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The whole place was as silent as if the building had been deserted.

Almost no one wanted to believe the scene before their eyes.

Jiang Si was defeated by Xiao Jing?

Xiao Jing put down the blade in her hand, and looking back at the dumbfounded people outside the combat zone, she couldn’t help but reveal her big white teeth in embarrassment.

A drop of hot sweat dripped from Jiang Si’s forehead. He was the person who looked down on Xiao Jing the most in the team. From the beginning, he didn’t think that Xiao Jing could make it to the end. At least based on his true ability, he would never be the opponent of anyone here!

But now, he actually defeated him without showing any signs of it?

Xiao Jing walked back to Qi Yue, raised her head and chest, looking upright, as she said, “Instructor.”

Qi Yue clapped his hands and cast his eyes on Jiang Si who looked a little depressed behind Xiao Jing. His voice was different from the past, as he said harshly, “Do you know how you lost?”

Jiang Si was silent. His failure was due to his own arrogance.

“Personal heroism is taboo on the battlefield, and your performance just now made me see only your self-righteousness.”

“Please give me another chance, instructor.” Jiang Si gritted his teeth and stared at Xiao Jing’s small body fiercely, as he said through gritted teeth.

“Do you think the competition just now was just child’s play? If you lose, you can just start over?” Qi Yue asked back.

Jiang Si didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

Qi Yue turned sideways, looked at Xiao Jing who had said nothing, and asked, “Lieutenant Xiao, do you think you can give him another chance?”

Xiao Jing raised her head and said without doubt, “The instructor is right. If this was child’s play, you could do it again if you want, but unfortunately this is a battlefield, and losing means death. Any time I play, I will act as if it was the last time. I never think that I would lose and have to do it again.”

“Very courageous.” Qi Yue looked at the other people in the field, “What do you think?”

“Young Lieutenant Xiao is right. I don’t think it is necessary to do it again.” Lin Qi said sonorously and forcefully.

“The instructor’s intention is for us to learn from each other. Since it is a competition, we can naturally practice more.” Qi Pei said.

“I think so too.” Broken voices exploded in the crowd.

“Instructor, I will make no reservations this time and do my best.” Jiang Si stared at Xiao Jing expressionlessly, as if there was a pinch of fire burning in his eyes.

“So you are admitting that you just underestimated the enemy?” Qi Yue asked again.

Jiang Si was speechless.

Qi Yue walked around Jiang Si twice, his eyes blazing, “We can lose, but we have to lose with a clear conscience.”

Jiang Si lowered his head.

“One hundred push-ups.” Qi Yue walked past him without even looking at him.

Jiang Si lay down and put his arms on the ground. His tense muscles immediately showed his unwillingness.

“The rest continue your daily training.” Qi Yue lit a cigarette and looked at Xiao Jing’s back with obscure eyes.

Xiao Jing paused, only for the blink of an eye, causing her to fall directly behind.

Lin Qi turned around and called out softly, “Lieutenant Xiao, what are you doing there?”

Xiao Jing hurriedly followed him, always feeling like someone was staring at her with sharp eyes.

She turned her head subconsciously. Under the afterglow of the sun, Shen Chengfeng, who was dressed in airtight clothes, was staring at her with two dead fish eyes, as if he had a lot of ideas.

“He made rapid progress, beyond my expectation.” Qi Yue blew out a smoke ring.

“It’s not that he made rapid progress, but that they overestimated themselves. If it were to happen again, I think he would lose miserably.”

“It seems that I should really have agreed to Jiang Si’s request.”

Shen Chengfeng took the cigarette from the corner of Qi Yue’s mouth. He stepped on it and said, “Smoking is not allowed in the important military camp.”

“…” Qi Yue was stunned.

Shen Chengfeng strode forward and said to Xiao Jing, who was hanging on the railing and moving forward slowly, “Come down.”

Xiao Jing jumped down reluctantly. She subconsciously felt that the big rice dumpling in front of her would suddenly use her as his sandbag. He might beat her with his fist as well.

As for why he would beat her? Who stipulated that only women could be unhappy for a few days a month? It was more likely that such a sullen grown man, who had inner obstacles and low self-esteem, would also suddenly become unhappy.

If she was not doing well, he was probably going to be even more unsatisfied.

Haha, not happy at all.

“Follow me.” Shen Chengfeng brushed past Xiao Jing’s body expressionlessly and walked straight out of the camp.

Xiao Jing followed Shen Chengfeng step by step, not knowing his intention.

Shen Chengfeng walked all the way towards the back mountain.

Xiao Jing guessed his purpose and stopped. Her legs no longer listened to her brain and wanted to walk back.

“Take off your clothes and I’ll teach you how to dive.” Shen Chengfeng took off the cloak wrapped around him.

“…” Xiao Jing suddenly opened her eyes wide, looking at her captain from top to bottom with a dumbfounded look.

The author has something to say:

Someone asked why Xiao Jing chose a girl’s name when she was clearly planning to disguise herself as a man. In fact, her name Jing means elite, which is synonymous with elite. It’s impossible for the Xiao family to name her Xiao Jing, right? Hahaha…

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