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Faced with such a situation, everyone in the audience was a little bit embarrassed.

In their minds, it was the first time for a boy who had just grown up to participate in such a large-scale competition, and it was basically impossible for him to win unless he could fly.

Nuan Nuan was so anxious that tears rolled in her beautiful eyes.

“Cut… this boy can’t win, so it’s useless to look forward to it.”

“I had high expectations for him before, but he is too young and inexperienced.”

“He’s just a vase, and I don’t think he can do it.”


When the young people next to her were discussing like this, the voice of a soft and waxy little girl rang out fiercely, with a crying voice.

They still met the gaze of an angry little white jade girl head-on. The little girl looked limp, but now she was so fierce with tears in her eyes.

The young people were at a loss for a moment, why…why was she still crying.

“My fourth brother is very powerful!”

Nuan Nuan was like a little hen protecting her cub at the moment, nobody was allowed to say bad things about her fourth brother, her fourth brother was so good.

“Well, amazing!”

Bai Mohua was also standing on the united front with Nuan Nuan at this moment, no matter how awkward he was with Gu Mingli, he didn’t like to hear others talk bad about him, after all, he was Nuan Nuan’s brother.

“He’s not a vase, the fight is very fierce.”

Everyone: “…”

How did they get into a fight.

But those young people knew now how they have provoked this child, as the one they were talking about was her brother.

This was a bit embarrassing, who would have thought that the boy’s younger sister was sitting next to them.

At this moment, the audience suddenly exclaimed, and the uproar sounded so loud that the roof could be overturned.

Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua quickly turned their heads to look at the big screen, and saw that Gu Mingli had jumped up even with himself and his heavy motorcycle, he was full of texture and black like a panther, as he drew a sharp and graceful arc in the air, directly jumping over two motorcycles and landed from above.

The leaning young man stared sharply at the front. After landing, he flew out like a cheetah, and made a desperate rampage. The people in the audience could only see the speed of an afterimage, and the players on the field even more so. They didn’t dare to stand in front of him again.

This was absolutely desperate! Who dared to provoke him?

“Fuck! Is he a mad dog?”

“I kind of like him, it’s so exciting!” After speaking, the contestants speeded up to catch up.

“Nima, wasn’t he stopped by the Greys at the back?”

The drivers running in front didn’t see what was going on behind them, but they could guess from the cheers from the audience that this kid must have made an exciting move.

“Good guy, he caught up with Kerr!”

Kerr was the blue and white heavy motorcycle that passed Gu Mingli before. From the cooperation between him and Grey and the others before, Gu Mingli knew that they were in the same group.

Kerr also saw the person chasing up from behind, and immediately started cursing.

He speeded up, wanting to stop Gu Mingli at the back, but when he was cornering, the young man who was like a beast out of the cage completely caught up, and stopped him in front of him with a flick of his tail.

The unruly young man supported the motorcycle with one hand, raised his other hand behind and gave Kerr a thumbs up, and then gestured with a reversed thumbs down.

It could be said that he was arrogant and above-board, but he had the capital for it.

“Ahh…!!! Gu Li… Gu Li!”

“Gu Li!!!”

However, this kind of arrogance really appealed to these young people, and each of them instantly turned into a loyal fan, shouting his name with their most intense voice.

At this moment, everyone remembered the name of this young driver!

Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua couldn’t help but stand up and shout his name excitedly, but one called the fourth brother and the other called Gu Mingli, so the two voices were destined to be drowned in the crowd, but the two of them blushed with excitement and their eyes sparkled.

“I just said that my fourth brother is very powerful!”


Bai Mohua hugged Nuan Nuan and responded impassionedly, and then he froze.

He seemed to be here… to boo Gu Mingli and watch his jokes!

Why did things turn out like this, when he got excited just now, he even called his name like a madman.

Bai Mohua covered his fair and clean face, his ears turned red, and he didn’t want to admit that the person who looked crazy just now was himself.

And the few young people who were discussing Gu Mingli before also recovered from their excitement, and looked at each other with some embarrassment.

Especially the one who said he was not optimistic about Gu Mingli and said he was a vase, this was completely a slap in the face, but the game just now was really fun to watch.

This kind of sport had just such an extreme charm. Once people got excited, they could forget everything in an instant and just immerse themselves in these intense emotions.

The race continued. After Gu Mingli surpassed Kerr, he caught up with the person in front with incredible speed and madness, passed the second Chris, and finally kept pace with the first Andre.

The distance to the finish line was getting closer and closer, and the two heavy locomotives would overtake each other in turns. Everyone was so nervous that their palms were sweating, their hearts were beating violently, and their throats were dry.

Countless pairs of eyes stared straight at the big screen, unwilling to miss a single minute.

Finally, when they were approaching the finish line, Andre and Gu Mingli sprinted with all their strength, and rushed across the finish line in the blink of an eye, and the sharp-eyed people had already seen that the first one was the young man who was as fast as a black panther.

“Ahh…!!! Gu Li!”

This time the screams were louder than every time before, wave after wave like a tide, some people even threw up their clothes or hats excitedly, and everyone was applauding that boy.

Sunshine brighter than the sun was shining on Nuan Nuan’s little face. She was hugged by her cousin and called out to her fourth brother in her soft voice, which almost made her split her voice.

After realizing this, the little girl quickly covered her small mouth with her small hand, but her beautiful eyes were extraordinarily bright, and her small expression was as proud as if she had won the game herself.

A smile unconsciously appeared on Bai Mohua’s face, but the next second he pursed his lips in confusion.

“Forget it, I’m not such a stingy person.”

After thinking it over clearly, Bai Mohua let go of himself and laughed happily, hugged his little cousin and kissed her soft little face.

“He won, he’s so handsome!”

Nuan Nuan hugged her cousin’s neck and kissed back, raising her sharp and beautiful chin very proudly.

“Fourth brother is amazing!”

At the finish line, the young man took off his helmet, revealing his handsome face. The corners of his mouth were raised arrogantly, and he gave a thumbs up in the direction of the camera. His thin lips opened and closed to utter a sentence, but unfortunately no one was there, who could hear him.

Someone who understood lip reading tried to translate.

“He seems to be saying ‘Nuan Nuan, I won?'”

The young man was full of vigor and high spirits, and he was at his best age.

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