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Mu Jiurong was awakened by a touch on his face.

He opened his eyes, his eyes were only confused for a second, then they immediately turned clear and sharp.

Then he saw Xu Qingli. This woman was touching his face just now, looking obsessed, but as soon as he opened his eyes and looked at her, she withdrew her hand like it was being burned, and looked at him cautiously and nervously.

Mu Jiurong felt disgusted in his heart, ignored her, and began to check his own condition and the surrounding environment.

He was lying on a bed, his hands and feet were tied to the bedposts, making it difficult to move. The room he was in was clean and spacious, and it looked like a detached house in a mid-range community.

Mu Jiurong was taken captive when he had gone to the bathroom. When he walked out of the cubicle, he saw Xu Qingli who shouldn’t be in the men’s toilet, and just because of this distraction, he was restrained from behind and an ether towel was used to cover his mouth and nose, then he lost consciousness after a moment.

Mu Jiurong was the patriarch of the Mu family. He had been born with a golden spoon since he was a child. His status was noble. So, the security measures surrounding him had always been meticulous. His own skills were also quite good. Unexpectedly, at this age, the boat capsized in the gutter and he was caught by a woman he had always looked down on.

Mu Jiurong’s face was very gloomy. Having experienced Hu Qin’s designs many years ago, he was extremely disgusted with people who went beyond his control, especially women who did bad things in the name of liking him.

Back then when he got to know that Xu Qingli was interested in him and almost killed his son and daughter because of that, Mu Jiurong only felt disgusted by her. If he hadn’t been pleaded by his mother, he wouldn’t have just expelled her from the Mu family. Later, she got married and had children, and when she came back, she seemed to have become peaceful. Mu Jiurong thought she had put away her wishful thinking. Unexpectedly, her mind was always there, and she was still waiting for the opportunity to deal with him!

Thinking of which Mu Yixi once reminded him to pay attention to Xu Zhao, Mu Jiurong didn’t believe it at first, but he suspected that something was wrong, so he dug a hole quietly, waiting for the inner ghost of the Feng family and the Mu family to jump in. Now the result was unknown, but the question was how much did Xu Zhao, her brother, know about Xu Qingli’s behavior?

Mu Jiurong was in a bad mood, but even if he was tied up and unable to move on the bed, his aura was very compelling. Xu Qingli adored him, but she felt instinctively timid in front of the eldest young master of the Mu family and her former boss. And honestly speaking, they had never spent much time together in private. Xu Qingli always wanted him to see her well and really like her.

Mu Jiurong didn’t speak, but Xu Qingli couldn’t stand it anymore, so she said softly, “Brother Jiurong, are you hungry? I’ve prepared a meal…”

Mu Jiurong’s eyes became sharp!

Because Xu Qingli’s attitude and tone were all like Mrs. Mu. She was deliberately imitating Mrs. Mu!

Xu Qingli didn’t have Mrs. Mu’s beauty or bearing, so imitating her was tantamount to embarrassing herself.

Although Mu Jiurong always felt that Mrs. Mu was a little too kind and gullible, her character was unquestionable, and Mu Jiurong never tried to change her. Now Xu Qingli imitating Mrs. Mu, thinking that she could impress him, made Mu Jiurong furious: “Shut up! Put away your pretence!”

Xu Qingli flinched, and looked at him with her head tilted, somewhat happy and somewhat puzzled: “What’s the matter? You don’t like me learning from Fang Zhen, right?” She breathed a sigh of relief: “I knew you didn’t like her, she just took advantage of the opportunity to marry you… If I could marry you, and become your wife, you would have surely liked me…”

Mu Jiurong smiled coldly. Fang Zhen was his wife, how could he not like her? If he didn’t like her, won’t he have gotten tired of facing her after more than 20 years? If it was changed to Xu Qingli? She had no such qualifications!

Xu Qingli was poked by Mu Jiurong’s attitude, so she raised her voice: “Brother Jiurong, do you think so too? That if I marry you, you will like me!”

Mu Jiurong glanced at her contemptuously, but didn’t bother to talk to her. She was just spewing crap.

Needless to say, Mu Jiurong’s expression represented everything. With a slap, Xu Qingli threw the lamp on the bedside table to the ground and screamed, “You talk!”

