CFCS Ch. 216.2: Road to Immortality (5)

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Xiao Ling gritted his teeth and endured the pain and walked with the other three in the snow, only to watch Jing Yang’s sedan chair disappear from their sight in the middle.

A few of them were taken to another mountain, and when they finally climbed it and got where they were going, they had almost lost their lives. They felt that if it wasn’t for the heavy wind and snow, and the wind and snow were not ordinary, they could actually go up the mountain with their swords, and it wouldn’t be so hard. They didn’t know yet that in their capacity, without special permission, flying with swords was not allowed on Zhu Yang Island.

The person who brought them up asked them to wait in the main hall, and after telling the Manqing Immortal that they had arrived, he would arrange a place for them to live.

The several people surrounded the stove in the main hall for a long time, and finally felt a little warmer. They were exhausted. They just wanted to have a place for them to rest. Only Xiao Ling still held his breath, and wanted to see his aunt immediately, so that he could complain to his aunt and let his aunt could get revenge for him.

The several people waited for a long time, and finally waited for the Manqing Immortal who came out from the inside.

The several people hurriedly stepped forward to salute. After Lan Manqing sat down in the main seat, she looked at them expressionlessly.

“Auntie, Xiao Ling has seen my aunt.” Xiao Ling showed a pitiful look and gave Lan Manqing a salute. “My mother asked me to say hello to aunt on her behalf, saying that she hadn’t seen her sister for many years, and she missed her very much. If there is a chance, she would like to come here to have a look at my aunt.”

“You all kneel down for me!” Lan Manqing had been an immortal for many years, even if she didn’t release the immortal’s coercion and just said a word full of majesty, these few of them couldn’t stand it.

Several people had a huge sense of fear in their hearts, and before they could react, their bodies had automatically knelt down.

“I heard Xu Guanjiao say that while you were coming here, you were very unruly!” Lan Manzi looked at Xiao Ling with sharp eyes and said, “Especially you Xiao Ling, who gave you the courage to speak out against my reputation! Who are your parents? How did they teach you? You have such a character, and they have sent you to Zhu Yang Island to die, are you here to find death?!”

Xiao Ling was stunned, this was completely different from the meeting he imagined. In the same way, there was no humiliation, no distress for the sins he had suffered along the way, and no promise to find a way to help him vent his anger, only severe questioning and scolding. He didn’t understand why this happened. Although he had never met his aunt before, he always thought that since she was his mother’s sister, she would protect him, but the truth was completely different from what he thought.

“Aunt, aunt…” Xiao Ling felt that he might be too tired and hallucinating. That was his own aunt, how could he say that about him and his parents.

“Don’t call me aunt,” Lan Manqing interrupted him and warned him seriously, “This is Zhu Yang Island, not any other place. You can only call me a fairy here, not aunt. Don’t call me aunt again. Don’t let me hear you call me aunt on Zhu Yang Island, understood?”

“Understood, understood.” Xiao Ling’s mind was completely blank, so he could only answer instinctively.

Lan Manqing glanced at them again and said, “Since you have come to Zhu Yang Island, you must abide by the rules of the island. If you break the rules of the island, I can’t protect you, and I won’t protect you. Because the rules of Zhu Yang Island are all established by my master Bai Guangshen, and even I dare not violate them. If you do, you will only have a dead end. Every year, many people who have just arrived on the island will break the rules and die, if you don’t want to be one of them, then follow the rules of this island, every one of them.”

“Come on.” Lan Manqing instructed the servant, “Take them down, arrange for their accommodation, and then arrange for them to learn the rules of the island. Make sure that they have memorized every rule, and then let them study and cultivate with other disciples.”

Not to mention Xiao Ling, even Yang Junmao and the others were all deeply hit, because they did not expect such a meeting scene at all. And they didn’t expect that Zhu Yang Island would turn out to be a place full of snowstorms, and they didn’t expect that Xiao Ling’s aunt would not give him face at all.

The people who came to Zhu Yang Island had heard about the deaths because they didn’t obey the rules, but they thought that with Xiao Ling’s aunt, it was absolutely impossible for such a thing to happen to them.

They regretted coming to Zhu Yang Island now. In this place where they may die at any time and no one was protecting them, did they really want to stay?


After Jing Yang woke up, he opened his eyes, and after staring blankly for a while, he felt that the person next to him was looking at him. He turned around holding on to his sore waist and saw that the man who almost made him incontinent last night was now sitting on the bed looking at him with scrutiny.

Jing Yang saw that he looked a little strange, and he kept silent, so he called him “Shang Wang?”

“I’m Bai Guang,” Bai Guang frowned and said, “Did he tell you his name is Shang Wang?”

“He… who?” Jing Yang was stunned and didn’t understand what he was talking about, the person in front of him was obviously the same person as yesterday, so he couldn’t have gotten it wrong.

“Another me.” Bai Guang said.

“Another you?” Jing Yang still couldn’t react.

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