TBVSR Ch. 92.2: Reunion!!!

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Staying in the school was a little dangerous, and the university campus was free to enter in and out, so the paparazzi were everywhere, ready to secretly take photos of Jiang Yu at all times, whether it was eating in the cafeteria or going to the teaching building for class.

Jiang Yu was so annoyed that she could only pack up her things, carry her schoolbag and go to Esmera Art Center to stay for a few days.

Unexpectedly, just after arriving at the Esmera Art Center, a group of entertainment reporters hiding in the dark suddenly flocked to the gate two hundred meters away, and pointed their cameras and microphones at Jiang Yu—”Excuse me, are you Cheng Ye’s daughter?”

“Your comparison photos on the Internet are completely different, what do you think about this?”

“Did your mother deceive Cheng Ye?”

“Your mother just has a high school diploma, do you think she is worthy of Cheng Ye?”

The camera flashes made Jiang Yu go blind for a moment, she tried to enter the gate of Esmera, but these entertainment journalists blocked the way forward and forced the microphone in front of her.

Jiang Yu was angry from her heart, and said bluntly: “Whether my mother is worthy is not my opinion, let alone yours. Cheng Ye said she is worthy, and she is worthy!”

In Jiang Yu’s heart, her mother was the world’s best woman and was worthy of anyone, let alone Cheng Ye, in fact she thought he was not worthy of her mother!

The reporter was stunned, and continued: “Then what do you think of the fans’ strong opposition?”

“Opposition? They fell in love at the age of 18, and their original intentions have remained the same for so many years. When was it the turn of these monsters to object?”

Jiang Yu said.

After saying this, she pushed away the reporters in front of her, and walked straight forward.

The reporters looked at each other in blank dismay, Jiang Yu’s violent temper was in the same line as Cheng Ye’s.

They squatted for three full days, finally waiting for the Lord to appear, how could they let her go so easily.

The reporters surrounded her, blocked her in every possible way, and asked sharp questions one after another —

“Are you Cheng Ye’s biological daughter?”

“Has your mother ever remarried?”

“How much do you know about their relationship? “

Just as Jiang Yu was trying to break free, her wrist was suddenly held tightly by a cold palm.

Jiang Yu turned her head and saw Bu Xi’s serious face.

She pulled Jiang Yu down behind her, held her all the way out of the encirclement, and ran towards Esmera.

The daily life of paparazzi reporters was chasing people, so they also hurried to catch up, trying to take more pictures and photos.

Bu Xi put the peaked cap on her head on Jiang Yu’s head, and pulled her into the gate of Esmera.

Naturally, the reporters couldn’t enter the gate, so they could only stand outside the gate and take pictures frantically. The security guards came out and yelled them away.

Bu Xi pulled Jiang Yu and ran several hundred meters in one breath, and came to the green playground, then they stopped, panting with their arms heavily on their knees: “These reporters are so annoying, they are like flies.”

“They’re just annoying…”

Jiang Yu calmed down and exchanged glances with Bu Xi.

In the next second, the two looked away at the same time, both a little embarrassed.

They hadn’t spoken to each other since the Midsummer Night’s Party, and the two of them always competed with each other in game after game.

That kind of competitive relationship made the relationship between the two of them a little delicate, especially because Bu Xi’s family had such high control and requirements on her. She shouldered the family’s glory and mission on her own, and her pressure was greater than that on Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu understood her and knew that the two of them could never return to their previous relationship.

Jiang Yu said to her politely: “That… thank you for just now.”

“I happened to pass by.”

Bu Xi also said reservedly: “They blocked my way, I didn’t mean to help you.”

“I’m still very grateful.” Jiang Yu took off the peaked cap and returned it to her, and Bu Xi took a look at her: “Keep it.”


“It’s quite suitable for you.”

Then, she stepped forward to put the peaked cap on for her, with the brim down pressed: “You should need it this time.”

Jiang Yu didn’t refuse, and nodded, “Thank you.”

“I’ve seen the hot searches on the Internet these days.”

Bu Xi walked slowly along the playground track, and said as she walked, “I didn’t expect you to be Cheng Ye’s daughter.”

“Whether I am his daughter or not may be doubtful. Have you seen the comparison photos on the Internet? I don’t look like him.”

“Regardless of the resemblance, he recognizes you and treats you as his daughter. Isn’t that very okay.”

Jiang Yu nodded silently.

“Originally, my grandma saw that you and Xie Yuan had such a good relationship, and you even recognized him as godfather. She thought you were Xie Yuan’s daughter, and said she wanted to see you, so I invited you to dinner at home.”

“Why does your grandma want to see me?”

“I don’t know.”

Bu Xi shrugged: “Xie Yuan has never been so kind to anyone. I heard my mother mention that Xie Yuan seemed to have known my little aunt.”


Her little aunt was Bu Tanyan. Ah, this was more than knowing.

Jiang Yu suddenly realized that Bu Xi’s Grandma must think she was the child of Xie Yuan and Bu Tanyan.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Everyone said that she and Bu Tanyan danced very similarly, and Xie Yuan was unexpectedly kind to her. Bu Xi’s Grandma’s misunderstanding didn’t seem to be groundless.

“That… I admit that you are very strong and have the demeanour of my little aunt from back then.”

Bu Xi suddenly changed the subject, looked at her, and said firmly: “But I will not admit defeat, I will win against you gloriously.”

Jiang Yu happily accepted her challenge: “I will try my best to defeat you.”

Bu Xi and Jiang Yu looked at each other for a few seconds, and they both laughed easily at the same time.

Bu Xi bumped into her with her body, and she also pushed her, and the two of them seemed to hit it off again like when they first met.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, “Will you still drink milk tea and eat desserts together from now on?”