Mu Jiurong simply closed his eyes. He didn’t plan to trust Xu Qingli, this virtual snake at all. He was the head of the Mu family, and his disappearance was a major event. Even if the Mu family had to dig three feet into the ground, he would be found. It was just a matter of time. He gave the patriarch’s ring to Mrs. Mu for safekeeping, just to prevent any emergency from happening. Mrs. Mu and Mu Yiqi would definitely try their best to find him and call on the secret forces of the Mu family, which would make it even more effective. Besides, it could be inferred from Mu Yixi’s actions of reminding him to pay attention to Xu Zhao that he had long been prepared for the Xu family. It would only take him minutes to find out Xu Qingli’s side, unless Mu Yixi didn’t plan to contribute – it was not impossible, there had always been a knot between him and Mu Yixi, and neither of them intended to be the one to bow his head and make concessions. If Mu Yixi really dared to stand by and watch, unless he couldn’t get out this time, if he returned to Mu’s house and Mu Yixi’s knowledge was still unreported, he would not be a vegetarian, at least then Mu Yiqi would understand him. With Mu Yixi’s brains, thinking of this level, he would not delay for too long, at most he would only make him suffer for two or three more days.

As for Xu Qingli, unless she really didn’t want to live anymore and didn’t care about the lives of everyone related to her, she would not dare to hurt him. After all, she grew up in Mu’s family, and she was more aware and fearful of the methods of the Mu family than outsiders.

Sure enough, Mu Jiurong put on a stance of refusing to talk, and Xu Qingli was so angry that her chest heaved a few times before she could bear it. She turned around and left the room without a word and returned shortly after with a tray of food.

“Brother Jiurong, let’s eat.” Mu Jiurong’s current posture was not convenient for eating, so Xu Qingli happily picked up the bowl and chopsticks to feed him.

“Untie my hands.” Mu Jiurong ordered.

Xu Qingli shook her head vigorously: “Brother Jiurong, let me feed you.”

“Untie it.” Mu Jiurong said displeasedly, “I want to sit up.”

Xu Qingli hesitated for a moment, then said softly, “Brother Jiurong, I’ll listen to you, you can sit up… You don’t know, Xiaoqi, he is also missing…”

Mu Jiurong’s eyes instantly became extremely terrifying, Xu Qingli bit her head and said, “I’ll change to plastic handcuffs, don’t move, eh? I’ll tell you what’s going on instead…”

Xu Qingli carefully untied the ties that tied Mu Jiurong to the bedpost and replaced them with plastic handcuffs. Mu Jiurong sat up silently, then Xu Qingli picked up the bowl and chopsticks to feed him, Mu Jiurong only paused for a while, then he slowly opened his mouth.

Xu Qingli was overjoyed and served him with infinite tenderness. She remembered seeing Mrs. Mu serving a drunk Mu Jiurong many years ago. Look, she could do it too!

Xu Qingli couldn’t cook, and the house needed to be concealed, so no one could be invited to cook, thus the food had been bought from outside.

Mu Jiurong had been in the South for many years, and he was very familiar with the taste of southern food. He recognized the taste of a restaurant he visited regularly in Haicheng. Obviously, Xu Qingli did not take him away from Haicheng.

And he didn’t refuse to eat because if he didn’t eat, he wouldn’t even have the strength to escape. At no point could he achieve his goals by weakening himself.

After eating, Xu Qingli, like a gentle and considerate little wife, wiped his mouth for Mu Jiurong, and took out the dishes.

Mu Jiurong glanced at her, Xu Qingli was very happy, and said with a smile: “Xiaoqi disappeared, I didn’t do it. Don’t worry, his safety should be no problem.” Mu Jiurong caught her words. She was not attached to any force and was acting on her own. But she seemed confident that she could trap Mu Jiurong for a long time.

Mu Jiurong saw her confident expression, his face remained calm, but his heart sank slightly.

Mu Yiqi’s disappearance was something he didn’t expect. But just after thinking about it, he had already guessed that it might be done in the hands of the Feng family, in order to get the project of Nandao.

