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It was the first time someone hung up the phone on her after her rebirth, and Si Huang felt that it was quite refreshing.

The Yu brother and sister next to him had more subtle expressions. Who was this? Somebody actually took the initiative to hang up Si Huang’s phone?

After returning from the morning run, the three of them simply tidied up. The breakfast prepared by Zhao Limei was already placed on the table in the living room.

While the four of them were eating, Yu Xi’s phone kept vibrating, and he was warned several times by Zhao Limei.

“It’s from President of Fenghua.” Yu Xi put down her chopsticks and looked at the caller ID on his phone.

Si Huang: “Put him in the blacklist.”

Direct enough! Yu Xi did as he was told.

Si Family Home.

On the same morning, the atmosphere in the luxurious European style living room was terrifyingly depressing and oppressing.

With a “pop”, Si Zhihan’s mobile phone smashed to the ground and was dismembered.

Si Hua, who was standing not far in front of him, trembled, his face showed fear, as he called out, “Dad…”

“This is the truth you told me?” Si Zhihan didn’t roar in exasperation, but the blue veins on his forehead revealed his true emotions, “Since you have already lied, you must leave no evidence. The current situation, how are you going to solve it?”

Si Hua explained excitedly, “I didn’t expect Si Huang to record video… This is obviously what he designed, otherwise how could he prepare so well! Dad, you must help me, how dare he let this out like this! Dad, he didn’t pay attention to you at all, and ignored your words!”

Just as Si Hua didn’t expect Si Huang to rebel against Si Zhihan, Si Zhihan and Bai Qinglan also didn’t expect that the other party to not only resist, but also resist so thoroughly that it was almost a rhythm to tear their faces.    

It was because they were so self-righteous and thought that Si Huang would definitely compromise, that they were caught so off guard.    

“Si Huang didn’t answer the phone?” Bai Qinglan asked coldly.    

Si Zhihan did not speak but acquiesced through his silence.    

Bai Qinglan looked down at her beautiful fingernails, “Si Zhihan, she’s not afraid of tearing her face, so what are you afraid of? Even if she has the advantage now, don’t tell me, you can’t compete with a single child with all the resources of Fenghua.”    

Si Zhihan was very tired of her sarcastic tone, “Don’t forget, there is Yu Shulan behind Si Huang…”    

Bai Qinglan interrupted him, “If those two old guys really wanted to help her, they would have already come out, why would they wait until now? And what if they help, are you afraid? Want to watch Xiao Hua suffer grievances? I tell you, if you don’t do it, I will do it. If you don’t believe it, I can’t help it.”    

Si Hua looked at Bai Qinglan, not really scared as he said: “Dad, Mom! His video is nothing, I can also shoot it! When I went to play that day, Si Huang was very crazy, he even pushed Sun Bi off the car, almost killing him, and now he’s still lying in the hospital!”    

Whether Si Zhihan or Bai Qinglan knew about this or not, but they were shocked after hearing it.

Si Hua continued: “Besides, Si Huang was beaten by father before, and he deserved it. He killed me first, so it doesn’t matter if I bring someone to take revenge on him. Isn’t it not in the end of the video? He didn’t dare let people know what he did later, and we can just make it up! After all, he did something sorry to me first, so it was him who was wrong.”

Bai Qinglan nodded, “Xiao Hua didn’t say anything wrong. Zhihan, at this stage of things, you don’t want to save face for Si Huang, do you?”

Si Zhihan always had an ominous premonition in his heart, but he couldn’t find where the problem was, and replied irritably: “It’s better not to have any more problems!”

Si Hua revealed a happy expression.

Bai Qinglan still stared at Si Zhihan with a cold face, her expression was the same as staring at a wild dog who would go out in heat at any time.


The video posted by Guo Chengxiong in the early morning undoubtedly slapped Si Hua and the others and the various black fans hard. Just like the photo of the last group P banquet, Fenghua’s technical department was so busy that they couldn’t block and delete this video, and the source was not found.

Tiantian Entertainment and Gossip Reports quickly headlined the video and reported it on TV.

Not to mention the popularity on the Internet.

On Weibo, most of the sunspots who came to spray Si Huang every day had disappeared, and the remaining part were not known whether it was the navy or the real black were still struggling, the number and fighting spirit were no longer the opponents of the knights, in all aspects. The forwarding and dissemination of the posts really made everyone who witnessed this online battle hooked and believe in the phrase that feng shui took turns.

“Don’t you want His Majesty’s response? You see it now, sunspots! Does your face hurt? Do you want to continue?”

“His Majesty wanted to save you some face by not responding, who knows that you are shameless!”

