LGHIHW Ch. 25: Arc 1.21

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7480 was seriously provoked by Zhuang Li, and with a cold snort, it raised the decibels of the noise to an unbearable level.

Xuan Ming, who was closest to Zhuang Li, almost covered his ears and moaned. For a moment, he felt that his brain was about to boil. This was a resonance phenomenon caused by infrasound waves, which was the same principle as microwave heating.

That was to say, the human brain was like an egg in a microwave oven surrounded by infrasound waves. When the resonance reached a certain level, the egg could explode with a bang.

Xuan Ming held his forehead, silently gritted his teeth and endured, while not forgetting to turn his head to look at the little curly hair.

Zhuang Li’s footsteps came to a sudden stop, but his voice did not show the slightest pain: “Dad, you wait for me in the car, I’ll go and see off President Xuan.” He threw the car keys over casually.

These were the keys to a Rolls-Royce! Zhuang Dahai rushed to pick it up, and in his panic, he didn’t realize that his son’s face was paler than paper.

Xuan Ming originally wanted to send Xiao Curly to the villa and stay for a meal, but at this time he couldn’t speak. He understood that it was false to send him away, and it was true that he wanted to find a place to hide the pain slowly. Little curly hair didn’t want his father to worry about him, he was really filial.

Zhuang Dahai happily rushed towards the Rolls-Royce, but Zhuang Li turned around and pushed Xuan Ming towards a green belt. If it weren’t for the handles of the wheelchair that were supporting the weight of his entire body, he might not be able to take a few steps and would have collapsed.

Xuan Ming could hear his heavy breathing, and when he tilted his head slightly, the blue blood vessels floating on the back of his pale hands came into view.

When the two arrived at a secluded place, the several bodyguards tried to surround them, but Xuan Ming waved them away. Xiao Curly must not want more people to discover his embarrassment.

Zhuang Li walked around the wheelchair and stood face to face with Xuan Ming, with his head tilted towards the flower bed and slightly lowered.

7480 laughed strangely in his mind: “Host, do you feel comfortable? Do you want me to increase the frequency? Oh shit! Host, you have a nosebleed, can it be me? Hehehe…”

Two lines of blood flowed from Zhuang Li’s nostrils. Because he had already posed, the blood dripped down his chin onto the green belt and did not stain the expensive silver-gray suit or pollute the road.

Xuan Ming’s eyes were deeply hurt by this scene. He hurriedly took out a packet of tissues from his trouser pocket and handed it over, and was about to ask, but he saw the little curly wave his hand lightly, and there was a cold rejection in the long and narrow eyes squinting over.

Xuan Ming closed his mouth, but the muscles on the sides of his cheeks tensed up.

“Do you know how I succeeded in starting a business?” Xiao Curly refused to ask, so he didn’t ask, but he still wanted to say something.

Zhuang Li looked down at the dripping nosebleed silently, as if he was not interested in his topic.

Xuan Ming continued: “I was very ambitious at the beginning. When I first founded Haiming, I wanted to have a hand in all businesses. I not only made computers, but also made notebooks, and also developed hot products such as mobile phones and MP4s. But the more I was like this, the bigger the loss the company faced, and the more I wanted to get involved in any field, the more I couldn’t do well in any field. I also rejected my family’s investment, always thinking that I could do it on my own.”

“Later, I went through bankruptcy and was in debt of more than 80 million yuan. I lost the money I earned doubly.” Xuan Ming took out an exquisite cigarette case from his jacket pocket, but did not dare to open it, just holding it in his hand and playing around.

He looked into the distance and sighed: “80 million, I couldn’t pay it off, so I could only run home to ask for help. Later, I got 50 million investment from my father, cut off all other projects, and started with the simplest integrated circuit board, but it slowly helped Haiming up.”

He shifted his eyes back to the pale face of the little curly hair and sighed: “I can see that you are in a bad state now, and you should have encountered difficulties. I want to tell you that when your ability reaches its limit, the best choice is to compromise, not to hold on. As long as the person is still there, there is always a chance to come back, don’t you think?”

7480 applauded like a seal, “The mission objective is too correct! Take a good look at the host, there is a reason why someone can become the richest man, you should learn more from him.”

At the same time, it raised the decibel level again.

As if he was used to such mental injury, and seemed to have bled all the blood that should be shed, Zhuang Li was slowly wiping the tip of his nose, lips and jaw.

He gathered the paper towels covered with bright red stains into a ball, threw them into the trash can beside him, turned back, supported Xuan Ming’s wheelchair with both hands, lowered his waist, lowered his head slightly, and looked at Xuan Ming very closely.

Xuan Ming seemed to be surrounded by him, and his whole body went stiff. He was used to being a superior, but it was the first time he was imprisoned with such a strong posture.

“After a person’s head is cut off, his consciousness can still survive for a few seconds. Do you know that?” Zhuang Li looked into his eyes deeply and asked softly.

Xuan Ming was forced by his constant bloody breath, and almost turned his head up to dodge. But immediately, he was frozen in place by this extremely weird question.

“I know, so what?” His eyes were full of doubts. This question seemed to have nothing to do with what they had discussed before.

“So, how did you come up with this scientific argument?” Zhuang Li raised the corners of his red lips.

Xuan Ming was dazed by his weird smile for a second, and then dazed by this question again. Yes, how did he come to this conclusion? Had anyone done an experiment?

Thinking of this, Xuan Ming suddenly felt a chill.

Zhuang Li not only raised the corners of his lips, but also raised his slender eyebrows, “Yes, as you imagined, someone did an experiment, and they still did it with their own head.”

