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“Sneeze!” Xiao Jing rubbed her nose and couldn’t help but sneeze for a long time. Did she catch a cold after soaking in water?

“Dong dong dong.” Methodical footsteps lingered in the corridor.

Xiao Jing held her breath and listened to the movement outside the door.

Military boots creaked as they stepped on the old floorboards, and finally slowly the sounds disappeared from the corridor.

After making sure that the visitor had left, she hurriedly threw a pile of duck bones into the trash can, lay down on the bed as she had eaten and drank enough, touched her belly, and looked satisfied.

Shen Chengfeng stood at the end of the corridor, looking narrowly at the closed door, smelling the faint scent of meat in the air, his gloved hands curled up unnaturally.

It was very interesting. The Xiao family was really interesting, and this Xiao Jing was even more interesting.

The Xiao family seemed to take special care of the Fourth Young Master Xiao who had never been mentioned before!

The excess light of the sun was blocked by the big trees, and small fragments of light rushed out from the cracks in the trees. All the recruits lined up in a row and stood in the playground with their heads held high.

Qi Yue walked in front of everyone with a smile, and finally stopped in front of Xiao Jing, looking at him meaningfully.

Xiao Jing didn’t know the instructor’s intention and waited patiently for his lecture.

Qi Yue deliberately circled Xiao Jing twice and said, “Do you know why I suddenly agreed to your return to the team?”

Xiao Jing shook her head hesitantly, “I don’t know, asking for the instructor to clarify.”

“You exceeded my expectations. Unexpectedly, the War Wings are not an ordinary force. It is already remarkable to be able to escape from their encirclement, not to mention that you also annihilated several people from the opponent. This achievement makes me impressed.”

Xiao Jing was stunned for a moment, looking at the hypocritical smile on Qi Yue’s face, should she tell the truth that this battle had nothing to do with her?

Qi Yue patted her shoulder solemnly, “As expected of a member of the Xiao family, your on-the-spot combat ability is no less than that of a regular member of the team.”

Xiao Jing’s eyebrows twitched. Wasn’t he setting a trap for her by saying this? If she said that she was just there to make up people, she would definitely lose the Xiao family’s face. If she didn’t admit it, wouldn’t she be trying to make a fool of herself?

“How about this, Second Lieutenant Xiao, let’s practice the process for the next training?”

As soon as he finished speaking, all eyes in the audience fell on the petite Xiao Jing.

Xiao Jing was in a dilemma, becoming more and more certain that the instructor was jealous of her touching and kissing the captain at close range, so he became angry and wanted to take revenge.

This military camp was really full of scheming!

“Show off your aura of being the one in charge.” Qi Yue’s voice echoed loudly in the playground.

Xiao Jing was forced to pick up the pistol. She looked at the capacity of the magazine, which contained fourteen bullets. There was also a sharp blade, which was fully equipped.

“How about I be your enemy?” Qi Yue took off his hat and smiled even more.

“Instructor, I request to spar with Xiao Jing.” Jiang Si took a step forward from the team.

Qi Yue nodded, “That’s okay. After all, if I go on the field, it will be like bullying the younger generation. You are all new recruits, and your ranks are not much different.”

Xiao Jing looked at the menacing Jiang Si and couldn’t help but curse, “The ranks are not much different, are you myopic? He is obviously a few ranks higher than me. Compared with him, isn’t it obvious that I will be killed? You are really jealous of my beauty.”

“Young Lieutenant Xiao, please don’t show mercy and I will also do my best.” Jiang Si selected his weapon and entered the combat zone first.

Xiao Jing had just entered the combat zone when a bullet landed directly in front of her feet, only a foot away from her body.

Provocation, absolute provocation!

Jiang Si stood at a high place, the corner of his mouth raised a little proudly, and he raised his fingers at Xiao Jing, “This is a battlefield, we are enemies, Second Lieutenant Xiao, please don’t show mercy.”

Xiao Jing clenched her gun and fired, then she jumped over the wall and quickly found a bunker to cover herself.

“Bang!” The sound of the bullet echoed in her ears.

Xiao Jing knew that Jiang Si was probably provoking her to lure the snake out of its hole.

“Bang!” The bullet grazed the wall next to her and bounced into dust.

Xiao Jing wiped the dirt off her face and paid attention to the movement on the other side through a small gap.

When Jiang Si faced Xiao Jing, he was naturally confident of victory. In his eyes, Xiao Jing only got the position based on her family background. Putting aside these, he couldn’t even compare with those ordinary guards.

As for winning against War Wings, he believed that it was the captain’s own effort and had nothing to do with him, Xiao Jing.

“Come on, aren’t you very powerful?” Jiang Si fired his rifle arrogantly, as if he had already predicted that Xiao Jing would not dare to take action.

Xiao Jing was forced to hide behind the bunker, waiting for the opponent’s crazy behavior to stop. Although this was not a real gun, the pain caused by hitting her body was no different from that of a real gun.

Jiang Si walked and shot at the same time. He wanted to control the small prey within his range so that he had nowhere to hide.

Xiao Jing held her breath and remained motionless. In the eyes of outsiders, she seemed to have given up attacking because of fear.

Jiang Si became more and more bold, as if he had a chance to win.

“Bang.” The bullet flew out with a loud sound under the scorching sun as if it was covered with a layer of golden light from the muzzle.

Jiang Si paused, but as soon as he realized the pain in his ankle, he lost his balance and knelt on the ground.

Xiao Jing did not take advantage of the situation to pursue but looked for a better cover point.

Jiang Si got up from the ground and rushed to the side with his quick reflexes, making sure that he was in the blind spot of the opponent’s shooting range. He cursed, “That’s cruel enough.”

Xiao Jing crawled forward from behind the tree stump, calculating herself and Jiang Si. The difference in angle between the two of them made her confident that even if her next shot exposed her, she would not be subject to a series of shootings from the opponent, so she fired the shot without hesitation.

Jiang Si retracted his head and couldn’t believe that he was forced to this point by the other party. He was so angry that he directly set up his rifle and fired in an overwhelming manner.

Bullets fell on the ground, walls, and tree stumps, and dust enveloped the entire combat zone like a drizzle.

Qi Yue squinted his eyes, and the smile on his lips became brighter. He seemed to understand Shen Chengfeng’s intention.

This Xiao Jing was really interesting.

Jiang Si stood behind what he thought was a perfect bunker, but he didn’t dare to take a step forward, because he had a shiny short knife placed on his neck. The blade’s surface was reflected in the sunlight and flooded with colorful light, which looked particularly gorgeous.

“I’m sorry, you lost.” Xiao Jing’s knife landed firmly on Jiang Si’s neck, close to his aorta, her unsmiling face full of seriousness.

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