“His Majesty is mighty and domineering, and a single blow is fatal without explanation!”

Compared to Si Huang’s Weibo’s current joy, Si Hua’s side encountered Si Huang’s situation from a few days ago, and it was even worse.

Forget about the water army, most of them were still unknown, it was full of the vast number of netizens who were deceived by Si Hua’s statement video. Even though most of them participated in this event with the mentality of watching the fun and following the crowd, most of them really scolded Si Huang in order to help Si Hua. What was the result? Omg! We had all been deceived, the victim was the big tail wolf, who took advantage of our sympathy, tarnished our love, and was still there watching the show with generosity.

Before the black for Si Huang, it was black from the perspective of a bystander. Now when it came to Si Hua, they brought their own emotions, and the difference between the two could be imagined.

The comments under Si Hua’s Weibo were simply appalling, showing the splendid literary talent of the majority of netizens.

Finally, Five Treasure, who didn’t lose his fans and even raised his black fans, became free, and said jokingly: [If I could see his data, I would probably be overwhelmed by Little black.]

Si Huang had the urge to knock on its little head, “Recently, you have become more and more cute.”

[Your Majesty, have you found it too?] If the Five Treasure had a tail, it was estimated that it would be raised up. [Everyone said cute is the best, black cute, cheap, soft, sweet and cute. I am working hard to learn, I must satisfy Your Majesty.]

Si Huang didn’t blow its self-confidence, “You’ve got heart.”

Five Treasure happily continued to absorb online knowledge. For example, when netizens sprayed people, their exits were neat but not dirty.

On the rooftop of Huaxing Art School.

The Huo Yuzhi quartet and the four boys including Zhong Yan stood together.

Huo Yuzhi held the tablet in her hand and showed it to Zhong Yan, “You have all seen this video! Your Majesty is a straightforward man, he does what he says, and mosaics the faces of the few of us on the video, that’s why we won’t be held accountable. He is much better than the scum!”

Zhong Yan and the four boys looked at each other a few times, deeply convinced by Si Huang, and the expressions on their faces naturally revealed this.

Zhong Yan said: “I know what you mean, don’t worry! We won’t reveal anything, we all know Si Hua’s personality. Even if we help him now, he won’t let us go, it’s better to show a united front, so that he won’t kill us one by one.”

Huo Yuzhi retracted the tablet with satisfaction, “You understand, and I know your difficulties, Si Hua can’t do anything to you on the surface, but he might embarrass you in your studies and work. You don’t have to worry about this. My company recruits people every year. As long as you have real skills, you should not be afraid that you will not have a place to play.”

Tian Jiuran also stood up and promised, “Although our backgrounds and companies are not comparable to Fenghua, the welfare benefits are still good.”

Zhong Yan quickly thanked them, “This is really a big help!” Two of them were from well-off families, but the other two were very ordinary, and it was difficult for them to fight back against Si Hua’s embarrassment.

“There’s nothing else to do. Now we all go back to the forum and put His Majesty on top! Humph, after being arrogant for three days, you deserve to be pissed off!” Huo Yuzhi waved her hands and walked away with her sisters shoulder to shoulder.

Without strong backgrounds, Zhong Yan and the others lacked a little courage. They also went to the campus forum to post posts, ranted about Si Hua, and reposted them, but they put on the little vests of doing good deeds without leaving their names.    

For half a day, Fenghua did everything possible to deal with this sudden video blow, and also spread various claims, such as fiction, PS, editing forgery, brother jokes, etc., the results were quickly suppressed, and the majority of netizens also didn’t want to continue to be a fool, especially when Si Huang finally posted a V blog, then everything Fenghua secretly did became a joke.    

[Sihuang V: Those who treat others as idiots are the real idiots. These days, you have worked hard. Real Entertainment Voice V \ Si Hua V \ Fenghua Entertainment General V]

The author has something to say:

Yesterday, His Majesty only upgraded his voice. Today, Liangliang heard His Majesty’s voice. It was an amazing experience (what a good mother I am!), what about the little unicorn beating the bear cub, don’t be careless! In addition, the scumbag Si Hua is crazy, Five Treasure is cute, the feelings of Liangliang are invisibly heated, and the scumbag continues to die. Do you think it’s cool to watch? If it’s cool, say it out loud! If you have a ticket, you must smash it up boldly! Glitters are so capricious!

(Also, quietly say: pohahahaha! Yesterday, I picked up all the morals that everyone dropped, just to make up for mine. The comment area is full of bed skills! Euphemism, direct subtlety, and metaphor are really everything! awesome!)

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