If Mu Yiqi had an accident, then Mu Yixi would do his best to save him. Mu Jiurong wasn’t worried about this – he didn’t expect that at such a time, he would find that he was actually at ease with Mu Yixi being in charge.

But in this way, the rescue on his side may be blocked. He didn’t know what method Xu Qingli might have used to hide him, such that she was so sure that they would not be found.

Xu Qingli went out, and when she came back, she had changed into a set of sexy gauze see-through nightie.

Xu Qingli took off her nightie, revealing her body. She climbed into bed and said shyly and eagerly, “Brother Jiurong, give me a child…”

Mu Jiurong suddenly realized that this was the idea!

No wonder Xu Qingli kidnapped him, not afraid of death. If she was pregnant with his child, wouldn’t it be a gold token for avoiding death? With the contribution of the Xu family to the Mu family over the years, or by Tang Yanhua’s death, with her contribution before her death, he would never be able to get rid of Xu Qingli in his life!

Besides, there was a living example of Mu Yixi, didn’t he also grow up safely? The Mu family never short-changed him, and Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu had always loved him a lot. Mrs. Mu was “generous” enough to raise one, then she could always raise another. With Xu Qingli’s scheming means, could she still not use the child to intervene in his family? Of course, what would be even better was if Mrs. Mu couldn’t stand it, and she took the initiative to abdicate and let her be. Xu Qingli’s status could be raised because of her son, so she might even have the opportunity to enter the house and become the new Mrs. Mu…

It was absurd!

Mu Jiurong’s face was full of sarcasm, Xu Qingli’s body was displayed in front of him without reservation, but he was not even half moved. Xu Qingli felt a sense of embarrassment facing such humiliation.

“Brother Jiurong, I, I’m still a virgin, I’ve never slept with anyone, I’ve always wanted to give you the best of myself…” Xu Qingli murmured. She explained softly that her and Yue Yang’s marriage was fake, and their son was only Yue Yang’s, obtained through surrogacy. In order to convince Mu Jiurong that she had given up, she did not hesitate to use money to support Yue Yang and let him spend his days drinking, while she lived alone with her child, which evoked Tang Yanhua and Grandma Mu’s pity for her. Tang Yanhua had been persuaded by her that only Mu Jiurong could give her happiness and support. She supported her daughter to use all her means to become Mu Jiurong’s “second room”[1]. Xu Qingli was very happy that after so many years, her mother finally understood her and no longer believed that her status was always inferior and unworthy of the young master of the Mu family.

She didn’t know if it was because of shame or because she finally had the opportunity to express her feelings to Mu Jiurong, but Xu Qingli said a lot incoherently, including her love for Mu Jiurong since childhood, her jealousy towards Mrs. Mu, he hard work she did, and how much time and blood and sweat it took for a woman in her thirties to maintain her appearance to how she looked in her twenties.

In the end, even she was moved by herself, her eyes were red, then she looked at Mu Jiurong and asked, “Why do you always look down on me, brother Jiurong? In this world, I am the woman who loves you the most! Fang Zhen, that bitch’s feelings for you are less than one ten thousandth of what I have for you! I can die for you, can she?”

Mu Jiurong was expressionless. Xu Qingli was in tears when she confessed. His feeling was—no feeling. If a cleaner confessed to a group president and kept telling the other party that she had paid a lot for him. Would the group president feel honored and ecstatic? Not at all. He would only think that the cleaner had a problem with her brain and would clean her out as quickly as possible to avoid future troubles. But he realized now that a trivial figure could also cause untold damage.

Mu Jiurong was facing this situation. If he had completely disposed of Xu Qingli, he would not have ended up in this predicament.

“You talk!” Xu Qingli screamed. She couldn’t stand Mu Jiurong’s repeated indifference!

Mu Jiurong said coldly, “You don’t have to waste your energy. I won’t have another child in this life.”

“What…do you mean?” Xu Qingli’s heart tightened.

Mu Jiurong: “I’m ligated.”

T/N: And here is evidence of MJ loving Mrs. Mu, at least as much as it is possible for a man like him. It is funny how the situation which we expected from the beginning has inverted i.e., MJ is in love with Mrs. Mu while she is not….

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[1] Mistress.

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