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Sheng Mowen didn’t expect to meet Yan Yan here, so he was a little surprised, and a smile appeared on his usually expressionless face.

He had only met Yan Yan once before. Although he had talked to Yan Yan a few times on WeChat, he always felt that it would be rash to ask Yan Yan out, so he never said anything. It was a happy accident to meet Yan Yan here now.

“I just walked around there, the scenery is pretty good, do you want to go there together?”

Sheng Mowen pointed to the direction he just came from, there was a wide lawn, and there was a small grove beside it.

Just as Yan Yan got used to the feeling of sitting on a horse, and was about to walk around, he was immediately attracted by the scenery over there.

He looked at Ji Juechuan with questioning eyes.

Following his gaze, Sheng Mowen noticed that the person next to him was Ji Juechuan, then a look of surprise flashed across his face, and he nodded slightly, “Mr. Ji.”

Ji Juechuan nodded coldly.

The racecourse coach next to him heard the conversation between Sheng Mowen and Yan Yan and had already handed over Yan Yan’s horse reins to Sheng Mowen.

Sheng Mowen carefully wrapped the horse reins around his wrist, and the horse under Yan Yan walked to Sheng Mowen’s side docilely, and the distance between the two suddenly shortened.    

After confirming that the horse reins would not slip, Sheng Mowen raised his head to look at Ji Juechuan, and said politely, “Mr. Ji wants to come with us?”

Ji Juechuan was looking at the horse reins with cold eyes. Hearing this, he raised his eyelids and glanced in Yan Yan’s direction.

Yan Yan was also looking at him, his eyes that were lighter in the sun blinked at him, as if waiting for his response.

He felt inexplicably unhappy, and even wanted to snatch the horse reins, but when he thought of Yan Yan crying with red eye circles, he forcibly suppressed his emotions.


Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, as he didn’t expect him to refuse.

Wasn’t this a good opportunity for the protagonist Gong to get along with the protagonist Shou? Why did Ji Juechuan refuse? Was it because he was being a light bulb here?

Before he could figure it out, Sheng Mowen had already taken his horse by the reins, and led the horse towards the lawn.

Holding the horse reins tightly in his hand, he turned to look at Ji Juechuan, only to find that Ji Juechuan had turned around and was heading in the opposite direction from them.

Yan Yan turned to look at his back, inexplicably feeling that the back looked a bit lonely.

He came to the racecourse with Ji Juechuan, would it be bad to leave Ji Juechuan here alone?

But soon, Ji Juechuan speeded up, leaving only a blurred figure behind.

Yan Yan pursed his lower lip, turned his head, and stared down at the horse’s back below him.

Sheng Mowen walked steadily while holding his horse reins, and the two soon arrived at the lawn they saw just now. The scenery here was indeed better, and the breeze was very refreshing. The two walked side by side, talking a few words from time to time. Hearing Sheng Mowen’s gentle voice, Yan Yan also relaxed in his heart.

“Yan Yan, is your live broadcast going well recently?” Sheng Mowen turned his head to look at him, then paused, “Recently there are a lot of things going on in the company, so I don’t have time to watch your live broadcast.”

A few days ago, Yan Yan’s live broadcast room was blocked, and Sheng Mowen even sent a message to care about him, but after his live broadcast room resumed, Sheng Mowen seemed to have been busy and not watched his live broadcast again.

“It’s going well.” Yan Yan touched the horse’s neck, and smiled at Sheng Mowen, “Thank you for the advice you gave earlier, there are a lot more people in the live broadcast room.”

Sheng Mowen’s hand holding the horse’s reins tightened for a moment, and a smile appeared on his lips, “It’s good if I can help you.”

While talking, the two had already reached the entrance of the small grove.

Yan Yan remembered that Sheng Mowen hadn’t said more than a few words to Ji Juechuan yet and was a little hesitant to mention Ji Juechuan in front of him.

At this time in the book, although the two had not yet developed feelings, they should have reached the point where they appreciated each other, instead of talking no more than three sentences like just now.    

He thought for a while, then asked cautiously: “Mowen, how is your relationship with Juechuan in the company?”

“Speaking of Mr. Ji? I have nothing to do with him at work, and we haven’t spoken more than a few words in the company.”

Yan Yan frowned lightly, it was different from the book, he remembered that the two met in the company in the book and became attracted by the other person’s talents. If they hadn’t said more than a few words, how could they develop to the stage of mutual appreciation?

“Then, what do you think of him?” After Yan Yan asked this sentence, he felt that it sounded a little wrong, and was just about to add two more sentences, when Sheng Mowen answered him.

“His talent is indeed outstanding, but sometimes he can be too strong.”

Yan Yan waited for a while, and found that he had no intention of continuing, so he opened his mouth, “No more?”

“Yeah.” Sheng Mowen glanced at him, “But I’m a little curious, why did you become friends with someone like him.”

Yan Yan froze for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

As if seeing his embarrassment, Sheng Mowen didn’t ask any more questions, but just smiled, “Are you going to go for a walk in the grove?”

Yan Yan just wanted to nod when he heard the horse under Sheng Mowen snort, then stop and scratch the ground a few times with his forelegs.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Yan grabbed the reins in his hand, for fear that the horse would suddenly run up with his horse and throw him to the ground.

Sheng Mowen touched the neck of the horse, “It should be hungry, I’ll take it back to eat something.”

He turned over and got off the horse, and stretched out a hand to Yan Yan, “You go to the lounge over there to rest first, by the way, I will also take your horse to get something to eat.”

