said “it’s okay” in a deep voice before realizing what he said.

His eyebrows furrowed even tighter in an instant.

“Why is it gone? Did you leave it at home?”

Yan Yan was afraid that he would let someone go to Yan’s house to pick it up, so he sniffed and shook his head, “I brought it here, but I couldn’t find it just now.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you find it.” Ji Juechuan stroked his hair, stood up and prepared to help him find it.

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly followed.

Seeing him follow, Ji Juechuan thought he was worried, and comforted him: “If you can’t find it, I will accompany you to make it up tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” Yan Yan answered him in a low voice.

His suitcase was opened by Ji Juechuan, and everything inside was exposed to the light.

Ji Juechuan glanced at the new clothes he bought before, the dolls that were pulled out of the claw machine, and some things that he took out before, and Yan Yan had put back at some point.

He stared for a moment, and a strangeness in his heart flashed past.

But the most urgent thing was to help Yan Yan find the household registration book. He didn’t linger on those things but opened the interlayer of the suitcase to have a look.

After checking all the mezzanines one by one, there was no trace of the household registration book.

Ji Juechuan was silent for a while, because if they went to make up for it, they would have to wait another week.

He and Yan Yan would then have to wait another week to get their marriage certificate.

Although he felt a little uncomfortable, Ji Juechuan still zipped up the small zippers on the interlayer and was about to close the suitcase.

Suddenly, he noticed a doll in the suitcase.

The doll was wearing handsome clothes, but the clothes were a little bulging, as if stuffed with cardboard.

He paused and picked up the doll.

When Yan Yan saw Ji Juechuan picking up the doll, his heart rose in his throat.

He saw his bony hands touch the doll’s clothes a few times, and then as he began to undo the small buttons on the clothes.

Soon, the dark red corner of the household registration book was exposed from the doll’s clothes and was pulled out by that slender hand.

The air went quiet for a moment.

Ji Juechuan stared at the household registration book in his hand for a while, then looked at Yan Yan who was standing aside, raising his eyebrows.

“Did it go into the doll’s clothes by itself?”

Yan Yan bit his lower lip and let it go until it turned red, “I put it in before, but I just forgot.”

Ji Juechuan didn’t say anything, just took his household registration book and went back to the room.

“Go to bed early and get up early tomorrow.”

After returning to the room, he stretched out his hand to him again, “Leave the ID card here too, I’ll keep it together.”

After a pause, “So that you don’t leave it anywhere.”

Yan Yan quietly puffed up his face.

He felt that Ji Juechuan was connoting him.

Putting the ID card in Ji Juechuan’s hand, Yan Yan lay back on the bed.

After all the trouble just now, it was getting late, so he slowly closed his eyes, and when he was about to fall asleep, he heard Ji Juechuan leaving the room.

After being tired all day, he no longer had the energy to think about what Ji Juechuan was doing out of the room, and soon fell asleep.

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