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The sound from the stereo was still hurting her ears, so Si Huang frowned, grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV.

[What a great opportunity, Your Majesty, why did you let it go like this.] Five Treasure crawled over.

Si Huang glanced at him coldly.

[Uh…] Five Treasure was so frightened that his body froze.

Si Huang slowly raised the corners of her mouth, grabbed it, and threw it into the sky.

[Aoooooooh!] The hamster Five treasure was lying on the ground.

Si Huang thought for three seconds, then heard the sound of water dripping from the bathroom, so she grabbed the Five Treasure from the ground and walked out.

When she arrived at the shooting range, she put on noise-cancelling earmuffs, picked up the training gun on the table, and kept shooting at distant targets.

This distance was not a problem for her, but she had never received professional training, so only five of the ten shots hit the bullseye.

As time passed, Si Huang seemed to be addicted to shooting.

[Your Majesty, he is here.] Five Treasure reminded.

Si Huang turned around suddenly, aiming the practice gun in his hand at the visitor.

Her eyes were sharp and cold, “It seems that you have calmed down.”

Qin Fan nodded.

Si Huang just took off the earmuffs on her ears, threw the practice gun on the table, turned around and sat down on a chair beside her, facing Qin Fan, “Speak.”

“Speak what?” Qin Fan walked up to the chair near her to sit on.

“What did you want to prove? Why did you kiss me? Explain everything that needs to be explained.” Si Huang turned sideways and faced him with a serious face, “You’d better seize this opportunity to explain.”

Qin Fan narrowed his eyes slightly, “It seems that you care a lot.”

Si Huang looked at him coldly, expressing that her patience was limited.

“I have a passion for you.” Qin Fan showed a smile.

His smile was always rare, usually the corners of his mouth were slightly curled up, it was very shallow and hard to find, there were no more than three times of really obvious smiles in Si Huang’s memory, but they were all bright and handsome. It was not like the current situation, where he was obviously smiling, but it felt full of pressure, like a wild lion grinning in front of you, showing its sharp fangs, and dangerous elements floating in the air.

Even if the man didn’t move, he could scare people back and even make them run away.

Si Huang’s expression was very calm, “You are sure that you have feelings for me, not because of your physical instincts aroused by the film.”

Qin Fan said calmly, “I didn’t feel impulsive after watching it for half an hour, but when you talked to me, I put your face in place of the woman’s face.”

Si Huang gasped for breath, and frowned, “Are you making me angry on purpose?”

Qin Fan stood up and approached Si Huang with only one step, with his hands resting on Si Huang’s chair, his tall body easily enveloping her, “I gave you a chance to escape.”


“When I was solving it in the toilet, I thought, if you run away, I will do what you want and say nothing, and pretend that nothing happened.” Qin Fan’s tone was low, and the corners of his mouth could be seen to have risen in the dark, “But you are brave beyond my expectation, and you saw no reason to escape my instincts.”

Si Huang felt as if she had released a beast.

“Are you angry?” Qin Fan asked.

Si Huang raised her eyes, “Should I not be angry?”

“I’m sorry.”

Si Huang was startled. What was this?

“I didn’t control my desire and forced you.” Qin Fan let go of the chair, took a step back and stood in front of Si Huang, giving her enough space, “But this made me realize that some things cannot be suppressed, the longer you suppress it, the more terrifying the eruption will be, you should be glad that I’ve noticed it now.”

Si Huang opened her mouth and saw Qin Fan’s deep eyes without a trace of falsehood, so she felt that what the man said was not a joke or a threat, but the truth! But it was words just like this that made her even more frightened, there was no sign of it before, and everything that happened today had caught off guard, and it sounded like he was deeply affectionate, so she frowned irritably and satirized, “You have enough reason!”

“You don’t like my coercion, right?”

“Ghosts would like it.”

The man stepped forward like lightning and grabbed Si Huang’s shoulders again with both hands and both legs.

In less than a second, she was trapped by the man again, unable to move.

Si Huang glared at Qin Fan fiercely with anger but was stunned for a second by his deep and forbearing eyes.

“Then train with me seriously,” Qin Fan said, “Practice your skills well, and don’t let me suppress you so easily.”

Si Huang was speechless.

“Otherwise, maybe one day I will lose control of myself and do something more outrageous than today, and you won’t even be able to resist.”

Si Huang sneered, “Shouldn’t it be better not to see you again?”

Qin Fan said in a tone without hesitation: “As long as I want, I can see you at any time. Are you sure you want to choose this method? If you get caught by me in the future, let alone revenge, you won’t even have the ability to resist?”

Si Huang’s mouth twitched, “Are you serious??”

Qin Fan reached out and touched her head, “I’m doing it for your own good.”

Si Huang tilted her head and laughed angrily, “If it’s for my own good, then take care of yourself.”

“If I could control myself, I won’t tell you this.” Qin Fan’s expression was inexplicable, his eyes stayed on her lips for a while and then moved away, and he murmured softly as if talking to himself, “Looking at you now, I want to do something everywhere.”

Si Huang, with a blank face, “Why didn’t I realize that you were a rascal before.”

Qin Fan shook his head and said with the same expressionless face: “I didn’t find out before I met you either.”

Si Huang was too lazy to say anything.

Qin Fan also let her go, walked to the shooting range, picked up the practice gun that Si Huang had taken before, turned around and said to Si Huang: “Come here, your shooting posture was wrong just now.”

At this moment, Qin Fan, no matter, whether the tone, momentum or demeanor, it was the same as usual, and he had become that strict officer instructor again, who would not show mercy to you because of your young age or other reasons.

Si Huang stared at him for two seconds, stood up and walked towards him.

A touch of satisfaction and a touch of disappointment flashed in Qin Fan’s eyes.

Seeing that Si Huang walked in front of him, he began to teach Si Huang the correct posture of using a gun. During this period, he did not deliberately take advantage of her, and he was stricter than any coach who demanded perfection.

Half an hour later, Si Huang shot again, hitting the bull’s-eye eight out of ten shots, and the improvement was more than a little bit.

Bang bang bang bang – ten shots in a row were shot by Si Huang again.

Qin Fan looked at her cold and sharp expression, and asked, “What do you think of?”

Si Huang squinted over and smiled evilly, “Think of the target as your head.”

“If this can promote your progress, do it like this in the future as well.” Qin Fan said seriously.

Si Huang suddenly felt that this was not a good idea.

Qin Fan reloaded her gun with practice bullets, and suddenly said: “Acting is a useful skill, but in the case of facing coercion in the future, force will always be more useful than acting.”

“Huh?” Si Huang didn’t understand for a while.

Qin Fan: “The appearance of you being so sad that you were about to cry actually made me feel more impulsive.”

Si Huang: “…

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