IHSB Ch. 87

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“Fourth brother~”

Gu Mingli was so conspicuous that she couldn’t help but see him.

Bai Mohua hugged Nuan Nuan and pouted, then he reluctantly walked over.

The young man with outstanding figure raised his hand and rubbed Nuan Nuan’s hairy head.

“Fourth brother, have you dyed your hair back?”

“Well, does it look good?”

The young man’s voice had passed the voice change period, and it was clear with a lazy magnetism, which was very pleasant to hear.

“Looks good!”

The little girl carved from pink jade stared at her fourth brother’s black hair with big moist and beautiful eyes, it was a bit short, completely exposing the shiny and beautiful forehead, and it made him look a little wilder.

There was a dark red earring on one earlobe. Even wearing a mask, it couldn’t hide the charm of his body, but it added to the sense of mystery. No wonder so many people looked at him.

Bai Mohua was completely opposite to him. He was a talented painter who had already graduated and was already well-known in his circle, but he was full of youthfulness, and he was still as clean as a student.

Not only the temperament was similar, but even the appearance was more delicate and harmless. Standing with Gu Mingli, the identities of the two seemed to be reversed, as if Bai Mohua was the boy who is in high school.

Bai Mohua “…” had been beaten so badly.

Two handsome guys of different types stood together with a delicate little girl carved from pink jade. It was definitely like a luminous body in the night. Now not only the people passing by here were watching, but even the people in the surrounding shops were secretly watching. They kept poking each other and looking at them.

“Let’s go.”

Taking Nuan Nuan over and hugging her, Gu Mingli took a taxi and headed for the destination, but the departure of the three of them left behind a heated discussion and exchange.

Gu Mingli’s competition this time was a field competition, the field was several times larger than the stadium, and there were already many people sitting in the stands at the moment, he left after arranging seats for Bai Mohua and Nuan Nuan.

There were a lot of people at the scene, and the atmosphere was very warm. Most of them were young boys. Nowadays, young people preferred this kind of sport that stimulated adrenaline and sent it soaring, so this kind of racing and various dangerous extreme sports came into being.

Even if they know that these sports were dangerous, they still couldn’t stop themselves from liking them.

Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua sat in the front, and there was a big screen in front of them. During the game, it could show the game situation in the field more clearly.

Following the introduction of the narrator, players soon entered the arena, and every player would be cheered for when they entered the arena. Many players here had fans.

When everyone entered the arena, they would be given a close-up of their faces on the screen so that everyone could recognize these players.

“The next ones are contestants from Xia Kingdom, hometown.”

On the big screen, a young man in a black racing suit came out unhurriedly. On the screen, the unruly eyebrows and eyes were slowly raised, revealing a handsome face. At that moment, the narrow and sharp eyes seemed to be looking at everyone present.

The entire arena was quiet for two seconds, and then there was a huge cheer, and Nuan Nuan even heard a girl yelling splits.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!! Who is this guy! I want to know his name!”

“Fuck! Just because of his aura and appearance, I feel like this horse is going to beat everyone up.”

“This kid looks a little arrogant, ah!”

“Is this the first time for him to participate in this competition? I haven’t seen him before. If I had seen him, I would never forget this beauty. What’s his name!”

“My God, he is so handsome, I hope his grades can be as good as his appearance!”

Such an enthusiastic response could only be achieved by famous racers with huge fans, but this player named Gu Li just showed his face and achieved that.

This made the other players feel a little envious.

In the corner, several people looked at each other, and agreed in their minds that they wanted to teach this proud kid a lesson on the field.

Nuan Nuan stared at her fourth brother on the screen with bright eyes, yes, the contestant named Gu Li was her fourth brother Gu Mingli.

“Wow… so many people like my fourth brother!”

The soft little girl found that her fourth brother was liked by so many people, and she was happier than when eating delicious food. She sat on the stool and stretched her little neck. Looking down, her little face was flushed with excitement, and her eyes were as bright as stars, very bright.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, but from Bai Mohua’s own point of view, Gu Mingli was indeed very handsome, not only the skin, but also the wild beauty that radiated from his bones was also the type he liked, of course it was the kind of painting that he liked to draw.

But as long as he thought that this person almost beat him yesterday, Bai Mohua would feel angry.

“Not handsome at all!”

He stubbornly refused to admit it!

Although…the hands were a little itchy, and he wanted to draw, just a little bit like the nail cap.

There were also people from other countries participating in this competition, and there were also some good-looking ones. For example, the popular player Chris this time had a standard three-dimensional American appearance. His dazzling golden hair made many people shout for him crazily.

But Gu Mingli left a deeper impression on everyone, he was like a young leopard, a powerful black panther.

They just didn’t know what kind of results he would achieve in this game.

He was also worthy of the image of the black panther in everyone’s mind. When he straddled a handsome black mid-size motorbike with his long legs, he looked ready to go, like a top predator who had seen his prey.

Accompanied by the command to start, the sound of the engine sounded, and the racers bowed on the locomotive and flew out at a speed invisible to the naked eye. Everyone in the audience cheered for the players they liked.

The situation of all the players was monitored on the screen at all times, and the young people watched nervously with their fists clenched.

The eyes of Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua kept falling on Gu Mingli. Their two personalities would not raise their arms and shout like those passionate youths, but they were still so nervous that sweat came out of their palms.

In the arena, at the beginning, everyone had almost no obvious advantage, but as time went on, a difference appeared when pressing the first corner.

“After the first corner, Andre from Saudi Arabia is leading everyone now, followed by Chris, their speed is too fast… God! The one from Xia Kingdom, he has also rushed out, but he seems to have encountered some troubles, at the moment he is fighting with the other three players, I wonder if this Xia Kingdom’s player who has left a deep impression on everyone can break through the encirclement?”

The audience passed through the big screen could clearly saw that the black panther-like boy was being blocked by three contestants in front of him, and a blue and white heavy motorcycle that was originally behind him quickly passed by, and seemed to look back at the boy.

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