Yan Yan grabbed his hand and was helped off the horse with trembling legs, then he waved to Sheng Mowen and walked towards the lounge not far away.

He sat on the horse for a long time, so his legs were trembling a little, and his inner thighs were also worn out, so he just wanted to take a rest.

The lounge was air-conditioned, and he rested on the sofa for a while. Seeing that there was no one in the lounge, he couldn’t resist reaching out and touching the inner thigh a few times.

There was some burning pain, but he didn’t know if there was broken skin.

He touched it tentatively again, but before he could retract his hand, the door of the lounge was pushed open.

Yan Yan was startled, with his hands still on the inside of his thighs, he stared blankly at the door.

The person who came in was Ji Juechuan.

He had just finished exercising, so his face and neck were covered with sweat, the hair on his forehead was also wet with sweat, and he was holding two gloves in his bony hands.

He was obviously sweating, but his breath was a bit cold.

He didn’t seem to be surprised that Yan Yan would be in the lounge. He glanced down at him, sat down beside him, and wiped the sweat off his neck with a clean towel.

Yan Yan put his hands on his knees, bit his lips in embarrassment, not knowing what to say.

“Are you finished riding?”

Ji Juechuan put down the sweaty towel and asked lightly.

“Not yet, Sheng Mowen took his horse to eat.” Yan Yan turned to look at him, “Where did you go just now?”

Ji Juechuan pursed his lower lip, “Turned around elsewhere.”

“Then later come with us to the grove.” Yan Yan was afraid that he would refuse, so he hurriedly said, “Now the sun is getting bigger and bigger, and the grove is cooler.”

“Yes.” Ji Juechuan’s voice was still emotionless, he just raised his head to glance at his thigh, “Is your leg worn out?”

Yan Yan knew that he had just seen him touching his inner thigh, so he pursed his lips in embarrassment, and shook his head, “It shouldn’t be broken, it’s just a little painful.”

He saw that Ji Juechuan’s eyes were still looking at his leg, and after moving his thin lips, he said after a while, “Go home and apply some medicine.”

Yan Yan nodded without thinking too much.

The two sat in the lounge for a while, then the door of the lounge was pushed open again, and this time it was Sheng Mowen who walked in.

When he saw Ji Juechuan was there, he was a little surprised, but quickly put away the surprised look, turning to look at Yan Yan.

“I brought the horse here, do you want to rest for a while?”

Yan Yan shook his head, he sat on the sofa for a while, and the inner thigh was no longer so uncomfortable.

“Then let’s go.” Sheng Mowen pushed open the door, only to see Ji Juechuan standing up after him, and walked out of the lounge expressionlessly.

He frowned calmly and said nothing.

Seeing that Yan Yan was about to mount the horse, he was about to walk over to help him, but Ji Juechuan had already walked over one step ahead of him, holding Yan Yan’s waist with both hands, and helped him up steadily.

Yan Yan didn’t notice what was wrong between the two of them, but lowered his head and smiled at Ji Juechuan, and then quickly grabbed the horse reins.

Ji Juechuan mounted the horse smoothly, and then stretched out his hand to Yan Yan, “Give me the reins.”

Yan Yan obediently put the reins in his hand, and did not forget to say, “Go slowly.”

He just didn’t dare to try that speed like when Ji Juechuan left with his horse so fast.

Ji Juechuan gave a low “hmm”, and his mood, which had been suppressed for a whole morning, finally got better.

The three of them walked in the direction of the grove, neither fast nor slow.

On the way, Sheng Mowen would occasionally talk to Yan Yan, but every time the two of them started talking, Ji Juechuan would speed up.

When Yan Yan got nervous, he forgot to answer, and just grabbed the horse reins in his hand.

Chatting intermittently like this, they finally reached the entrance of the grove.

As soon as they entered the grove, they felt a burst of shade, and the breeze was blowing on their face, which was very pleasant.

Yan Yan gradually became more courageous, so he asked Ji Juechuan to let go of the horse reins and wanted to take a few steps by himself.

Ji Juechuan hesitated for a moment, seeing that the horse under him was still docile, he let go of the horse reins, but his eyes kept falling on him.

Yan Yan grabbed the horse reins, his heart was beating like thunder, and he was faintly excited.

He didn’t dare to walk too fast, he only dared to walk forward slowly, and his palms were sweating a little.

Suddenly, the horse under him neighed, and the two front hooves raised and fell, almost throwing Yan Yan to the ground.

Fortunately, Yan Yan held onto the horse reins, tilted his body and didn’t fall off, but he was also quite frightened.

He heard someone calling his name behind him, and then a hand reached out, grabbed the horse reins in front of him, and helped him stabilize the horse.

“Hold on tight.”

He heard Ji Juechuan’s voice, it was the first time that his voice was not so dignified and even a little panicked.

When the horse finally calmed down, Ji Juechuan still didn’t let go, but frowned and gripped the reins tighter.

Sheng Mowen had already got off the horse, and stretched out his hand to him, “Get down first.”

Yan Yan’s eyelashes trembled, he grabbed his hand, and carefully got off the horse.

Ji Juechuan relaxed his tense body when he was a little further away from the horse and looked down at the horse’s front hooves.

“Its foreleg hit a stone and broke its skin.”

“Looks like it can’t be ridden anymore.” Sheng Mowen pulled Yan Yan a little further away, fearing that he would be hurt by the horse. “You come on my horse with me first, my horse has just been fed and has more strength.”

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