He got closer, and said with a wicked smile: “A biologist named Lavoisier was framed and sentenced to death. Before he went to the guillotine, he was going to use his life for the last experiment, so that he could answer the biggest question entangled in his heart – whether people will be conscious after death.”

Zhuang Li pointed at the ends of his eyes with his slender fingertips, and his voice was low and soft: “He made an agreement with the executioner that if he was still conscious after he severed his head, he would blink, and the executioner would count for him. How many times did he blink?”

“Guess what happened?” Zhuang Li tilted his head slightly, staring at Xuan Ming’s pupils without blinking.

Xuan Ming held his breath and asked, “What was the result?”

Zhuang Li raised his lips, and his voice was brisk: “In the end, he blinked a total of eleven times, and used his own life to prove an argument – when a person’s head is cut off, there will be four or five seconds of consciousness remaining.”

Xuan Ming sat stiffly in the wheelchair, but it seemed as if he had stepped into another world through those long, bottomless eyes that were close at hand. That world was full of mystery, but also full of the brilliance of science.

He looked at him almost obsessively as if he had lost the ability to speak.

Zhuang Li laughed softly, straightened his waist at the same time, and said slowly: “So you see, for those of us who engage in scientific research, the pursuit of the unknown and the truth is everything. In our world, there is no such thing as compromise.”

It turned out that the little curly hair was waiting here! Xuan Ming let out a long, cautious breath, but a thin layer of goose bumps had appeared on the surface of his skin.

Before that, he never felt the charm from others, so his gaze never stopped for anyone. But now, he suddenly comprehended such a word without a teacher—brain power is sexy.

The young man standing in front of him was so sexy that people dared not look directly at him. He was indirectly telling him that even if his head was cut off and his life was gone, he would not compromise with the system in the slightest. He would use scientific methods to pursue his own truth and solve unknown mysteries.

Xuan Ming turned his head away, sighed silently, but quickly laughed lowly.

Little curly hair was worthy of being the little curly hair.

The 7480 who heard this conversation became dumb, and the harsh noises were also reduced by a lot of decibels. It was said that evil spirits were only afraid of evil people. From a certain point of view, Zhuang Li was indeed more evil than the system.

Zhuang Li took out his mobile phone and straightened his curly hair looking at the side of the screen. Feeling handsome again, he waved his hand and said lazily, “Goodbye, Mr. Xuan. I hope my laboratory will be fully prepared tomorrow.”

“Goodbye.” Xuan Ming turned the wheelchair and watched him leave.

Zhuang Li walked a few steps, but he seemed to think of something in the middle, so he turned back: “Yes, to correct one of your remarks, although I have fallen into a certain predicament, my limit is far from being reached. Things like the ceiling, it doesn’t exist for me.”

He looked at the lofty sky above his head, smiling very comfortably, but also very arrogantly.

Xuan Ming froze on the spot and shook his head and smiled lowly after the feeling of his blood boiling gradually subsided.

The little curly hair got on the Rolls-Royce and drove away without a trace. Xuan Ming blinked his dry eyes, then took out his mobile phone to make calls again and again, speeding up the pace of purchasing experimental equipment.

Some equipment was only produced abroad, and the supply was scarce, so he just added money, and the price doubled and doubled without blinking an eye. Because he knew that the earlier the laboratory was built, the earlier the life of the little curly hair would be saved.

He was busy until four or five o’clock in the morning, and the equipment on the list was finally purchased, but the total investment far exceeded 1 billion US dollars.

The manager of the purchasing department broke out in a cold sweat when he submitted the report but found that the president nodded in satisfaction without a word of reprimand.

So when he went to work the next day, Zhuang Li saw a brand-new laboratory equipped with several assistants with doctoral degrees in medicine.

“I won’t ask what you’re doing in the lab or whether you’ve had any results. It belongs entirely to you. I just want one privilege.” Xuan Ming said with dark circles under his eyes.

In order to build the laboratory, he had been busy all night, but he also knew that the Xiao curly was also suffering from sleeplessness and pain.

“What privilege.” Zhuang Li flicked lightly over the LCD screen of a scanner, his eyes full of satisfaction.

“I want to visit you in the laboratory at any time.” Xuan Ming quickly added: “Don’t worry, I will never disturb your work.”

Zhuang Li didn’t even think about it and agreed: “Yes.”

Xuan Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He was really worried that Xiao Curly was the kind of weird scientist who liked to hide in the basement alone to do experiments, so that he couldn’t keep an eye on his safety in time.

In fact, on the same floor as the laboratory, he also arranged a medical room, which was equipped with the most advanced medical equipment in the world and the best medical team in China. Once something happened to the little curly hair, they would rush to treat it as soon as possible.

Xuan Ming was tired all night, but he didn’t plan to go home to catch up on sleep, but insisted on staying, wanting to see how the little curly hair would catch the system.

To be honest, he was very clueless.

7480 also smiled strangely: “Host, I checked these devices carefully just now, and they are indeed the most advanced instruments at this stage. But I have to tell you a cruel fact, you can’t catch me with them alone, in fact you can’t even touch me. There is a gap as deep as the Mariana Trench between me and these instruments.”

Zhuang Li didn’t answer, but just turned on a machine called TMRI silently, put the electrode pads on his temples, eyebrows, forehead, back of the neck and other parts one by one, and started testing.

Immediately, a graph of brain waves appeared on the TMRI’s display screen.

Zhuang Li connected it to the computer, scanned and stored these waveforms that could change several shapes every second and stored them in the database.

7480 was silent, and then asked: “Host, what are you doing?”

The answer was a sneer from Zhuang Li’s lips.

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