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The noon time was spent in the mountaintop club, and the lunch was bread and milk stored in the club. Qin Fan simply heated the lunch in the microwave and settled the lunch roughly.

At first, Si Huang thought that after training at noon, she would go back to the Jinglan family’s villa.

As a result, Qin Fan said: “Learn the correct shooting posture and the brief knowledge of rock climbing and jungle warfare here before you go.”

Si Huang was a little moved after hearing this. It was indeed more convenient to learn those things here.

It was just that she remembered her work, “I still have to film.”

Qin Fan looked at her, “Not bad for a few days.”

Few days?

What this meant was that she should learn all of these within a few days!?

Si Huang was not angry. After eating the bread, she wiped her fingers with a paper towel, and when she raised her eyes again, her eyes were calm and full of fighting spirit. ‘Wonderful’, the benefits that this training would bring to her were enough for her to face it bravely.

After saying this, Si Huang called Yu Xi with her mobile phone, and simply told him the arrangements for the next few days, and asked him not to take any more work for the time being.

After asking some questions about the situation, Yu Xi agreed to come down and promised to get things done.

As soon as the conversation between the two ended, Si Huang’s cell phone rang again, and the caller ID showed Grandma Yu.

As soon as the call was connected, Grandma Yu asked Si Huang’s situation softly.

As soon as Si Huang heard it, she knew that Yu Xi must be at home when he answered the phone, and Grandma Yu happened to be at home and heard it.

“Xiao Qilin didn’t look very good this morning, are you okay?”

Suddenly hearing this, Si Huang instinctively glanced at Qin Fan at the side, recalling what happened to the two of them before, her thoughts fluctuated, but her tone remained normal, “Well, it’s okay.”

“That’s good, then okay.” Grandma Yu’s tone quickly jumped up, and she pretended to be mysterious while whispering to Si Huang: “Once Xiao Qilin is serious about something, he will be serious to the end. He is very stubborn, but Xiao Huang should not be afraid. If he trains you too ruthlessly, you can secretly call grandma, grandma has a way to deal with him!”

What fell into Si Huang’s mind for a moment was the phrase “Once he is serious about something, he will be serious to the end, and he can be very stubborn.” Then when she heard Grandma Yu’s suspicious words, she smiled and said, “I know that grandma is the best.”

This sentence immediately made Grandma Yu smile, even if she was not in front of her, Si Huang could tell that she was in a good mood.

Then she hung up the phone without saying anything more.

Si Huang thought for a while, then went to Weibo on her mobile phone, and posted a post, explaining that she would be having secret training for a week, and will see the fans in a week.

This news immediately aroused the curiosity of the fans, all kinds of inquiries popped up, but they couldn’t get an answer from Si Huang, so they went to bombard Yu Xi’s Weibo.

Unable to bear the coercion and lure of the fans, Yu Xi made up a message: Undergoing martial arts training to prepare for the filming of “Red Moon”? Or accepting private teaching to prepare for Jinghua University’s exam? Guess the right answer! Waiting for Si Huang’s reappearance to get the answer!

As soon as this news came out, the fans’ minds were wide open, and various speculations emerged one after another. Some people even jokingly said that Xiao Yu was lying, and that His Majesty was obviously going to spend time on honeymoon with Master An.

“After the premiere press conference of “The Emperor’s Path” ended, the cult leader An gave himself a vacation, and now His Majesty is going to hide for a week, isn’t it too much of a coincidence! The eyes of the people are sharp!”

“So, Your Majesty went to Liushui City and didn’t come back, someone saw Xiao Yu coming out of the airport, but didn’t see His Majesty, could it be that His Majesty went to meet with Cult Master An in secret?”

“Warning for the rotten girls, we already said that His Majesty has nothing to do with Cult Master An, okay? Your Majesty must have gone to practice martial arts and will come back to show off his muscles, okay?”

“I feel like what everyone said makes sense?”

No matter how the fans guessed, they finally found a point of concern. Xiao Yu saw that the atmosphere was good, and he didn’t need to be bombarded anymore. He gave himself a thumbs up in his heart, saying that he did a good job.

As for Si Huang, who was at the mountaintop club, he also saw Yu Xi’s Weibo.

He raised eyebrows at his behavior of kicking the ball back to him, but didn’t say anything, and then sent a message to Yu Ling, asking her to help take care of the black cat Liushun.

When thinking of Liushun, Si Huang thought of a certain one.

She raised her eyes according to her feeling and saw Five Treasure standing in the middle of the table with bread on a plate in front of her.

It stood with a round body and stretched out its hands towards the bread.


A hand came over and flicked it away.

It didn’t seem to have much strength, but it made Five Treasure fly quite fast.

Si Huang stretched out his hand nimbly, just in front of Five Treasure’s flying route, and rescued it in mid-air.

As for the culprit who hurt Five Treasure, he looked at her, “You raised it?”

The snow-white hamster Five Treasure was still petrified.

Si Huang laughed silently, dug a hole in the middle of the slice of bread, put it between Five Treasure’s head and body, and let it eat with its mouth open.

“Eat slowly.”

Hearing her voice, Five Treasure returned to his senses, his sorrowful emotions surging, [Your Majesty, can I change back to the eagle?]

“The price?” Si Huang responded.

Five Treasure: [1500 golden glitter]

Si Huang smiled and touched its head without saying a word.

Five Treasure burst into tears: [… Can I kill him then?]

Si Huang looked up at Qin Fan, saw that the other party was also looking at her, nodded, “Go.”

Five Treasure’s soft little paws wanted to hug her fingers, but they were caught by the big slice of bread on her head blocking it, so he had no choice but to show off his cuteness, [Your Majesty, take the bread down!]

Si Huang complied with its request, took down the slice of bread and at the same time picked it up and threw it to Qin Fan, saying to Qin Fan, “It wants to take revenge on you.”

Qin Fan raised his eyebrows and remained silent.

Undoubtedly, Five Treasure was very courageous. It bravely faced Qin Fan’s cold gaze, rushed to his hand that was resting on the table, and bit his index finger hard.

About three seconds later, Qin Fan raised his hand expressionlessly, and with a little force, he threw the Five Treasure back to Si Huang.

Five Treasure: […]

Qin Fan glanced at his undamaged fingers, “tsk.”

Si Huang asked Five Treasure, “Is that all you are capable of?”

It gnawed on the bread as his voice came into Si Huang’s mind, [How is it possible, it’s just that as a unique and precious Yang body, we don’t have the same knowledge as him, just pretend to scare him!]

Si Huang found it funny, I really didn’t see where you scared him.

“You like pets very much?” Qin Fan’s voice sounded.

Si Huang knew that he was talking to her, “What?”

Qin Fan seemed to think for a second, and then said: “This little thing is easy to die, if you like it, take care of it.”

Si Huang didn’t say anything, so Qin Fan said again: “You won’t have time to take care of it these days.”

“It’s not as fragile as it seems.” Si Huang defended Five Treasure who was about to explode.

Qin Fan didn’t say anything more after hearing the words.

It could be regarded as a harmonious and relaxed lunch time after the end.

Si Huang’s one-on-one training officially started.

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