“If you want to make me gain weight on purpose, then you’ve made a mistake, and I will restrain myself!”



“Then I’ll go buy it myself, you watch me eat, I’m going to buy a cup of Zhizhi Berry, and I’m buying a cup of puffed yogurt cherries, and I’ll drink both cups together.”

Bu Xi looked at her back and swallowed, stomped her feet, and still chased after her: “I want to watch you too, I can’t let you gain weight, otherwise I will have no opponent!”


Reconciling with Bu Xi as before, this was the happiest thing for her recently. Bu Xi was a very simple girl, but the family put too much pressure on her, making her only goal since she was a child to be No.1. Because she was a member of the Bu family, with Bu Tanyan in front of her, she couldn’t relax herself at all. Jiang Yu was the first person Bu Xi met in Esmera who was willing to talk to her, and she was also her strongest opponent.

Such a relationship allowed them to maintain their status as close friends. This friendship was extremely precious. During this time, Esmera’s control was extremely strict. Students had to take their student cards to go in and out, and even teachers had to use a pass to go in and out. Even flies couldn’t fly in at all.

After half a month, the heat of this matter was finally replaced by updated entertainment gossip news, and Jiang Yu regained her freedom and could go back to school. But during this period, Xie Yuan still sent a special car to pick her up, and at the same time secretly sent additional bodyguards to protect her.

No matter how much the fans objected to this relationship, how much they threatened to become anti-fans, but when Cheng Ye’s new album was released, the sales volume had not been affected at all. On the contrary, there was a song in it written for his daughter, called “Ballerina Girl”.

Due to the influence of the popularity, as soon as this song came out, it was pushed to the top of the new song charts of major music websites. The album was sold out as soon as it came out, and the sales continued to rise, surpassing any of his past albums.

It had to be said that although this incident was an accident, Cheng Ye’s team was quite good at hype, directly turning the negative heat into actual benefits.

Cheng Ye was a powerful singer. He wrote lyrics and composed almost every album by himself, so he basically did not eat traffic, and he would not bow his head to fans.

After so many years, he still maintained the rebelliousness and anger of that rock boy, which was why Jiang Manyi was so obsessed with him.

After the album was released, Cheng Ye planned to take his family abroad to play. Originally, he planned to go to the European countries, but because of the hot search incident, they didn’t have time to apply for a visa, so they could only go to Thailand’s seaside cities in Southeast Asia where visas were free.

By the way, he also brought his little apprentice Liu Yibai with him to be Jiang Yu’s companion.

Although Liu Yibai was shy and not good at speaking, he was a very gentle child. Cheng Ye also hoped that Jiang Yu would stop playing with her little snake all day long, and get in touch with boys of the same age more, so that she could get out of the haze of broken love as soon as possible.

For this trip to Southeast Asia, Jiang Yu wanted to investigate Cheng Ye carefully. If he continued to be self-centred like this, she would never let him match up with her mother.

He was so bad at taking care of others that he needed his mother to take care of him in turn.

Jiang Yu would never agree like this.

After getting off the plane, there were all stranger faces of foreigners around. Cheng Ye took off his mask and sunglasses, and took Jiang Manyi’s hand: “The hotel I booked is right by the sea, a private bay with a very good view. You won’t be disturbed by others, and you can swim with me when you go into the sea later.”

Jiang Manyi nodded happily: “Okay.”

Jiang Yu immediately said: “What’s the matter, my mother can’t swim, how can she go to the sea with you.”

“She will.” Cheng Ye said confidently: “I will protect her.”

Jiang Yu remembered going with Jiang Manyi in the swimming pool, this woman was so afraid of the water that she sat in the children’s area, and this landlubber…would go into the sea?

Jiang Yu reprimanded and looked at Cheng Ye with contempt: “Dad, have you forgotten what you said before?”

Cheng Ye hesitated, and said: “Then… I will accompany your mother to bask in the sun on the shallow water beach, okay, good daughter.”

The last three words were yelled through gritted teeth.

“Okay.” Jiang Yu readily agreed.

During this family trip, she had to correct her father’s bad habits.

Soon, the reserved taxi drove over, Cheng Ye escorted the mother and daughter into the car, and sat in the passenger seat himself.

“Xiao Li, what are you looking at?” Song Yuhe came out after getting the phone card. Outside the airport, he saw Qiu Li following a taxi driving away.

“It’s okay, Mr. Song is ready?”

“I bought two temporary phone cards, and you can change one too, so that you can keep in touch with China and save your girlfriend from worrying.”

Song Yuhe gave the phone card to Qiu Li, and Qiu Li took the card and said calmly: “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Song Yuhe said with a smile: “It’s rare, with your conditions, in Haicheng University where the male-female ratio is seriously unbalanced, you don’t even have a girlfriend.”

“There was once, but we were divided by our universities.”

“I came out to the meeting this time to let you relax and stop thinking too much about unhappy things.”

“Thank you, Teacher Song.”

Song Yuhe was a very powerful psychological supervisor in China, and he also knew Qiu Li’s father. Qiu Li was admitted to Haicheng University, and it was fate to meet each other, so Song Yuhe took special care of Qiu Li.

As they all knew, psychological counsellors would have psychological problems because they had been in contact with too many patients and negative energy. Song Yuhe was the supervisor of psychological counselling for these psychological counsellors.

Therefore, at a glance, he could see the haze hidden under the calm face of this kid Qiu Li.

If not guided well, things could go wrong, just like his father.

Song Yuhe noticed that Qiu Li couldn’t stop looking at the end of the road, and asked, “Met someone you know?”

Qiu Li looked at the taxi going away on the street, and the originally peaceful lake of heart stirred up waves—

“Maybe, I saw wrong.”

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